Sunday, 27 April 2014

The End & New Beginning

Here's it!!! One of journeys was officially ended, and another whole new journey is really started. I finally attended my Convocation!!!! I'm officially graduated!!! Now really feel so real that I'm no longer a student or young kid anymore.

Entering working world is not like going in wonderland, but full of realities and sometimes have to deal with some ugly truths too. However, I also able to find the warmness and kindness of human as well, it's not all bad or dark side I will encouter.   

Back to Convo..some of my friends didn't attend it because the fee was quite expensive. They think it's not worth it.Well, my parents insisted I must attend because it's a milestone of my life and most probably only once in a lifetime.

I understand my friends just be realistic and also analyzed logically which it's true that it quite not worth it. Nonetheless, I think there are something money also can't buy that feeling - a sense of accomplishment and hapiness from our parents.

I know both of my parents never had the chance to wear robe and attend a Convo as uni student. They transfer this lifelong regret to hope as able to make all of their children able to graduate with degree and have better future. All the efforts and supports to invest on us, just to wish give the best for us.

An official ceremony gives them a real feeling that their son is graduated as Uni student with a Degree and feel gratified to witness this proud moment. I really like the moment Emcee asked us to stand up and turn back to give applause to our parents for all their supports and sacrifices. Actually a hug would be the best, but too far away..hahaha

And one more epic moment was my parents were  taking selfie after took photo with me. My friend was "Omg!!! Your parents taking selfie!! So cute!!" lol

I love my parents so much


Sunday, 20 April 2014


It was a happy weekend, still feeling great because able to spend so much times with Sean after so long. =D We went for dinner after his work, poor him weekend still have to work. Sunday morning had our gym date, he tried to train my strength back since I had skipped gym for almost two weeks. 

My body is shrunk and really need faster to gain back my size before the trip while Sean working hard to lose weight ; )  However, I know I can't push too hard if not fall sick again then really not good for my plan. Will train bit by bit then harder while also have sufficient rest.

Sometimes I am thinking our dates always seems like spend quite amount of money. Maybe we should sometimes plan our date into outdoor hiking ? LOL We can go for some adventurous dates ; ) How you think? *wink wink*

Actually, I am supposed doing my proposal for my work. Typical procrastinator...I just going to continue on tomorrow xD Really running out of idea, don't know what to write, my supervisor also doesn't push me to come out a magnificent proposal la...Hmmm..but I still need come a good proposal to show what I have *gambateh!!*


Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Hmmm..I have stopped writing for so long! A lot of things happened, tt was a...sufferring? relaxing? weeks for me. I was admitted to hospital for few days. =( Had quite serious throat/tonsil infection until Doctor said have to hospitalize to prevent getting worst. if not have to do operation x.x plus I already having fever non-stop for 5 days..yup being persistent in bad way.

My infection casued me until couldn't swallow anything properly, I just reluctant to eat anything even water because it was so PAIN!! D: I need to have drip to sustain my life..erm...a bit la. During that period, I had a lot of things ran through my mind. First Big thank to my dear Mum, she really took good care of me, and helped me got through this. Power and greatness of Mother T.T Love you!

One of the best moments was the visiting of Sean. First thing he did was a kiss on my forehead, it really gave me some energy and cheered me up. =) After that he just busying with his phone...=.=  okay la after a while he also sat on bed and let me hug =3

Due to this incident, I have been  on MC for almost 2 weeks T.T now still at home resting. Suppossed got many things to do at work. My head has a high expectation for me, and in a way it gives me some pressure must perform well.

Let's take this chance to fully recharge and perform the best for my work!!

Skipped gym for two weeks too!!!!!! Must resume back as soon as possible, must have a nice body to welcome my first trip of the year!!!

Eye candies that motivate me work hard at gym ; )

Which candy you want?? ; )


Saturday, 5 April 2014

How are you?

Here I am  In your city
Walking the path you used to walk
Imaging would you be lonely if I am not around
Holding the photo you gave at familiar street
But you just not there anymore
Could we still back to that day?

Would you suddenly appear
At the conner of coffee shop
I will bring my smile  Wave at you
Sitting down have a chat with you
I really want to meet you See any changes of you
Not going to talk about the past
Just want to say
How are you?

Actually this is  a Chinese song, tried my best to translate it properly xD Everyday I must listen to it at least once during the past few weeks. Got one time, my tear just dropping when listening to it, not because of sadness but realized something is more important and I felt a lot better after that. Tear drops with smile.

Raining evening, I'm sitting outside a coffee shop, listening to this song again and looking at the dark sky.It has been a while for me to enjoy the silent and calm. Then, a flash of light coming towards me, it is Sean picking me up. Don't know what are we now, but at least he still by my side.

I also started to figure out what I really want, and maybe I'm still young, so still haven't gone through a lot of things. Sometimes I need to walk out from my own world or comfort zone, and look at it as a outsider. Time will give us the answer, and we just living in the present while dealing with any trials that coming to us.