Friday, 18 January 2013

Huge Decision!!!!!

Okay. I need kind of hibernate or I should say stay away from the wild world for a period of time. Why and what I'm going to do? I recently got interested on a guy..yeah I know I got a lot of crushes but this time I take it serious. Plus, he is also our kind and friend's friend but I not dare to approach him with current stage. Moreover, I also need to focus my study!!!

Therefore, I give myself 4-5 months to improve my appearance (and STUDY), and of course from hard work no knife will be involved. You may say just be yourself and who you are!! Well, in a way I still myself just want to improve my appearance..nothing wrong right??  

My face can't do much expect wear contact lens and settle my serious dark circles..but someone said I look like those NS Singaporean just haven't bulked up...-.-

Maybe by that time I achieve the target, that guy already not avaible but my market sure better compare to now. Hence, there are things help me to achieve the target!!

-Delete Jackd and related apps  (checked)
-Join gym (checked)
-Perseverance & motivation (checked) That guy & My dream
-Get used to contact lens (in progress) Mr. Joker has told me to throw away my glasses hundred times
-Set library and gym as second home (checked)
-Swim 3 times per week (in progress)
-Sex buddy (checked) This one is very important, without him I may go back wild. xD

Hopefully, everything goes what I planned but always end up not I want....NO!! Touch wood touch wood!!!! I will still blog because can't live without it currently..xD

This one already considered hard for me but I can do it!!!!!!


  1. Add oil add oil. I support 100%. Next time if have chance, go to Korea and undergo plastic surgery. Surely, your market will up up up!!!! Can't wait to see your changes.

    1. Thanks!!!

      Hahaha...I will definitely won't go plastic surgery!!! No. I'm happy what my parents gave me =)

  2. Sex buddy??!! who who?

  3. Yes. Nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself. And it's good that you're finding ways to keep yourself motivated.

    I don't see what's so bad with glasses. Don't throw it away. Get a pair that looks good on you so that you always have the option to wear it or not according to the occasion and the outfit you're wearing. I always do that. I refuse to believe that anyone can look bad in glasses. You just need to find the right design that suits your face.

    1. Thank you so much!!! =D

      Ya. I should find another better glasses too..but I'm really bad at

  4. We will cheer for you ! After 4 - 5, you will be brand new you.


    1. Thanks!!! =D I hope so....hmmm..LOLL

  5. OI who is that guy show me the next time okayyy

  6. All the best for both of us,i have my eye upon simeone also:D