Friday, 11 January 2013

A Wonderful Morning???

Woke up early in the morning before the Sun says hello to evryone. Why so early? Have to meet my beloved - Shadow Wind z.z Due to many reasons, he only frree on morning and the timing is terrible jam time so I had to depart early a bit.

Knowing him quite a while, first time to meet him and picked up this cute twink for breakfast. He's not KL person but I thought he sort of know his area (temperory staying)..mana tau he has no idea at we had no idea where were we going to. At the end, saw the yellow light!!! The Old Town white coffee!!!!

I had no idea how far we already went but as long as got place to sit and eat =.= Even we don't know each other for too long, but we got many things to bitch around..such a nice friend to have = ) We also chatting with other Hiao United by It's so nice you don't need to hide anything like I hanging around with my other many things cannot disclose =(

Soon, we changed to another place to have second round ; ) Yeah..he said I'm a monster..still can eat somemore. Then, slowly drove back his area and found shop house!! Thank God!! Had Dim Sum and continue bitching around.

THat boy keep saying he is fat =.= Well, if he standing with me of course looks bigger a bit..LOLLL but he looks totally fine. I guess all of us never satisfy with our look ; )


  1. wow~ after old town..second round dim sum? can really eat!

    1. Hmm...and I wonder was there a 3rd round...

    2. third round if not stomach going to explode xD

  2. <3 awwww Shin Y == cute twink? LOL i hope thats a compliment. Aiyo u lahhh how i know u dono my area n i here on holiday i dont live here la macam mana i will know also laaaaa =p

    omg u r the skinniest big appetite monster. OLD TOWN NASI LEMAK then TIM SUM straight after with a big bowl of porridge for 2 u ate it all hahaha

    i'll post pics up my bloggi soon on the tim sum ==

    was great talking n meeting with u. dunno why u so shy at first but hahaha after that u just couldn't stop bitching HHAHAHA

    1. I got shy?? Maybe a bit awkward at first...hahaha

      Next time, same rounds again ; )