Monday, 29 December 2014


Do you believe in soulmate? Have you been into relationship, and found that person not your soulmate, then you started searching again?

A recent psychological research found that those people who have stronger belief of soulmate, have the higher chance to easily breakup. In other word, those who don't believe in soulmate, most probably have longer and lasting relationship.

Why? This is due to if people believe in soulmate, they tend to find someone who is perfectly match with them. When they find their partner doesn't meet what they want, they are more easily to end the relationship.On the other hand, people who don't believe in it, they are more likely to understand & know relationship needs a lot of efforts and compromise to sustain it.

Of course, it doesn't mean you can simply find a guy as long as you know how relationship works. There are also some fundamental things, which both of you have to be matched. Just you can't think that you can find a guy everything also matches with you and meets your criteria. 

When you like a person, you like the good sides of him. However, when you truly love him, you accept his flaws, and embrace his imperfections.

Do you think those couples who have been together for 30 years, is perfectly match to each other? They went through the hardest trial - Time. Love itself is not enough, we don't know how many quarrel they had, how many times they wanted to breakup. Nonetheless, they managed to find a way to give and take, calm down, compromise, then continue staying together with no regret.

How I wish my soulmate was either of them. Okay stop dreaming!!!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Best Friend's Ex

Would you date your best friend's ex? Is it a dilemma to you?

To me, I would it depends on many things that will make me decide what to do.
- Were they break up peacefully?
- Are they still friends?
- How strong is my feelings toward that ex,
- Is my relationship with best friend strong enough to go through this?

I asked some of my friends, most of them say it is big NO NO to date best friend's ex no matter how close you are with him or her. Although the best friend mostly would say you can go ahead, deep down sure there is something still bothering she/he, and it would still feel uncomfortable for him/her, especially sitting on same table having meal together. (That's what they said la)

Typical me, I would follow my heart as usual, even though I listed out those things as above to be my considerations. xD However, IF they broke up because the ex cheated or they really ended up badly, I would definitely not going to date him.

Maybe everything is okay, but I have to choose best friend or that ex. I would choose best friend, because having true friend is more important than knowing someone who just might be the right. Best friend is forever.

 People would think don't say it for sure, because when I am in the situation, things will be different from what I have thought and said. I might just give up the best friend, and choose the so called "Mr Right".

Oh well, I seriously hope there is win win situation, even though it is hard. 

"Right time, right person - Happiness for life. Right time, wrong person - Sad ending. Wrong time, right person - Regret for life. Wrong time, wrong person - Torturous time."

I'm sure all of us want to avoid the last one.