Thursday, 18 October 2012

Preference or racism?

Recently, I went to a cafe near my Uni and long time haven't been there because they raised their price. It became quite expensive for student even their food is nice. It used to be our hang out place for anytime. Opps..back my point, I went there alone to have breakfast and the moment I stepped inside, I saw a hot guy arranging the table. He saw me and give me a charming smile which melted my heart and welcome me. He is voice and got nice body even though not really well-build..and more important he is filipino. = D I think he is the owner's son (a Filipino lady..very nice person) since he in charge of cashier. *Clear throat* speaking of filipino..I don't know why I'm so turn on by them beside Japanese. Is it consider a fetish? Maybe watch too many filipino and japanese gay movie? LOL....

Refer back to my topic, everyone has different taste for guys and races sure be part of it. I know many people like Caucasian because of...*cough cough* you know what is it and of course other reasons too ; ). Saw some snapshot from Grindr in a forum, some of them really wrote only want White..asian just f*ck off and etc. I was like do you really need to write like that? You also an Asian -.- I don't mind you prefer white, but please don't show that you hate asian. To me, they become racism rather than just different preferences.

For me, I prefer Asian rather than White, and of course filipino and Japanese the most *blushing* However, I don't reject other races too. Who know I might end up with a Caucasian, you never know it. lol I think too much, as long as got someone want me, I should already thank for God.
Try to find a filipino like him but quite hard so just use two photos to give a vivid imagination.
Around this height and body shape

Face is roughly like this but his smile is so charming =D

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