Monday, 28 October 2013


Wasn't it beautiful
Countless stars in the night sky
Used to represent how much
You love me

The warmness of the Sun
Used to irreplaceable from
The lovely hug
You always give me

Day after day
Don't know why
I always waiting for
Your...your unreachable love

When the night fell on me
I couldn't stop myself
Thinking of you
And waitng again

Waiting your hug
Waiting your kiss
Waiting your love
But all I got
Was a goodbye kiss
One friend let me truly realized we always advice people to let it go or move on if it doesn't work out. However, when we are in the situation, it's really a different thing. When a friend having a hard time, just be there and listen. No need to tell or advice what to do and shoudn't do.  

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