Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Recently, I attended to my Malay friend's engagement, and learned many things about malay culture O.O He only invited two close friends and I was lucky to be chosen...lol

I know both of future groom and bride, but closer to groom. Well, I didn't know Malay culture must to held engagement first before wedding. Understood all the rituals and rules about it.

On that day, I was the only Chinese in the entire big house =.= plus I also didn't wear tradition outfit, so I was totally central of attention after the future groom -.- Luckily, he gave me a camera so I could pretend to be camera man -.-"

Up to this point, Ignorance me again, why people need or want engagement??? So far all my relatives went straight to get married. Do you like engagement??

I was thinking since LGBT can't get married, so why not have nice and huge engagement ceremony...LOLL

Hahaha..so creative! xD

Friday, 24 May 2013

Random....and Random!!!!! ; )

Holiday makes me lazier to blog....plus I also seems like don't know what to blog. Hence, I just upload some random pic from my recent life and some hot guys ; )

Family Time!! The French Chief quite hot ; )

Cake time with Mr. ADlexus = D Quite like the place (Artisan Roast Coffee) Thanks for Aiden's suggestion. 

Another tea time with Mr. AD...LOL Caffeine addiction???? xD

This what I call cuteness and hotness at the same time =D

Don't think is life photo =.=? Hmmm...look like proper photography
Yummy!! Yummy!!! xD

3 in 1...LOL Bottom right same guy from the first pic ; )

Happy Wesak Day and Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Tea, Book & Jealousy

I always want to go a coffee shop or cafe to have my tea and read a book. Just sitting there quietly enjoy the tea, book, muic...ambience. Recently, I finally able to accomplish it, but some quite not pleasant.

It's so nice to read a book in such nice enivronment..okay you might think I'm try to be classy or any annoying attitude. However, this is the moment I can totally relax and I also not able to do it often, so I very appreciate it. I tell myself every month must find one or two days to do it =)

Woo...thattt nice....book ; )

Okay another thing is my bro was sick past few days and I found out he is DAMN lucky!!! Why? He got a Super Nice girlfriend. She came to visit him and sort of taking care him la, got one moment his head lie down on her thigh resting at living room. I was..Hello?? Mum and I at home. -.-

Suddenly, he wanted to eat something, asked me go buy for him. I said you crawl there to buy. Then, girlfriend drove and picked him go to eat...Smarty =.= Then, go anywhere also GF fetched, took him wherever he wanted to go.

Arhh!! Okay la..I'm so jealous. -.- I wish my BF would do that for me..Wait! What I even don't have a BF..T.T

BTW, she said I look bigger and better now =D, but said my head still so small =.= What to do? Can't change my head size by work out.....

Should adjust nicely..not OCD enough -.-


Nice book too ; )

Friday, 17 May 2013

Falling for Best Friend...Pain?

Have you guys falling in love with your Best Friend before??? I think it's quite easy for us to encounter this kind of situation, especially he is so nice to you and you guys are really close.

Well, my best friend is a guy, but it just didn't happen to me. I know it's very painful experience when you really sure he is straight, but you just can't stop falling for him. Sigh...Human is like that, the thing that you never can get yet so close to you, make you reluctant to let go.

Sometimes  you finally willing to let go, your heart already broken into pieces. Some people very brave to confess their feeling to the best friend, yet mostly cant get what they want.

Love that hard to confess...
Of course there is hope that he also got the same feeling to you, only you have the courage to say "I love you "

Watched a short video about this topic.

Some of you might feel bored watching it, but if can please be patient and listen.
I got a moment laughing when I shouldn't..LOL

By the way, that boy, Kim Ho is 17 years old =)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Arhhhhh!!! Persist? Give up?

At this moment, I'm so tired to be the one use more effort to keep in touch and try move the relationship into another stage..so TIRED!!

I'm always the one initiate the conversation and try to make things go well, but I seriously suck at how to show my feeling not in direct way or creepy. Asked him out for few times, but there are always got excuses to decline it. Hence, I should get it?? He is not interested in me at all??

Got one time, he thought I was just kidding, but I have been waiting for few hours. When he knew it, he also still felt reluctant to come. Again, did it mean he is not interested that's why didn't really care about it???

It has been a month, it seems we still stuck at  accquaintance-friend stage. Maybe I just think everything will happen very fast?? I still need to put more effort and wait longer to see how it goes.

Got one night, he asked me teman him to have supper, I straight away drove from my hosue to his place. Few moments for silence, because I don't know what to say (so pretend looking at phone) but he also busying with his phone..sigh.

Well, one thing that make me feel good (or try to console myself) is he rarely replies my message late..always very fast except he is having nap.

Wind said I got nothing less competitive with others, no need to use all the times on one person who doesn't really show interest in me. Sigh.....well, maybe this is part of journey I must go through and learn something from it.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother & Cake

Like everyone, I also have to wish my mother Happy Mother's Day!!!!!! =) Thank you her always do everything for the family without asking anything for return!! I love you Mum!!!!! =D

Today went to celebrate Mother's Day during lunch time, because dinner time for sure very pack -.- My mum also prefers early since it still has the same meaning.

After that, since my family is not fan of dessert, so do I, but I just suddenly craving for dessert. I was planning to hunt dessert alone, but luckily ADlexus willing to teman me =D The place we went super jam!!!!! but when I parked my car and looked outside..no jam at all..WTH =.=

Having a nice high tea time and bitching around with him. Of course, guys sure is the one of the topics ; ) Plenty of hot guys around us, but as ususal those hot one reply rate sure low. Well, they got the quality so can't say and do anything. The reality...pffttttt BUT in my mind if they don't have good personality...got one thing called Karma will do the fair job for us...hahahahahaha xD

Today the Sunday treated very nice =D even though recently everyday feel like Sunday to me..LOL
Tiramisu and Tea!! =D 

Friday, 10 May 2013

Monogamy...Higher Class???

Actually, I still don't really know whether most peop like monogamy? Maybe every of them want to, but the gay culture slowly deteriorate this belief in our world??

To me, I want my relationship in monogamy form as in stick with one partner. Some people may laugh out loud, but that's what I want it to be.

However, I realized that some people are holding the idea, which being in or holding belief in monogamy relationship is more superior and higher class than those who are not, especially those pure fun seekers. Let's just summarize what they normally will think:

- Disregard and feel disgust for those who have casual sex around

- Think people who are not or believe in monogamy spoiled the imgae of gay

- Promiscuous is the word they normally use to label those fun seeker

- Think they are higher in sanity and so called higher class

Okay I understand why they think that way, mostly probably the risk of getting unwanted diseases. However, we need to respect others' choice as long as they play safe. Just like being straight is the mainstream, doesn't mean people can discriminate gay.

As a gay, you sure understand how it feels like when people feel disgust and think you are dirty, so please don't do the same thing among ourselves. People want casual sex or open relationship, SO What?? It's their rights and personal life as long as they know how to take care themselves.

Up to this point, it doesn't mean I support nor encourage it, I just want people respect others' choice and don't have negative feelings to them. If they doing without protection, just help and guide them to do it in safer way. Not belittle them!!

In the end, who doesn't like sex?? Just depends how you want to have and enjoy sex IN SAFE WAY!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Everything seems not going well recently. Election...already speechless for that. Sigh.

Then, I have been gymming for almost 10 months, still didn't get the result. Looking at myself, still consider skinny. Why so hard to gain muscles T.T

Okay la my friend who is a gym trainer said my progress is okay and good (not sure just want console or what). This kind of made me felt better a bit :(

Holiday gives me extra free times which also make me ruminate a lot....kept thinking how I failed for my life. Still thinking about what exactly need to be done for my future and don't have any proper future plan T.T

For Tom, I think it's just one-sided love, or I think I'm quite annoying in msging?? I always type quite many words, but he replied with few lines with 1 or 2 words. I think too much??? He normally replies my msg quite fast, so I think I should feel content with it......

One thing for sure is he is single but someone like him sure got many guys after him. *Sob sob*  I think one-sided love is more painful than breaking up because at least we were in love with each other before.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Attached & Hidden Agenda

Although I'm on holiday, still lazy and no time to update my blog because was busy running marathon. What marathon? Drama marathon!! Hahahaha...

From the previous post, I mentioned I met an attached guy and of course I knew from the app. I always curious and try to understand the reason they still on the app. I'm talking about those who status is stated "Attached, seek friends only..blah blah"

Are they really want to know more gay friends?? Maybe it's culture at here make us doubt with everything...we have the mindset that when you are on the app, you are either seek for fun or potential partner. Once you found the right one, mission accomplished!!! You can delete the app and live happily with your bf.

Hence, is there any hidden agenda for those guys? If you want to say they seek fun, then they no need to state they are attached, except they either in open relationship and want threesome…lol  Try to find another potential partner?? This one definitely can’t state you are attached, except got some bastard and bitch find attached guys more attractive =.=

I got asked Him why he still on the app, he said he really like to know more gay friends since he really doesn’t have many friends in our world. Boyfriend is boyfriend, friend is friend. Well, he is an outgoing guy I can believe it, but in my mind I still have little doubt about it. Hahahaha….  Of course he did nothing to me, such a good looking guy won’t aim on me.

Another guy also from previous post..erm..name him Tom. After last meet up, both of us couldn’t meet again since our timing didn’t match =.=  I became a scary stalker, almost every time check when is his last seen on whatsapp. OMG..why I became like that!!! By the way, he is younger than me yet taller than me. Plus, his deep voice makes me feel like a little kid voice =.=  Sigh...don't think too much first, he also not like interested on me...>.<
Found a sexy video..Enjoy!!!! ; )

His name is Rene Mayo. =)