Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sex after 6 months

Sex, the crucial thing that cannot be seperated or taken away from love in couple, no matter how long both of you have been together. It seems quite important for couple to maintain their relationship...perhaps. However, it also the evil thing to lure one party to go out the track of long term relationsip. Found an interesting research about when is suitable to have sex with your partner. They found that if couples had sex after being together 6 months, the relationship will last longer than those had sex before 6 months.

Well, of course there are explanation for this finding, people tend to know the partner rationally and carefully when sex doesn't involve in this 'get to know each other' stage.  People tend to find more happiness in long term because they have known the partner very well in proper way, especially women, while men also can experience it but is unconciously. When sex involves in the process, people will confuse sex = nutrient for relationship, and take less effort to understand the partner more.

I wonder this finding is also apply for gay couples, as we sex for 6 months when you have a BF??? Big NO WAY from most gays..I think..hahahaha. Even for me I think I can hold for 3-4 months?? I have no idea since I'm horny all the If you say those have been together for many years then of course possible, but for gay couple being together in first few months, that is the time the relationship full of Passion, Love, I should do a survey about how long gays can hold their urge.

"Not now dear, still haven't six months yet" xD

But when your bf is like this, it is so hard to reject the request! LOL

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fair or Brown (or tanned) Body?

This few days, don't why went to MV few times during this kind of timing, because I have mild agoraphobia (fear of crowd, and it got worse after I went to Hong Kong =.=) so a bit hard for me to wander around the mall with a lot of people... I will have shortness of breath in huge crowd. Friday was the worst as there were freaking so many people even in Gardens..luckily I needed to settel my stuff at Gardens only.

Met my friends and discussed one topic about whether muscualr guy with fair skin looks nice or not. To me, both fair and brown body attracts me as long as I can see the defined muscles. However, my friend said it looks so weird for a fair skin guy has a muscular body. Recalling back all those "nice" photos I have seen, I really don't agree with him, but I couldn't voice out the big NO and explain. If not he will think why I know so much about men's naked bodies...I found some photos..they all totally can turn me regardless of skin tone...LOL

Hot! =)




Normal Asian skin tone =)
Quite like clean and fair skin ;)

This one really...FAIR..but still hot

Saturday, 27 October 2012


Recently, browsing the internet found this hot guy Ashita Xu Chaemchamrat. Maybe I outdated already because since like many people know him except me. How come I misssed up this hot fellow. Looking at him..totally my cup of tea..the look..the just nice facial hair..the body...oh my! Well, don't think he is one of our kind.

You see..I was thought I always fall on straight guys, but after read some researches, I know I'm not the only one. Research found that our (Gays) brain have higher similarity with females' brain, and that's why we are more attracted to manly and macho guys, who are mostly straight guys. However, they also found our behaviour also same with straight guys, use the little buddy to think first when see attractive people...and etc. I mean not like women who always want gain emotional attachment first. Hence, I can say we are so complicated to let scientists to fully understand us...LOL.  I think it takes time to understand homosexual. Okay now I have put my collection on my dear blog first.

I love this one the MOST. Oh! Melting now...


Normal life photo is more attractive to me ; )


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Annual Taiwan LGBT Pride 2012 (Promo Videos)

Here comes again! Taiwan LGBT Pride is coming soon and it's already 10th year =) It seems like not my business, but who care it's so far from me and can't attend, I still support it!! This time the main issue they try to pass down is legalize same sex marriage and the slogan  "I Do! Do I?
 Equal Rights to Marriage, Diversity in partnership"
With Obama started showing the support for same-sex marriage. There are more and more politicians also started to give out their opinions on same-sex marriage. Some of them show support and take action. To me, Taiwan's government is quite open-minded as they allow LGBT to have pride publicly and even block the road for them. I guess it's very hard for us to have a pride at my country =.=

People may say Asian slowly westernized from Western culture, and acceptance of homosexual also being included. Well, I do agree we really westernize and losing our own culture, especially Malaysia and Singapore. There is no surprise you find Chinese don't understand Chinese and totally like White...culture, music, thinking..etc. However, the acceptance of homosexual does not count as negative influence because it's all about human rights. LGBT should able to have the rights including marriage because they are human in the first place. I quite like what I have read in a forum,

"It does not matter whether homosexual is born or we chose it, as long as we don't cause harm to others and ourselves, I don't see any problem of it. We have our rights too. Right to choose."

Well, now here are the promo videos. The guy with black stripe in first video got my attention. Totally my type ; ) Oh!! If interested or is the official website can choose language.

Got comment said this video is gays use to give them fantasy and self-deceive. I was like..HELLO! There are many real cases or stories like these okay!!??
Found any hot or cute guy? ; )
This one quite sweet =) I will cook for my dear too.


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Straight guys' enemy ..Sad?

It was tiring day yet happy day, went to gym and saw a new hot guy =) After normal rountine then headed to locker room, and saw a new hot guy going to change his clothes. His bottle caught my attention because with the word Manhunt Malaysia, I think he was contestant before sicne he got the qualifications. I was waiting for him to take off his clothes and see whether I was right or not. A bit disappointed, because he seems like lack of work out for some times, a bit chubby tummy but luckily still could see the visible 6 pack abs O.O . Not sure what is his race, looks like mixed...whatever as long as he is

After that, I went to MV to meet my besties, as usual both of them are female. We just kept talking non-stop and laugh out loud at the restaurant, not willing to leave. Kept asking for refill our drinks, I think the waitress also a bit unpleased, but also didn't have many customers and quite empty so we didn't bother. Straight to the topic, I always find that my besties' boyfriends don't really like me because I hang out a lot with them alone..I mean just 2 persons go out, so sometimes people thought we are couple.

Got one time, one of my besties had fight with boyfriend until she cried becasue she was hang out with me for the whole day. They were fighting over the phone and I was right beside her. Super awkward when she cried and I couldn't say anything becasue she on the phone. I just went off for awhile to give space for her. After that, she pretended nothing happened and continue hang out with me until quite late night. I bet her boyfriend really want to kill me -.-"

Another bestie is the way we talk and interact is like couple, that's what other friends told us. Got people even said we look so good as couple. Hence, her boyfriend also doesn't really like her to hang out with me even there is someone else too. We seem quite close when hanging out together and going out quite often. Everytime, she go out will try to avoid mention my name. Plus, her boyfriend is a control freak, like everyday or I shall say every hour..must check where is my friend. Every night before go to sleep must report to him, yet my friend willing to accept and let him control. I guess it's love?

Should I be happy, they so alert about me because I'm good enough to become a threat to them? My besties are so joking, so maybe that's why they so alert. I should come out to my besties so we can hang out anytime we want and like cause my besties would say to them.."He is gay so don't worry dear"...hahaha

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

100 Facts about me

  1. I'm a Magnet that attracts to same pole instead of repel it.
  2. Raised in quite traditional Chinese family.
  3. Already possessed three C out of five so far, condo, cash (savings and part-time) and car (no career and credit card) in very young age. Of course not from my hardwork and might lose everything when parents find out my secret.
  4. Only accepted who I am for almost 2 years, used to plan just go marry a woman and continue the life
  5. No one know I'm gay except my Brother but not really (thought I'm a Bi)
  6. Have mum who is totally anti-gay and dad with open-minded
  7. Have better relationship with cousin sister rather than brothers
  8. Love every food with white colour, milk is the most.
  9. Must drink milk everyday.
  10. Love everything with cheese
  11. Don't like sweet stuff and prefer sour taste
  12. Like to eat vegies and fruits, but meat is the most
  13. Like to drink hot drinks all the time, especially TEA
  14. Love to eat any kind of nuts, but not jam of them
  15. Favourite fastfood KFC, but Malaysia is so disappointing
  16. Love Asian guys, especially Filipino and Japanese
  17. Love small eyes guys with charming smiles =)
  18. Think super good looking guys are for watch not own
  19. Somewhat think I'm so not picky, cause always think as long as that guy is a male and gay. I can accept him.
  20. Scare and hate spider the most
  21. A bit emotional and narcissistic person
  22. Love red and blue colour
  23. Still watch super hentai japanese version (power ranger) until now
  24. Love to watch anime since primary (top Favourite - digimon, sailormoon, slamdunk)
  25. Love to watch all types of drama like literally..from US, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Korean, Taiwan, China, long as the story interest me
  26. Never cried out loud when stepped in teenage year even when my grandmom died. Only tear moving inside my eyes when watch or hear touching story.
  27. Can't stand on boys and girls act cute, especially they don't have the qualifications
  28. Love guys withh little mustache the most
  29. Not a very caring and kind person, but still will pick up rubbish on the floor, hold door for people, maintain smile face to everyone
  30. Free thinker who do not stand on any religion side, but still believe in God
  31. Purely virgin and zero experience in romantic relationsip
  32. Never touched guys' bodies
  33. Believe there is true love and soulmate for everyone
  34. Don't believe love at first sight
  35. Slightly addicted to gay porn
  36. My height is above average..well..tallest in the family and tall over one head distance with my mom and dad.
  37. Love to eat egg and everything relate to it except thousand-year egg or century egg
  38. People say I don't look funny person, but actually I do and quite talkative when we are close
  39. Good boy and nerdy look all the time by wearing glassess for more than 12 years until now, so I have no idea how I look without glasses (power 600++ for both eyes)
  40. Only once been called handsome or good looking when took off glasses for awhile, and that person is my mom.
  41. Hated to be called like a girl, but now is totally fine with it.
  42. Like shinny stuff especially jewelery and metal too.
  43. Have a dog which is pekingese mixed with shih tzu
  44. My face is totally unfriendly when no expression, so have to always maintain smiley face
  45. Don't like horror movie will have nightmare for few days after watch seriously.
  46. Scare of dark, must switch on all the light when darkness approach, but surprisingly not for sleeping
  47. Youngest in the family and slightly spoiled by parents
  48. Formal wear fetish into extreme always can't stop staring at those formal guys at any place.
  49. Like to swim, feel freedom and relax from it
  50. Still a college student at the moment.
  51. Fear of crowd and squeezing inside it, so seldom to go pasar malam and peak hour of shopping mall.
  52. Homebody guy..prefer stay at home facing the laptop instead of going out.
  53. Friends always say I'm a hipster because I like and do things seem so unpopular or uncommon for them.
  54. 90% of my friends are Female, 10% are Male. I also don't know why.
  55. My mom once thought I'm a playboy because I once brought three dressed up pretty friends (not kidding) to my house for awhile to change my clothes.
  56. Like raining day only when I'm at indoor.
  57. Love soft toys and wish to hug it every night but same room with bother chance.
  58. Very like to exaggerate story..and put some lies in it.
  59. Consider good liar or shall say good actor..trying my best to change
  60. Like emo songs but a bad singer.
  61. Favourite artist is Arvil Lavigne
  62. Can consider artistic person
  63. A very very punctual person, friends always freak out when I call them on the set time.
  64. Never been clubbing
  65. Never got drunked before even though have super low tolerance to alcohol
  66. Super Stalker in Facebook
  67. Horny all the time especially after work out.
  68. Don't like wear jean, prefer short pants
  69. Quite skinny yet hairy at the same time, especially my leg hair can surprise eveyone
  70. Lady kind of smooth and fair skin, but not for the face
  71. Have thick lips like Angelina Jolie (My cousin said it) and thick eyebrow too
  72. Currently building up my body
  73. No peircing and tattoo
  74. A bit worship for branded stuff, but I only own some.
  75. Like to travel and have been many coutries.
  76. Once was thinking to become a scriptwriter
  77. Love to be back hug from someone
  78. Like to cut my hair very short
  79. Very like angel wings symbol
  80. No one can mess with me when I'm angry and piss off.
  81. Have a lot of crushes in my life but none of them are reachable or even talk to them
  82. Super procrastinator, used to be a good student before Uni life
  83. Like supernatural things and magic (witch, wizard...etc)
  84. Like to daydream all the time
  85. Love to sleep and watch drama in spare time
  86. Have a malfunction gaydar, so don't have any gay experience at all
  87. Morning person not a night owl
  88. Easy to conform with majority and easily change my mind
  89. Totally not a football fan, but don't mind watch World Cup
  90. Like to walk naked in the house
  91. Easy to please but also easy to get angry
  92. Quite bitchy sometimes, few sentences can pwn a person.
  93. Sometimes quite straightforward without thinking it's suitable or not
  94. Used to addict play online game
  95. Want to learn play piano desperately
  96. Like to be alone, yet want someone who can lean on
  97. Like to look at the sky when nothing to do
  98. Planning to go oversea study and don't want come back
  99. However family is important to me
  100. Currently desperately want to download Grindr and Jackd, but I control myself to not

Finally, I did it!! My brain is so tired now to write all these. I can show this to someone who want to date me, so he can roughly know who I

Monday, 22 October 2012

Cute guy at Gym

Went to gym and met the cute guy I saw once, it's very hard to bump into him. Maybe he is not a home member. He is really cute..big eyes..thin lips..nice nose..a bit cubby but in the way become muscular. Saw him half-naked in locker room, fair skin..nice chest and cute tummy, but can see the abs coming out soon. ; ) We have made some eye contacts, but I always so shy to look at him for more than few seconds.

When I was having my chance to look at him without his notice it, a trainer approached and asked me want try to new exercises for core and lower body as well as increase endurance. Without hesistating, I said okay without knowing it's the pathway to the realm of HELL!! I was like torturing those exercises I did. Squat..jump..plank..push up..dumbbell all the way. Total got 6 exercises with 15 reps x 3 rounds, but I only did 2 rounds. Seriously, I almost faint and die!! He kept saying.."You can do it!!" Couldn't really walked upstair with my legs..shaking. My heart beat was super fast at that going to explode.

Nevertheless. it's good exercises to train your body with using all your muscles. Luckily, went into the locker room on time when that cute guy just finished shower and came out. Made some eyes contact again, yet too shy to smile at him. He also looks so cute with the glasses on. Next day, I hope I'm not paralysed and cannot move my legs.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

New Addict: Hunting Season (Gay Series)

After queer as folk series in my teenage year, this one is my new addicted series - Hunting Season. It is a web series and only got 10 mins per episode. It is about is based on a popular blog of a few years ago called "The Great Cock Hunt", which from 2005 - 2008 chronicled the love life of hot gay stud “Alex.” He wrote about the life as a gay in New York City and detailed the sexual exploits of his love and sexual life. When I watched the first episode, three words to summarize - Gays, Nudity and Sex. Is like watching a high quality porn (their sex scenes) with good storyline and actors. The main character Alex is played by actor Ben Baur. If you want to visit the original blog, too bad all the photos removed or don't know why not able to see, but the contents still so turn on though. ; )

He is sorts of mixture of cute and hot. Later you will know more ;)

Hmm..this one quite okay only. You will drool when you watch other scene ;)

Normal scene after the climax ;)

If you are interested, can go search for it =)

Bathroom scene. This episode sloved the myth about straight guys since it is a true story.

Maybe you will think is just all about sex, but I also can see it showing how Alex changing from a slut (after break up) slowly to understand other important things in gay life (of course sex still can't be avoided). I alo quite jealous about his friendships with other gay friends, so nice to have gay friends who can share everything and support you.  New I wish can stay there as gay publicly without being discriminated, even though there are still some people don't accept it.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Emo songs

Recently, fall in love with this song, Wanting - Drenched. It is a break up song about the one party find so hard to move on and trapped inside all the memories with the lover. Feel so touch about it, even though I don't have any experiecen in relationship. I'm quite sure I'm the type which quite hard to move on and reluctant let go all the memories.

When minutes become hours
When days become years
And I dont know where you are
Color seems so dull without you

Have we lost our minds?
What have we done?
But it all doesnt seem to matter anymore

When you kissed me on that street, I kissed you back
You held me in your arms, I held you in mine
You picked me up to lay me down
When I look into your eyes
I can hear you cry for a little bit more of you and I

Im drenched in your love
Im no longer able to hold it back

Is it too late to ask for love?
Is it wrong to feel right?
When the world is winding down
Thoughts of you linger around

Have we lost our minds?
What have we done?
But it all doesnt seem to matter anymore

When you kissed me on that street, I kissed you back
You held me in your arms, I held you in mine
You picked me up to lay me down
When I look into your eyes
I can hear you cry for a little bit more of you and I
Im drenched in your love
Im no longer able to hold it back

I'm always like emo or sad songs, they sort of give me a happy feeling or I should say peace and calm. If go to karaoke, I normally choose those emo songs, my friends don't not really like

Love this T-shirt. Wear it when go karaoke...LOL

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Preference or racism?

Recently, I went to a cafe near my Uni and long time haven't been there because they raised their price. It became quite expensive for student even their food is nice. It used to be our hang out place for anytime. Opps..back my point, I went there alone to have breakfast and the moment I stepped inside, I saw a hot guy arranging the table. He saw me and give me a charming smile which melted my heart and welcome me. He is voice and got nice body even though not really well-build..and more important he is filipino. = D I think he is the owner's son (a Filipino lady..very nice person) since he in charge of cashier. *Clear throat* speaking of filipino..I don't know why I'm so turn on by them beside Japanese. Is it consider a fetish? Maybe watch too many filipino and japanese gay movie? LOL....

Refer back to my topic, everyone has different taste for guys and races sure be part of it. I know many people like Caucasian because of...*cough cough* you know what is it and of course other reasons too ; ). Saw some snapshot from Grindr in a forum, some of them really wrote only want White..asian just f*ck off and etc. I was like do you really need to write like that? You also an Asian -.- I don't mind you prefer white, but please don't show that you hate asian. To me, they become racism rather than just different preferences.

For me, I prefer Asian rather than White, and of course filipino and Japanese the most *blushing* However, I don't reject other races too. Who know I might end up with a Caucasian, you never know it. lol I think too much, as long as got someone want me, I should already thank for God.
Try to find a filipino like him but quite hard so just use two photos to give a vivid imagination.
Around this height and body shape

Face is roughly like this but his smile is so charming =D

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bad boys and Jerks

Things always do not follow what I have planned, I shall slap myself and start work hard so I can achieve the goal I have set. Sigh...back to the topic, read a article about why good girls like bad boys, and the difference between bad boy and jerk. Then, I remember quite high number of bloggers' stories appeared jerks in their life. This make me wonder gays also very easy to fall in bad boys or we are to torture like jerks?

 Hence, what are the differences between bad boy and jerk? By definiton, bad boys who act like jerks but really not. They mostly scare of commitment because the fear of heartbroken and pain might be given to them, so they playing with people's heart. Ya..sound like cowards. For jerks? normally lead a targets to believe they care about them without actually care about them. Take advantage from them and I think it's very easy to meet and like jerks at first, but soon we will learn from experiences. However, for bad boys, it's hard to wake up from it as human really like to challenge or torture themselves, they believe they can fix the broken bad boy and be the one he falls for at last. Chances are quite low. Do gays easier to fall in love with them? because we are more towards superficial? as bad boys and jerks are mostly good lookings? or the aura they spread attract many people? You might give me the face "You Don't Say" or so shallow. Well, forgive me as I neither have experiecne with bad guy nor jerk, even nice guy T.T.

Speaking about nice guys, they always being friendzoned, I'm sure gays are not the exception. Nonetheless, I believe no matter how nice guys being hurt, keep sacrificing for the person, they might be losing, but when nice guys win, they win big. People take times to realize understand the immense benefits of being with a nice guy, so please don't be a jerk and bad boy. =)


Bad boy?

Nice guy? or

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The trend of Versatile in Gay?

Supposed to start my assignment, but ended up surfing on those gay related websites. Visited some dating or making friend website, found some interesting things. There are more and more people label them as Versatile rather than Top or Bottom. Maybe it's just coincidence or whatever, those guys I checked on are mostly versatile. Like what one of fvourite blogger - simon lover has posted before. The percentage of Versatile in Malaysia is quite high although he also mentioned it's not really reliable, in some way I think is quite true.

People always think the world has changed the view on homosexual, while ourselves as gays also neglecting that we also changing in our gay world too. What I mean is that we try not to label or fix in one role. Like masculinity and femininity, you cannot say a male is totally masculine without feminine sides, trust me it's quite hard. Hence, each gay mostly have some top and bottom..feelings? or urge? whatever! inside themselves. Just like we have both male and female hormones inside our body. Some people find that the top urge is strong so they label them as Top while same for bottom.

However, many gays may realize the top and bottom urges are equal and start to question why they have to choose? My opinion is that long time ago there are only Top and Bottom roles, so many gays force to choose one they prefer the most. With the term Versatile came along, gays started to identify themselves as V because they also want to satisfy another urge inside their body too.  Well, all just my opinion..I might be wrong.

By the way, I don't why so many bottoms are so hot and manly. They should start discover the another urge inside them ; )

Sunday, 14 October 2012

The only one who know I'm GAY

I almost forgot there is one person in the world or real life know I'm gay. My old BROTHER..erm..he can consider know it but not really. Why? This happened in my teenage year, one day he found out I watched gay porn and there was the time I didn't know clear history. Now, no one can find out excepy hacker. I didn't know it first until he fetching to go tuition and out of sudden...

He: Are you gay?

Me: (Totally in shock and silent for a moment) Why are you asking that?

He: I found out you watched gay porn.

Me: ...(spontenously) ..but I also have same feeling for girl too.

He: Then, you are Bi!!

After that, we never ever have discusssed this issue again in so many years. Not sure he got tell my another brother, but hr definitely didn't tell my parents. Why I suddenly bringing this up? Few days ago, talking about the course I'm studying, he suddenly said.."You know, only those with mental illness only take that course." I suddenly felt like something bang my mind, he is indirectly talking about my dark secret. He is a conservative person and like older generation..think gay is a illness and psychological problem. That sentence he said is still causing my heart bleed.

He think I'm a mental sick person..and I don't have the courage to open up the topic with him after I pretended he know nothing about my identity in so many years. Frankly speaking, I feel so hurt, my family member think that way, and I know my mom sure has the same stereotypes with him. Knowing my mom for more than 20 years..she 100% anti-gay. One word to describe how she think about homosexuality...DISGUST. That's why I have a plan like go oversea study and stay there to start new life, but I know it's quite hard. I always the good boy to my mom..really not sure she can accept it or not. She is very high conservative person and not willing to accept other people opinion easily.

SIGH...luckily I quite sure my dad and another brother quite open-minded. That give me strength to live on with my life because FAMILY is very important in my life.

Pro gay friends..perhaps

It's a complicated feeling when you know some of your friends are pro gay yet you still don't have the courage come out to them. I think because I also not sure others are anti or neutral in that issue or not. Quite hard for me to come with those pro gay friends and keep secret from the rest as we are in one close gang. Not that I don't trust those friends to keep my secret since I'm not ready to come out publicly, just that keeping this big secret from others will be hard to them because have to handle both mine and others' feelings. I know how hard it is to keep a secret without telling your close friends, because I'm experiencing now.

Did anyone have suspected my sexual identity before? I guess not really, they just think I'm a nerdy and kind of anti-social person., that's why no girlfriend at all. By looking amout of my FB friends, then you can know why they think that way. One case they wanted to add someone I know, I just said go to my profile's friend list to search was easier because I don't have so many friends in there. They looked me in a pity Moreover, I don't look how they think GAY should be like. As you know, there many stereotypes about us, so my image just don't really fit into that stereotypes. Although I still have some feminine sides, straight guys also can have those and is accpetable for youngter now.

Anyways, I'm still thinking whether I should come out to my friends. Seriously, I really scare lose the friendship when all of them know it. If jsut come out to pro gay friends...I also feel bad not to tell the rest about it. I know I have this thought maybe I feel so alone to struggle about who I am. Luckily, I found some blogs and started to blog, so I don't really feel so stress. Keeping everything inside my mind is very torturing to me. Plus, no gay friends to seek advice, so...ya..just lost in the middle of desert. In US, coming out got three stages - with friends first, family, then society. However, this does not really apply for collectivism culture like us, because we all link to together..

SIGH...Try to hold my tear and go to sleep now.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Gay signal and Cruising at Gym. Finally?

First of all, talking my blog's view slightly increased a bit which from the post talking about my new crush. Human are really visual creature as I put some hot (to me is hot) pictures. Well, I don't expect anyone will read my blog cause I just want to write anything out about gay stuff so I will not go nuts when keeping and hiding inside my mind.

Anyways, back the topic, recently I went to gym and something weird happened in locker room. I was finished work out and went to my locker to get ready to take shower. Being there for awhile, I was not shy anymore to just take off my clothes and pants off, but of course took off my underwear with wrapping towel around me. It might be normal, but seriously I felt quite shy in the first time to take off my clothes and pants publicly.

Okay, straight to gist, there is a guy..have seen him for few times..very fast took off his clothes and pants when he saw me preparing to shower..not sure I was overthinking it or what..he took off his undies without towel cover him and I faster avoid the contact with him because I was quite nervous. Then, I went inside my shower cubicle..HERE is the thing..he straight away followed me and went inside the cubicle beside me. I was like...there were so many empty cubicles there as it's not peak hour..and normally people will avoid go cubicle got people beside them becasue the cubicles are not fully cover as like some toilet you can squat down and spy on the person beside you and the water will splash to you from other side.

Many things went through my mind and I kept telling myself there is just conincidence and I was too sensitive. However, he was like totally lean on my cubicle's wall, but the cubicle not that small..our wall can consider semi-trasnparent so I could the shape of his Plus, his foot crossed to my area as again I don't think the cubicle is that small for him to stand towards my side so close..(can fit two persons). I became quite nervous and thought that was this a signal or what?

Anyways, with zero experience about gay life so don't even talk about cruising. I faster finished my shower and went back to my locker. He also faster went out after that and normally we changed to another clothes instead of our smelly clothes, but he wore back his clothes beofore shower and left the locker room before me. I tried not to blatantly stare at him because I afraid of any misunderstanding or whatever. Tried to search for him, but he just disappeared.

He is not bad as got nice chest and quite visible abs, just shorter than me and in the age around 30? but overall is good as a target..hahaha. I have no idea about it, maybe I just overthought since have been reading all those cruising at gym stuff from many bloggers...LOL. Sorry to that guy if I misunderstood him.

Well, I have no gay friend or any sources to give me advice so I just let it go. Next time, don't know will encounter the real one or not, don't think it will happen to me...hohohoh,,,but I also don't know how to handle if it happen.

That obvious signal..LOl

His body around this but fater and the face of course older

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Skinny Muscular

I always wondering whether skinny muscular still got market in gay circle or not. I know the more muscular and macho, the more we eager to have and be like that. Well for me I'm like many gays love muscular and macho men, I think there is the reason some gays may fall in love with straight men because of their macho-ness or manliness. For myself, I'm trying to become more muscular as I can (I'm really skinny before like literally) to expand my market..soft If you don't have the good looking face then the urge is more serious. People might say just be yourself, but I think there is also some responsible to keep yourself look good...especially in gay world, but of course don't ever let forget keep inner side look good too because it follows until death while looks not. Although not like go for plastic surgery, but I'm not against it too.

Actually, what is the definition of skinny muscular I also not sure. People have different idea and judment about it. Found some pictures that fit my concept about skinny muscular.

My current target is this!!

This can show my current stage but I got better cleavage ; ) LOL

I used to be like this but skinnier

Quite hard to get six pack even for skinny people =(

Not sure this one consider skinny muscular for most gays

Some say this one need work out more, but I think is okay

This one I think don't have the motivation to do until like that

Well, maybe like this pciture "F*ck off I'm beautiful enough and gorgeous"


Friday, 5 October 2012

Misunderstading about Gay Part 2

Continue with last post, I talked about same issues at Taiwan from a variety show. That show talked about serious thing like coming out to parents and the stress with both parties. Now, the second show is quite funny in a way, while showing the wild side of gay life in Taiwan. Don't know wy I think this will makes other people think gay life in a bad way. Here is the video Wild gay life.

This show invited three gays and three lesbians to talk about the homosexual world and night life (they focus on this more). The show's crew used spy cam to have a look how gay night clubs or pubs look like. Serioudly, my eyes widen O.O when they once entered into the place. One word for it..Wild. Don't know whether at Malaysia also the same situation..well ya I haven't been any club before even normal club so don't say about gay bar or club. Don't doubt..I already in legal age to enter any of them. Well..always a good boy infront of people.

Interesting I found was that..gays in Taiwan got categories in gay circle - Monkey, Bear and Wolf. I think is quite similar how we distinguish gays by look at here. See the name you can guess how they categorize them. Each category got few levels too. Obviously, I fall under monkey but not that low level..quite Wolf of course is every dream for being that and being with. I guess werewolf is the highest level where everyone will drool for him.. according to them little mustache will be perfect. To me i just want transit young wolf that's all. For can guess how they look like and surprisingly one of the young wolf in the show love bear..well I can't really judge that since everyone's preference is different.

A bit Higher level Monkey..I'm almost there!!

Bear..quite cute ; )

And of course..Wolf!!

Another!! This one don't know is edited or not. His skin so clean like no body hair..xD

Cesar Chang!! Should do one post about him =D

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Misunderstanding about Gay Part 1

Today, I watched two Taiwan variety shows that talk about homosexuality. It's interesting know that both have showed different aspects of homosexual life. One showed the serious isssue about coming out with parents and struggling to do so, while another showed the dark side...ermm..rephrase..wild side of gay life. Morevoer, it's interesting to know aobut the gay culture in Taiwan, as I think Taiwan is considered quite open about homosexuality since they can broadcast this issue in public.

Let's me talk the first show, which is here Parents and Gay Child (For those who don't understand Mandarin I feel sorry that you not able to watch it). Basically, the show invited two groups of people- older generation who represent parents, and young generation who represent gay children as they all came out from closet to discuss about the issue of coming out with parents. Too bad not all those gay children's parents willing to come to the show only two and a group older generation to share the thought about the issue.

Those youngters shared their stories of coming out to parents and the stress and pain of it. During the discussion, of course parents said homosexual is abnormal and is mental problem. Luckily, the show also invited two professionals to explain homosexual - 1. Homosexual is not considered mental illness anymore 2. Mostly born like that and may developed during early pregnancy (As scientists still carrying on their work to understand it) 3. After age of 19 or 20 then only can truly identify oneself as homosexual because everyone will have sort of a bit affection toward same sex during adolescense year (This one I think it depends)

Apart from that, they also suggested children should come out earlier to parents as parents also need time adjust and struggle of the fact that their children are homosexual. Other than think homosexual is abnormal, one more thing parents concern about is the reproduction of next generation as it's quite important in Asian culture. That's the reason gay men mostly suffer and feel stress from it and many have forced to marry a woman. In the discussion, those children mostly said that their mothers are more willing accept the sexuality of them compare to fathers. Sadly, in my case I think my mother is the one who totally can't accept it.....sigh

Okay next! One gay man has showed how happy his life are with his family and got married with the bless from his parents even his grandmom!! His grandmom (almost 100 years old) is so open minded as she said "Young people feel happy with it then it's okay" and his mom "As long as my child doesn't murder or hurt anyone, then it's fine". Almost want to cry when see this part T.T
He also pointed out some important things:
-Many parents now are more willing to accept homosexual, but it's another case if it happens on their children
-Gay children's parents should meet some those parents who accepted their chidlren sexuality to listen their stories and feelings throughout the process of acceptance.
-Effective communication is important between children and parents, both need to be genuine to listen each other's thoughts and feelings

Monday, 1 October 2012

New unreachable crush

Recently, I have watched a thai movie "Its gets better" and I'm quite lazy to talk about its synopsis but just got issue of transgender and gay. My main point is the one of the main character- Panupong Waraeaksiri!! He is so good looking and gorgeous!! Totally fell for him when I first time saw him on movie. I can say he is my new crush, but..well he is so unreachable and don't think he is gay or not sure as my gaydar doesn't function well. Don't talk too much let's me show some pictures of him. (Quite hard to find his photo as he still new I think..) Maybe he might not your taste or type but is definitely my type =D Anyways, he will just only appear in my dream..

So hot even doesn't have bold body but the face covers all =)

His smile makes me melt xD
Too bad can't see his full body