Saturday, 23 August 2014

Your Preference?

Someone told me before, preference is important in relationship. The guy you are in love need to match or meet your preferences only the relationship can last. If the guy you are falling in love is not your preference, there is a chance you will lose interest on him, when you meet another guy who is totally your preferences. That's what people concern about.

However, what really preference means to you? Is preference just appearance?? When you ask me, my answer would be mature guy and it is even better if he got nice muscular body. I thought that's all about preference.

Until I met Jeremy (was called him as James in previous post but Jeremy suit him more xD), I understand what is the most important preference to me. Someone I can talk very well to and feel very comfortable with. Yes, appearance is important too, but it's going to last longer than personalities and inner side of that person?

Jeremy is a cute and consider good looking guy, but he doesn't match my shallow preference - mature guy or actually it's just macho I was just randomly click on his profile and started chat with him because I was so bored at that time..haha.

Then, I didn't expect we would chat so long until late night even though it's the first time we chat. Funny part was after that night, we still didn't know each other's basic info like from where, doing what for life...blah blah. I have no idea what we have talked about, just too many things including nonsense things xD.

After some times, few things were found out and quite surprised us, we were from same Uni, have  mutual friend, same gym. Small world. Now, we are talking to each other almost everyday.

Nonetheless, my bestie advised me to take things slow, which I totally agree. I still not sure what is my feelings and this time I will give more times for myself to know that person well first, before going further any stage. Jeremy also doing the same thing as I know he has a very painful past which I can't compare with.   
We will see how it goes, hope everything goes well. Before that, I need to prepare for my trip first ; ) So excited about travel alone!!! xD 

Jeremy looks like him. I mean his hairstyle..LOL

Monday, 11 August 2014

I Was Wrong

Forgot about my blog for so long, I have been busying with work. I really slowly getting married with work, everyday spend almost 13 hours at work. Ya..I think I know why I became like this.

It's a month plus after Sean, but I feel like it has been so long ady. I know in the previous post, I seems like almost can move on for better. However, I realized actually I still not really moved on, and maybe not ready to open my heart for anyone.

Well, I kind of back to the scene that I used to be..ya slut. LOL However, surprisingly I didn't meet up with anyone because either people not interested or I'm not interested. We all are so picky..haha

I able to talk with few guys, and some are just not match or can't hold the conversation for long. Only one guy until now still talking with him, let's called him James.  Everytime I feel so happy and comfortable talking to him, and keep chatting for hours and hours. He is not really my type, but we are in same wavelength, which allows us to talk non-stop.