Monday, 28 October 2013


Wasn't it beautiful
Countless stars in the night sky
Used to represent how much
You love me

The warmness of the Sun
Used to irreplaceable from
The lovely hug
You always give me

Day after day
Don't know why
I always waiting for
Your...your unreachable love

When the night fell on me
I couldn't stop myself
Thinking of you
And waitng again

Waiting your hug
Waiting your kiss
Waiting your love
But all I got
Was a goodbye kiss
One friend let me truly realized we always advice people to let it go or move on if it doesn't work out. However, when we are in the situation, it's really a different thing. When a friend having a hard time, just be there and listen. No need to tell or advice what to do and shoudn't do.  

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Gym's manner and attitude

Some people really don't have good manners and attitude at my gym. I know you are good looking and hot, but doesn't mean you can do whatever you like.

After using the machine or equipment, take out the weight plates and put back!! You can carry so heavy weight, but others can't or you want to show off?? Some even worse, sitting on the machine but long chat with friend. Hello? Want to chit chat or gossip go stand at the side, people are waiting for it. Somemore it's peak hour when every place is occupied.

When the gym is so crowded, I really can notice how are people's manners. Of course there are some with very good manners, which make me blush becasue they are hot too~ LOLLLLL Eh!! They are hot and also have good manners of course +++ points to them xD 

By the way, my working life so far quite okay, better than stay at home do nothing. I'm earning money now so many things have to pay by myself like gym fee. No more "Dad! I need money." Must have a proper plan on expenses and saving money. 

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Oh my dear blog, I'm so sorry for neglected you quite long. After became a working adult, my life is kind of busy and hardly got time to blog. During week days, I usually spend my day from early in the moring until night. Weekend normally spend with family and Sean. Friends? You know I once in a while I will meet them xD

One thing I really don't like about my new life is Traffic JAM!!!!!! Going to work is okay, just the way I going to gym is so FREAKING JAM!! My company is quite near my gym yet I use 30 mins to reach there if raining day even worse one hour T.T  Well, maybe I shall cycle to my gym better and environmentally friendly too. xD

Recently, I only realized I have sexy tan line..erm actually not sexy...hahaha. This is due to go swimming with Sean quite frequently, plus the time we normally go the Sun is almost in hyper mood. I really need to swim more, so my shoulder can become broader. lol

There is an exciting event coming soon, I'm really can't wait it!!! Crossing each day on calendar like a happy child full of anticipation xD

Come come guys time~ ; )

Sunday, 13 October 2013

My Friend My Way Prt. 2

Browsing my social media sites, I really don't have so many friends. However, people normally would say less friends is okay as long as you have few close friends. Also shared about it before about my style > friend

Then, some say once you started a relationship, you might loss two close friends. Not sure it's true or not, but to me still the same. This is due to my attitude and personality not because of friend and lover balancing. Before I met Sean, I spend my time at home, gym and Uni, even though I have free time still prefer stay at home and living in my own world. That's me - a rather loner in social world. 

Some people cannot stand to eat alone at restaurant or any place. To me I totally don't mind to eat, walk, study, sit alone at any occasions. Then, I really don't need friend at all?? Of course not, sometimes I also need friend to share my life and problem. One or two are enough for me.

Few days ago, my bestie suddenly called me at night and need someone there beside her. Typical lazy and homebody me normally will reject, but I know she really needs me. Hence, I straight away get ready and went to meet her.

I felt touched because she knows me so well, so chose a place near my house but quite far for her. She was the one felt sad and depressed yet still thought about me. We hadn't met for few months, but she totally understand my style for friends even close friends. 

When we met like usual chatting non-stop and never separated before. I tried my best to make her laugh and console her about her issues. Luckily it all worked =D  She is the type very sociable and can't believe we can became so close. She can call anyone anytime she wants, yet I am the one came to her mind, who always reject her invitation and rarely message her personally.  

She said she knows I am like that but if she needs someone I am sure willing to be her company. Awww...almost cried when I heard that T.T It's so nice to chat with her since she knows all my things including Sean and I. I said I will become more "invitable" for outing and message more. She just said no need and I totally after a while still be the same..LOL She really the worm in my stomach. xD

I asked her should I change my attitude and style about maintaining friendship? She said just try to be more active, but if really all friends left me, she will never leave me alone. Okay this time my tears really running around my eyes, but controlled since we were at mamak..LOL

She also pointed out my weird logic, once I am closer to a person, I tend reduce the contact instead of increase it. I also didn't realize and still don't know why. xD Currently, I put lover, family then only friend first. I know it's bad, but just at the moment is like that only. I really hope able find more close friend like her. Love you~

Friday, 11 October 2013

New Chapter of My Life

Finally, I'm a working adult now!! After almost 5 months, I'm no more under unemployed list. As usual the beginning of the job is SO boring!!!
My coming was last min notice, so I still don't have my PC. As you know, now everything is computerized, if you don't have PC, you can't do anything! Only some paperwork. I was so bored at work, many times just staring at the ceiling or observe my colleagues.
Since I started working, I still try find some time to meet Sean. Luckily, our workplace quite near to each other, so able to meet once or twice. I know once his working location is changed, it's ver hard for us to meet. Hence, treasure all the times I can spend with him. 
For my gym, try fully use my weekend to work out, and my working time can't stop me go gym!!! I trapped in jam for an hour also won't skip gym day! Surprisingly, I feel so tired at work, but once I step in gym I feel energetic ;) One of the reasons is there so many hot guys after office hours!!!! XD
Plus, althoguh I'm really tired, after gymming makes me very fast fall asleep and sleep well :) I can understand why some people lazy go gym after work, but not for me! Must work harder!! Sometimes seeing some people used same period of time as me, but already had nice body, kind of make me feel depressed. However, I should take it as motivation!!!! Catch up!!
Work and Work out!!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

My Body My Way Prt 2

It's weekend!!! Hope everyone will enjoy this weekend, like have a nice rest or outing. Today brought Sean went to my gym taught me how to do my arm and leg workout properly. My arms are bigger than him, but his shape is nicer =( His legs...big and sexy ; )

Sean is a lovely yet strict trainer xD I totally can foresee my arms and legs gonna be so aching on tomorrow -.-" Well, no pain no gain!! I must work harder!!! Gained 10kg muscles still look so THIN!!! =( You can imagine how skinny I was. Of course I'm not gain until so buff, looks lean and yummy is enough ; )

On the bright side, at least my paper flat chest became A cup now..LOL I stop having mass gainer quite long ago because my body really...sensitive? overreact? just can't take it. Hence, my journey to gain muscles is harder, have to eat a lot yet take care what I consume.

I know many people form my gym looking at me might think my progress is so slow, but I just want to gain weight by my own way, which makes me enjoy working out. As long as it works and healthy. People's guidelines are very useful, but finding your own that feel comfortable is important too.