Thursday, 17 January 2013

Mama's Gay Boy

Here is the next gay short film and love the ending so much =)

This film showing the issue we as gay always have to face - period of closeted. One of the reasons affects it was discussed in previous postWe know when we are in a relationship, it's very difficult to maintain when one or both of you have to date secretly, which you need to have public dating as little as possible. Hide here and there, cant bring him home for family dinner or anything.

When you are totally closeted, you even not dare to intro your boyfirend to clsoe friends. In the film, Sam is a closeted mama's gay boy.  That's the worse case for the his boyfriend because everything he will listen to his mum and obey whatever she say.

I'm so scare I will be like Sam when having a relationship, not sure when to come out because of mama's boy and let boyfriend like waiting forever. Or like Eric have to wait my boyfriend to really accept our relationship.

However, I do believe love can help you overcome all these things. Love one scene from a movie about a gay couple:

The boyfriend asked "You are so closeted, why you didn't turn away from your sexual preference?"
The guy replied "I tried, but I couldn't turn away from you."
Then, they cuddle tightly and look at the night sky with many stars.

That's it!! You can't cheat your heart and own feeling, if you do you cant really feel happy. When I'm in relationship, I'm quite sure I will never hide him from public. At least I will introduce him to my close friends first.

Maybe I have no experience so still naive about it and it may not end up what I foresee. Hence, it's not a good thing to start a relationship with someone when you are really closeted gay??? because in a way it will hurt each other??

For family? I'm still overcoming my own barrier and I will try my best. Nothing is more important than a relationship and marriage are blessed by family.


  1. You've been watching a lot of gay short films lately.

    1. Hahaha..but better than porn right?? ; )

  2. mr shin y dont hiao!.

    btw nice film n the accent is so sexy...sigh yeah its hard for us n all but; goes on

    1. Why hiao? Used artistic way to watch them okay??

      Ya. I know it's sexy ; )
      Earth still turning and we will just go on no matter what.