Sunday, 20 October 2013


Oh my dear blog, I'm so sorry for neglected you quite long. After became a working adult, my life is kind of busy and hardly got time to blog. During week days, I usually spend my day from early in the moring until night. Weekend normally spend with family and Sean. Friends? You know I once in a while I will meet them xD

One thing I really don't like about my new life is Traffic JAM!!!!!! Going to work is okay, just the way I going to gym is so FREAKING JAM!! My company is quite near my gym yet I use 30 mins to reach there if raining day even worse one hour T.T  Well, maybe I shall cycle to my gym better and environmentally friendly too. xD

Recently, I only realized I have sexy tan line..erm actually not sexy...hahaha. This is due to go swimming with Sean quite frequently, plus the time we normally go the Sun is almost in hyper mood. I really need to swim more, so my shoulder can become broader. lol

There is an exciting event coming soon, I'm really can't wait it!!! Crossing each day on calendar like a happy child full of anticipation xD

Come come guys time~ ; )