Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Unforgivable Night with Him

It was a night, his heart was broken because of his lovely girlfriend or should say ex-girlfriend.  Precious man’s tear was dropping, and I only could sit beside him while drinking beer with him. Nothing had been spoken, just choking sound could be heard from a tough guy who tried to stop crying.

Before he almost passed out, I faster hold him to the room and thrown him on bed. I tried to arrange him properly to sleep better. Looking his face and gorgeous body by just wearing singlet, it was so tempting for me. I tried to hold myself, but the influence of alcohol kicked in. I finally surrendered to my urge and went to kiss him. His lip was so warm and soft that made me couldn’t resist it.

Then, he suddenly start moving, I got shocked and faster move to aside. What I didn’t expect was that he grabbed my wrist and pull me laying on the bed. He started to take off his singlet and kissing me. I felt so surprise but still enjoying it. His warm and sexy body toally turn me on. Slowly, both of us were naked, we still making out. His defined body muscles totally made my heart races very fast. His chest, abs and strong arm totally couldn’t resist.

At some point, I started to realize he thought I was his girlfriend; the way he kissed and touched me totally was like having sex with female.  However, I couldn’t care anymore, I just went with it. He started to finger and lick my bottom, and I quite enjoyed it. Without any hesitations, he very quickly put his tool inside me, I felt so painful. Then, I realized there was a body lotion beside the bed, I didn’t care it works or not, I just applied for his tool. This time, I still felt the pain but slowly I felt the pleasure of it and started moaning.

His movement became faster and faster, and his moaning also louder and louder. I could see him sweating now, but the sweat dropping around his chest was so sexy. Again, the way he f*ck mw totally treat me like a women. Well, I couldn't like slap him and said "Hey dude, I am a guy!!" However, what I still so enjoyed was his still making out with while banging me.

After a while, he almost reached his climax, the movement was very fast, I felt pain and pleasure at the same time. Then, he just cum inside me and gave me a last kiss on forehead, then fell on bed to sleep. I had no choice to doing myself to reach my climax and then went to sleep by hugging him. 

That night was our secret that he never want people to find out…..

Okay. I think I should stop fantasizing all this crap...back to reality T.T


  1. okay. i got confused. is this real ? if it is , then my boner just now was real. LOL

    1. Hahaha..then I have to say it was not real. It's a story that came out from a guy who feel so stressful on his assigments. Need do something to feel relieve.