Sunday, 29 December 2013

2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = New Year

New year is coming!!! Planned your New Year Eve’s party?? Many people wrote their review of 2013, so I also follow the trend xD

On a serious note, 2013 was really  special and amazing year for me. I went through a lot of things within this year. I feel so lucky that most things became what I wanted for. Well, let's talk about something didn’t achieve from new year resolution first. 

  •   I didn’t manage to get the result I wanted for my study =( , but still able to graduate
  •   I also didn’t get six packs that I wanted so much, but body getting in better shape or at least people able to notice I joined gym. =)

Okay now go to good things happened in my life! I graduated and had a nice long holiday. Then, started searching for job and soon got hired from my first company. Sadly, I have to leave the company because there was a better offer from my current company. The current position is more stressful, but I know once I overcome everything, I will have bright future =)

About love life, I feel so grateful and blessed. When I decided to stop go around have fun, and hope to find someone and settle down, then I met J my ex. However, I was a jerk because rushed into relationship just because I wanted. Feel so bad for myself and decided to just take everything slowly, but then Sean appeared in my life. I really didn’t expect so fast I can meet someone who I truly love.  

I can’t say my life is completed, but I’m sure I’m lucky enough for what I having. I will still fight for better future, look forward to my whole new life.

Any wish for the New Year? My bestie asked me before if I could choose to be straight or gay, would I still want to be gay? My answer was gay, because I feel nothing wrong with it and it’s awesome to be gay!! Sometimes I feel so lucky I have boyfriend not girlfriend. Surprisingly, she also agreed and said if she dated herself, she probably would kill herself. xD Statement of that day “Yes! It’s good to have boyfriend, girls are screwed up man!!"  hahahaha Love her so much.

Try your best to smile and welcome New Year!!! =)

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Let it Go! Let it Go! long didn't blog anything due to busy life and aslo tired to just on laptop. The tittle of this post just purely because this song Let it Go stuck in my head since I watched Frozen! I really love this song so much. Raped the reply button don't know how many times xD

Life still good to me, I quite enjoy using public transport, don't know why just think actually our public transport not really that bad. Looking outside jamming like hell, assure me that I made a right choice. Inside the train, you can observe a lot of things. Human really an interesting creature in term of behaviours and attitudes. 

Sometimes, I can hear some interesting stories from them. An old Chinese lady who wearing very old clothes and looks a bit not normal. First impression people will try to avoid her, but two malay ladies talked to her and I overheard their conversation. The old lady's children all very successful in life, but all went oversea and no one take care of her at all. Got a daughter want to take care, but she gave up own country's citizenship. Staying at SG and  very hard to come back. Sacrificed half of her life time for children (6 of them I think) but in the end no one cares about her anymore.

We always tend to neglect the relationships that mean the most to us because we figure they will always be there. By the time, you realized it's just gone, everythign is too late just left remorse. Oh! I also saw a foreign worker gave his seat to needy, compared to own local who suddenly went blind inside the train. Sigh, sometimes they have better manners than us, who so called higher level and educated. 

Sean is more busy than me, and I know I must get use to it, especially his social life. Like my bestie said, I'm already considered good compared to her who only able to meet boyfriend few times every month. As long as we keep texting each other everyday, I feel content ady. I feel really happy to meet him, because I can feel like I'm getting more matured...erm actually that's what my bestie said..LOL

Well, I may not matured enough, but I will try slowly to become a better man and no more naive boy anymore. Also apply on workplace, I can't think everything in simple way, I must work harder and of course earn more money for my or maybe our future =)

Have a nice tea to relax. =)


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Spilt it Out

Fuuuu~ Recently, I was busy with a lot of things and of course included dating xD Last week was a nice week because able to spend time with Sean for few days straight since both of us were flexible for our time.

Nnetheless, during our movie date, there was hilarious scene when I was drinking water, I spilt the water because of laughing =.= It kena Sean's face a bit.never forget his face when I did that. Totally super super embarassing!!!! Luckily no other around me. It's nominated as Top embarassing moments in my life T.T

However, this week we started each other new job, so it's still not stable about our meet up timing. Well, we will work it out. One good thing about this new chapter, both of us moslty able to meet on every morning on week day. Currently, we taking public transport together and go to our workplace. I guess Sean working time will be flexible soon, so no need go early perhaps..jealous xD

New job is quite challenging, because they going to train me as team leader, but my team members are mostly 1 or 2 times older than me -.- my Head said, how long you have been working doesn't equal to working experience. I must try my best to become a...good LEADER!!

Arhh..really feel a bit pressure, but one thing need to improve is my social skills. I really need to get along well with them. Well, it going to take step by step to become a good leader. A lot of things to learn during the process.

2014 is coming!!! Have you guys planned where to go or celebrate New Year Eve?? I'm definitely celebrate it with Sean =)

Found this sexy photo. I don't mind to help him..LOLLL

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Last Day

Today was last day of working at the company. I felt kind of mixed feelings, feel a bit down cause gonna miss the people here because most of them are friendly while happy for my new chapter of life. Manager still a bit angry or feel betrayed, but I know why from other colleague because he thinks I'm a quite good employee and expect me to help him longer.

I still feel a bit anxious when going to a whole new environment. However, I know I can adapt it well and I have to!! I decided to take public transport go work, but listened many experiences from others, make me a bit worry. Please be nice to me KTM, LRT, Monorail!!! I don't wish you reach on time, but at least don't too late. *Finger crossed*

Sean also changing his job, and surprisingly our locations are quite close to each other. I seriously didn't plan or expect that, but still don't think got time to meet. This due to we have to go gym or classes, and ours are different gym. Well, still can meet for lunch time I guess, see how first xD

My dear mom went oversea for vacation and quite plenty of housework need to do. I really want to salute those working mothers, who can take care home and working at the same time!!!! It's so freaking hard and tiring!!! Mummy spoiled my dad and bro as they don't know how to do anything =.= Faster come back, I miss your cooking and of course you...LOL xD

Find time to read book too