Sunday, 29 March 2015

Stay Away

Just realized I have ignored my blog for two months. Maybe like many people, I also working like cow for company GST project. Until now everything still like a mess, I still can't say we are ready for the commencement of it. Teamwork & communication are very important but seems like not in my company. Everyone just like playing tennis, throw the ball here and there. I was like HELLO! We are playing baseball, please freaking catch the ball, and do what you should!!!

Okay forget about work first. I have gone through many dates but all just slowly fading off or dying. The most memorable one was dating with Mr Popular. He is quite popular in Instagram by looking at those comments. Most of them are hot guys, some even I'm following. Oh! He is working at SG, so's long distance date?

He is like those typical hot guys - well built body with six packs can't get away. I did go all the way to SG and stayed at his place. However, dating him was like I'm in the world that I'm not supposed to be. His level just too high for me, I'm not saying about financially but overall. His philosophy of life..the way he carry himself. All just make me feel like I can't catch up. His friends one hotter than another, I was like a lost hyena accidentally run into the lion group.

Maybe I'm still not that level or it's not what I want. People always fancy about having a hot guy as date, but in reality you have to know what you are first. Most importantly, he is not really serious about us. One day he told he is planning move to a further country, then I straight away cut it off. I know our directions are different, and nothing serious about us.

Currently, I quite enjoy being single. During the weekend, I just date myself as go shopping, gym then sitting at a cafe reading a nice book. I found it quite nice to spend my weekend like that. Just add on like once a while, hang out with some friends and my bestie. 

I consider stay away from dating temporary, and start love myself more. Find things I like to do, and do what makes me feel happy. 

Jerome is so hot!! *drooling*