Sunday, 28 April 2013

Stress..Happy..Excited Week

Oh dear, I abandoned my blog for few days cause I was busy with exam, and guess what? I finally finished my Uni  life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *Open champagne*

I think I’m going to have a break first before go find job, and also have to wait results come out hope everything will be fine *finger cross*

Quite a lot of things happened this few days. I met some decent guys as in really decent. One of them I’m interested on him, but…but not sure he feels the same. This time I’m very sure I like him, no more confusion with other feelings.  

He seems like the guy who out of my league..tall..can consider good looking,, and his voice!!!! OMG so deep and sexy!!!!! Don’t think he will see me as potential partner more like just friend….Sigh let’s meet up for few times and see how it goes..

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Finally...I came out!!

I came out to my friend or she is now considered bestie cause we already can talk anything under the

It happened like this.....I lead the convo talking about relationship then..

Me: I want to tell something you may feel uncomfortable.

She: What is it???? Faster tell!!!!

Me: Do you think I really had gf before?

She: Erm...wasn't that J considered gf?

Me: I never had gf because it's not gf.

She: Oh! Which means bf???

Me: Yup.

She: Omg! Why you didn't tell me early. Faster share share!! How many you had??

Me: Wait! You okay with it? Or you already kind of suspected?

She: Of course I'm okay with it! No big deal..and I...didn't suspect...hahahaha

Me: You really fail as liar -.-

She: Hahahaha..okay la I suspected. 

Then we just went on to talk anything and laughed like crazy. Her uncle also gay and together with a partner for long long long time already. So nice :) *envy* She also shared some shocking news which I can't disclose :)

She encouraged me to come out with another friend who we quite sure she is okay with it since her bestie is lesbian...LOL  Gonna plan it well.. Hahaha

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Sex sex sex????

Did I get your attention? Hahah..I know..lame technique..

Topic: Tolerance = Equality???

Found an interesting article from the internet, it gave me different point of view about what LGBT fighting. You may not agree with it, but just have a read for fun or whatever xD It is written in Chinese so not sure I translated it properly or not. >.<

This one based on true story from a tv show about interviewing people from LGBT organization. The hostess shared about a story from her daughter. She brought her to watch a movie that has homosexuality issue.

She: What did  you understand or see from Qing (one of the characters)?

The daughter: I know! She is a lesbian.  

She: Yes dear, and homosexuality is normal, so we need to tolerate it.

The daughter: Mummy, if homosexuality is normal, why we still need to tolerate it???

          Most of the time, when talking about homosexuality we always use the word ‘tolerance’, but sometimes tolerance is kind of showing “Those people” how great and lenient they are to tolerate and accept any kind of people under them. It seems like not the same with the Equal rights LGBT fighting for.
Within the LGBT group, we always can hear “Society should tolerate us” After some times, it sounds weird,  but we didn’t think about it deeply. However, the little girl pointed out this logical thinking.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Single eyelid GUYS!!!!!

Not sure it's a fetish or not, I'm very easy turn on by single eyelid guys, but not everyone has the gift to be good in single me -.- defective one (T.T)

You let me choose two hot guys, I will definitely choose the single eyelid one ; ) No need to say anything

However, some people have inner double eyelid, which sometimes quite hard to distinguish. Well, I don't care as long as it's look like single eyelid and is my taste..wahahahahaha

Maybe I should migrant to Korea since many single eyelid guys there ; )

Nothing much to say just enjoy my Collections..maybe none of them is your taste..well I don't care!!!! xD

Monday, 15 April 2013

Oh Yeah Oh Yeah....Oh No!!!

Exam is around the corner!!!! Hence, my schedule just eat, sleep, study study!!!!! Sometimes, the weather hot like shit until I didn't have mood to study.

On Saturday night, went to a place to so called de-stress ; ) and also gave up my first time *blush blush* Yes...I went to clubbing!!!!!!

Super Low alcohol tolerance so....soft drink..LOL 

OMG!! Went to a right place...cuties..hotties everywhere, but due to there was a HUGE festival at our dear neighbour country - Thailand!!! Many people went there to get wet so the crowd still okay, but I already think it was okay for me...especially in the dance floor =.=

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Move on or Let go...really?

I have no idea why recenlty all the songs I like are talking about move on from past relationship.. English..Mandarin...Korean... or just most songs are like that =.=

Nonetheless, looking at those made think a lot about move on. What really is move on? Is a person can totally move on from past relationship???

From my opinion, I think move on means you see the past relationship differently since we can't erase the memory, it will still inside corner of your brain, just that you conciously and unconciously ignore the existence of it.

We just use a proper term 'move on'  or 'let go' to show we 'forget' the past relationship, thsoe memories still there forever and we can't get rid of. However, how you look at those memories is another thing.

A heartbroken relationship will provoke different feelings on different may feel sad and miserable about it now, after few years the memory still in your mind vividly but the way you looking at it would be different. You probably would still feel the pain, but at least you able to give it a small smile.

When people say let the time cures..but actually is let your mind and feeling change..can be more matured or realized something. How you see and feel for the past depends how you think and percieve the memory.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Blue eyes

Browsed the internet and found this interesting news. It's about a talk show in Korea invited a mother and daugther who have bright blue eyes (due to lack of the pigment). They shared the difficulties in their life due to their eye colour.

Most of us really envy those Caucasians with beautiful eye colour, but sadly not for the case of them. People called them monsters and questioned their ethnic heritage. On the street, people normally give the prejudiced eyes and discriminte her.

She tried to wear black contact lens but quite hard for her little daughter, she was bullied in school because of her eye colour. Went to a zoo, everyone looking at them like those animal in the cage in a bad way. Due to these, her daughter really has low confidence about herself and hardly to smile.

Luckily, after the show people around started to concern about theri feelings and praise for their beautiful eyes. Her daughter also started to have smile on her face.

From this case, we can see that the in-group effect in Asian culture is quite strong. If you are different from us, you will be discriminated or treated badly. Maybe, that's why gay in Asian is quite hard to fight for equality.

Two guys holding hand is totally not 'normal' and you will be seen as a out-group member and can't really accept you. Actually, the most difficult thing for us in Asian, is not deal with the society, IT'S the PARENTS that we feel so hard to face it.

Now younger generation is more open to it and willing to accept, but we still can't forget the world still control by older generation so it really needs time for society to accept this fact.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Friends or Loved one??

I bet you all confirm don't like your partner ask this question - "Your friends and me, choose one!!"

Well, I met this kind of case, but it's totally change my view about it. I was chatting with my close friend and suddenly went to about her bestie's issue. Let's called her Y

Y's boyfriend broke up with her. Why? because she wanted him spend more time with her and of course asked THAT question. At first, my reaction was..Oh well, another annoying and unconsiderate girlfriend...BUT listening to her background it made me think a lot.

"Y's parents divorced since she was young and her mother hardly to contact them. Her relationship with the only sister also not good and sister also got her own life to live on. Dad? Busying with his young girlfriend and work, conversation with her dad mostly about money only. Granparents? Not around them. She also doesn't have many friends."

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hot or Cute Couple??

Okay! (This post totally a crazy fan's post) Recently, I'm quite crazy about this thai couple, both of them so hot!!! or cute xD especially the one with single eyelid, totally can kill me...when he smiles...melted in split second. *blush blush*

I know them from this video and some of you might know them already or throw eggs and stones to me because is GWIYOMI AGAIN!!! LOL xD BUT their video quite sweet got kiss scene ; ).. or not xD

After that, I used whatever I'm capable of to dig out their name and whether they are couple since I don't know thai =.="

Well, thanks to the power of internet...I very fast found their name ; )  ....Akira Kangmool (Left side) and Gusto Korawit (right side) Apparently, they are quite popular couple in social media, even got showed up in TV show. However, got a movie (or documentary) about gay couples (they are in) and I don't know Thai so can't 100% sure they are couple or just acting.
I know someone who can help me to clarify everything but he is very busy now..I will wait him ; ) They also got their couple Fan page on FB Theo-Gun

Which one you like? ; ) To me...can't single eyelid cute guy.... xD