Monday, 31 December 2012

Just Hug??

Okay. I know I said I going to search for Mr. Right, but this time I can't say I broke the promise..just you know. You help me to judge it.

Went to a guy's hosue, have been chatting with him through messages quite long. In our first convo, I already stated strictly friend, then continue chatting quite sometimes. Before I went to his house, I stated only allow hug...but you know is quite impossible to gay. Okay la!! We just helping each other to.....then that's it. No other tiring parts...that's not important.

After that, we had a long decent chat together. Oh..forgot to mention when I went in, he asked want MILK??!! First time in my life, people offfer that kind of drink for guest. He drinks the brand of milk..I like =D

I have to say he is a very very nice guy, even though he is not really good looking but the charisma and personality cover all. Well, his age also not very young..anyways we share a lot of interests. Maybe he have been staying at western country for many years, I like his point of view and thinking of life.

One thing that touch me so much was he keep telling me don't lose the belief of true love. Never lose it!!! Once you continue to have wild life too long, you will lose that belief.

Saturday, 29 December 2012


Okay..recently this topic bothers me and make me look at it seriously. What's your upper limit of your bf's age??? Although many people say age is just a number, but sometimes in reality it means a lot of experiences..interest..view of life and expectation...all of them affected by age too.

My friend dated a guy who was 20 years older than her, and of course in the end the relationship didn't last long but she said that was the best relationship she had. Sometimes, it all just whether both of us can share many things together and the feeling of belong to each other. Got one gay couple in is is 38?? if I'm not mistaken. They live happily together, but not everyone can be same situation.

There are many things need to take into consideration, but some people may say follow your heart, don't be too rational. Oh well, this dilemma always happen in romantic love, to rational or to feel...normally you will get..."It depends" =.=

Why this topic bothers me?? Well, kind of trap in this situation, and I shall not reveal too much. Someone know all the details...oh wait..still got some he don't know yet ; )...LOLLL

Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh  - 17 years Hmm..still acceptable
Hugh Hefner (Playboy owner) and Crystal Harris - 60 years gap. OMG..this one I not sure should salute or what -.-

Thursday, 27 December 2012

End of the Year Review??

Saw my friends and many bloggers writting and talking about their new year resolution from 2012. Hence, I also want to write about it..hahahaha. Actually, not really new year resolution, just reflected back what significant things I have done in this year.

1. Truly accept who I really am. (I did it and no more denial, can't believe in the beginning of the year, I still thinking about find a girlfriend to date and fantasize about get marry and live 'normal' life.)

2. Start to write blog. (Finally, I started blogging on a very special day, the aim of it mainly want to express my thought about gay world and of course make new friends =) also a bit about my life.)

3. Make new gay friends. (Been inside the closet so tightly, I don't have any gay friends, so if got any question or problem about gay stuff, I have no one to seek for advice. Now I met some awesome fella? bitch? Fag? gay? (pick whatever you and I hope I can trust them xD )

4. Sign up gym membership. (I finally joined gym!! Don't want spend my dad's money so went to work part time and earned money that enough pay for one year fees. After one year I guess need to find another part-time job?? LOL)

5. Break myself. (This one I really didn't expect it, the evil apps led me to that point..LOL. Ok la I have to admit, I also wanted to try have 'fun' with people. Anyways, it's not a thing to proud of..just....thats it.)

6. Study hard for my future. (This one I totally failed!!! I didn't try my best or work hard for my study!!! I so disappointed for myself. Still got one last chance to fight, even though helping to reach my dream is quite hard this time. I must get at least 2 A-s T.T Oh can I achieve that.)

7. Have a date. (This one also failed to make it..I guess I have to work hard at gym too. To be qualified in superficial group?? Not really, just at least attract someone to accept me T.T)

Date! Where are you???!!!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Far Far Away Land

Christmas Day itself also my grandma death anniversary so we went to grandpa house to held a simple memorial services. This time was so dead as in only few of us able to attend, many went outstation or oversea working, my side ony got three of us. My uncle's side only got two!! My aunts busying with their Church celebration.

After that, we decided to go shopping mall, we know around KL sure crowded and jam, so went to a mall at far far away land -- Setia City Mall, near or further than Shah Alam. Went inside..60% Malay which hardly to see at KL shopping malls..LOL. Reminded me went to friend's house at Shah Alam and had lunch at KFC..I was the only Chinese!! Hahaha.

Upon arrival, I went H & M first!! However, it's quite disappointed because the men session is not so big compared to Lot 10. Winter season so didn't buy many, even my dad said pick whatever I want as Christmas gift. Of course it also a time to spot Hotties!!! xD Hmmm...didn't have so many hotties regardless of race. Saw one hot "couple" one is Malay and another is their arm and chest.. *blush blush*

Went to cashier and searching my My dad standing at corner playing with his new toy..iphone. He always ask me to help him as some of his friends don't know English but my dad's English writing is better than Chinese so I have to help but..I have been so many many years away from Chinese in term of writing so I also agak-agak only. xD

Today is Boxing Day!!!!! I heard my friend said UK is so crazy on this day!! Every lady fights for their garments!!!! Wonder whether guys also like that... also imagine two bithcy gays fighting for one clothes..interesting xD

The Malay =) (Look like)

The Chinese ; )

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Wild and Hottest Night!!

During a lonely Christmas Eve night, I staring at my lappie and not sure what to do. Then, the mature guy that I "went out" before called me and asked me to join his friend's party. Due to loneliness and horniness, I accepted his invitation.

Went to his place and went together, reached there I already could guess the house is not simple as his friend sure around his age. The house is awesome Awesome and AWEsome!! jacuzzi and mini lounge bar. Background music also party songs~ At there all were guys in the party, and I didn't feel surprise about it, but I have to say OMG!! Most of them are so hot with manly look and nice bodies even wearing clothes also can know it. I was the awkward one as in for the body...also the youngest.

After awhile, went to 6-star bathroom and background music changed, went out I saw everyone taking off their clothes!!! some of them even started kissing.... Oh my...those chest..six-pack..arm *drooling* He introduced a younger hot guy to me..Oh dear...the defined Eight pack abs!! After a few moment, he suddenly kissing me!! Couldn't resist and followed the flow.

Soon, went to a private space and both us naked. He really like to bite my nipples, but I enjoyed it becasue of his soft and warm lips. He was going to enter me RAW!! I couldn't resist his passion and hotness to me so I just.....let him.........then........OH!!!


Monday, 24 December 2012

Gay Stats!!! =D

As a lifeless boy, I felt so bored then I started using the world gaydar in Jack'd to at least satisfying my 'hungry' eyes. Went over the world to check out hot guys..because not using Pro version so I filter in Asian only.

OMG!! There are a lot of gays all over the world, sometimes I quite doubt about those satistics and survey showed homosexual population in the world. As in how they identified homosexual?? I sure is self-admistered questionnaire, so it not really had high validity as many lesbians and gays still not out yet.

Anyways, I really got nothing to do so I did some satistics on gay related data in each country.

*These satistics just simply colltected randomly, the reliability and validity are super low as in not all GAYS USE the APPS. Just for fun* xD Not many countries and Asian data (only first two got included Caucasian) only too..sorry lazy to do more.

Highest percentage of gay: New York and San Francisco (I have to say each small street or area already make the list full. As in all distances are so close with each other..LOL Of course not all areas!!)

Lowest percentage of gay: Mongolia (Oh my! gays using the apps is super low!! The capital only got less than 10!! LOL)

Highest amount of hot guys: Singapore!!!! (Our neighbour really got a lot of hotties!!! Face type one..body type one..or consist both of them one...I really need to plan a trip to there!!! Anyone want join???) ; )

Lowest amount of hot guys: Erm...Japan?? (No I just checked on few regions only so I might be wrong =) *Peace* )

Highest flower boys: Korea and Thailand. (What I mean flower boys are those cute-boy and slim type of guys. Many people like it =) and Yes!! I like small eyes!! You can guess why got Korea..LOL Again no offend to Korean =) By the way, Korean also got number of  hot hunks xD

Highest hot hunks: Singapore and Cicago!! (Asian hunks at there quite high!!! Their bodies..; )

San Francisco's Gay Pride is like..Wow! hahaha




Sunday, 23 December 2012


Up to this point of my life, I feel so lucky for what I possessing and have been through. What really is the meaning of life is in the living of it. Our lives are short and vulnerable..that's why sometimes we think we need something grand to make them worthwhile -- like eternal life in paradise, or great success, or intense experiences. 

I really love how Zen Buddism idea about desire and awareness. The less desires you have, the more happiness you can get. Desires make us keep looking at future but neglecting the present. You must aware of what you have in present and value it.

I'm glad I have dad, mum, siblings, lovely cousins, my baby, friends, happy normal life and new friends I know recently. Maybe you guys think it's just friends met at virtual or cyber world, but it really means a lot to me, at least I do and really appriciate it, because we are not knowing by look but the content and inside part of us. I don't know whether all bloggers are showing their true part, but I DO.

People said don't be too serious in blogoshpere, yet I do believe I can get good and decent friends. I also appreciate I have a healthy body so I'm not really "going out" with random guys again. Choosing to search for my Mr. Right maybe is the path that suit me more, even though it's a very hard and painful journey. I don't use "wait" because not everyone like in romance drama..bump into your fate accidently..OH PLEASE!!!

First, I have to expand my social circle in gay. Don't think I will get to know new friends if my network is so freaking small!!! Wonder who can help me. ; )

BTW, this is my baby =)

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Unpleasant or just okay??

Okay, I became a nuaghty boy again...and can guess what it means xD I can't believe I so brave to stay overnight at acquaintance's house. I mean..we just chatted for more than one week on the apps and just so random decide go to his place.

I have to say his place was so freaking hard to find, but I managed to find it and he was so impressed I no need GPS and his help to find it. Well, felt a bit cheated since he was not what expected from what I know..haha. Anyways, still okay okay la just don't think got next

Not going to reveal too summary. He really like cuddle and I still not get use to something enter me...-.- Two more things..he didn't clean himself properly..I think and he could hold so long to until climax!! @.@ ...until I was very tired..No..not my entrance. After that, he cuddled me and go to sleep.

Maybe I should try another role cause I also have that kind of urge...hmmm....


Quite like cuddle

Friday, 21 December 2012

Lesbian but not Gay Man??

Don't be confuse about the topic, what I am going to talk about is the acceptance of homosexuality. First, what sparked the idea was that one night went to Gay-vilion (damn!! read too many JokerPJ 's posts =.=) pub to have drinks and chill out with friends. By the way, all of them had beer while I had my fruit juice ^^ Ya...I have zero tolerance to alcohol and I don't like the taste too.

As a young gay who horny all the times, keep peeking and spotting guys walking around me. xD Oh my!! I have to say really got a lot of hot guys and some you can guess they are gay. Normally, when two well-built guys wearing singlet and short pants..I automatic refer them as gay couple...LOL (so stereotype xD) Many hot guys are walking with one hot guys together (Hmmm..; )..hahaha)...oh..don't think that will happen to me. As in you are what will attract what..their quality too high. to the topic. I saw so many suspicious "gay couples" walking together and rarely any of them hold hand or at least zero distance between each other. Sure keep a distance. However, I can find a lot of lesbian couples holding hand and do whatever they want freely..AND no one feel weird and care about them. Just like normal couples to them.

Imagine if two guys holding hand, especially those manly and macho one, confirm people give some "special" look to them. This make me think about sometimes it's quite not fair people are more willing to accept lesbians but not gay men. (No other intention to Lesbian..talking about those straight people only =)

It's quite true, watched some shows, as survey those old and young people, they said they are more tolerance to lesbians than gay man. Hence, this make me step back to coming out to my friends even some of their besties are lesbian couples. I'm not sure are they like most people in acceptance of lesbian and gay man. ..=S

Impossbile to find couple like that at here???
When I can hold my love one's hand like this?? =( Don't know can get one or not x.x

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Clothes decide your Hotness Too???

Well, let me talk about the..erm..weird moment?? first At gym, went to locker to prepare to shower and saw a uncle using his towel to cover until up his in covering the nipples. I know I can't judge or say anything, but I couldn't resist to look at him with surprise expression. Everyone also turned back and look at him for awhile. Maybe that's what he wanted?? Get attention??

Anyways, back to topic, I saw an average looking guy working out and superficial I am, didn't look at him for many times. However, when he took shower and changed his clothes. Oh dear!! He suddenly became a hottie to me!! The way he dressed up so nice and trendy. His hair jsut normal style but the overall gave good feeling in term of attractiveness.

Hence, the way you dress up really make you look hotter..I think. This can give people hope, you also can be hottie when you know how to dress up yourself. Unfortunately, my fashion sense is quite bad as I don't know how to wear nice clothes!! Moreover, I think you don't need a nice body to look nice. Just have to figure the way you dress to make you look better!!!

My taste is bad....bad. Should I hire a stylish to help me??? Anyone very pro out there?? xD


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Flirting and Embarrassment

Actually what really is flirting?? How to define it?? Been a good boy for so many years, I had not been flirting with anyone. I used 'had' because I think recently I was flirting with few guys on Jack'd. Not sure it's really flirting, but the convo flowed quite okay and fun.

Since Mr. Shadow Wind said I'm cute, I recently got comments about my look is CUTE. Well, nerdy guy I'm, I didn't expect people say I'm cute or just doesn't match what I think is cute. Being a humble and kind person, I said I'm just average and compliment them back as in they are more good looking than me. Or actually they just want to let my guard down, so can lure to know..

I also found everyone has their own unique preferences and interest on guys they like, some good looking guys witn interest stated as chubby and daddy. Well, I don't judge just surprise since hiding deep deep down inside the closet so long. Some freaking hot manly guys with look and body..are just pure bottom. Such as me...hahaha.

About the embarrasment, had a qutie embarrassing convo with a guy

A: Hey, do you want go market place with me on coming Saturday night??

Me: place..night?? Pasar malam?? Which area??

A: .....It's a gay club la!!

Me: Oh!!! (Damn it!!) MP!! Hahahaahaha..sorry only know it as MP.


Okay la I'm a good boy and haven't been clubbing so I have no idea all the clubs' name..straight or gay. In the end, I rejected him since it's safer to follow someone I know and trust to that kind of place..xD

Hmm.... part of flirting??

Clubbing!!! Woot woot~

It's really that....wild???

Monday, 17 December 2012

Near and Far Distance Hotties??

Okay, recetnly found something interesting, it's quite non-sense or lame in a way. I always keep looking around whenever I go, to observe people around me. Of course the main thing is to detect hot guys..eye candy xD

Sometimes, I found a guy is good looking form far distance, but when apporach him, not that is ugly just not what the image I saw from far distance. On the other hand, some guys see from far look just normal, but when get close to them, I find them hot and good looking. Of course, got hot guy even near or far distance also hot and gorgeous.

I thought it's coincidence or illusion of my mind, but my friends also agree with me. Since then it became part of my observation for hot guys. When I see a hot guy, I will go far away and close to see what type he is. Ya...I know it's so stupid and really a lifeless person will do that only. Well, I'm quite to say.

Anyway, I found many hot guys are super hot from far distance, but when see them in near or close distance, you will..erm...reevaluate them..LOL I not saying it's huge difference, just not what you thought and saw from far distance. Then, some I find them normal looking and when look clearly from near, damn they actually are hotties.

On the top of that, if you got nice body, this sort of obervation is quite useless cause your body is already eye candy. Far or near still the same, just closer to see the body, the hornier...erm..nono the hotter the body is.

This obervation also apply on those average looking person like me, I fall under far distance so I think my profile pic should put those taken from far distance one..hahahaha!!!

How's yours? What type you are??

Please! When I say far is not like this far!!

Near Distance??


Far Distance?? (Quite hard to find far distance hot guy pic so bare with me =)



Or Who cares??

I finally found the pose like yours!!!! Dear Zach!!! Hope you don't kill me..LOL


Sunday, 16 December 2012


Read some interesting research talking about switching your sexual orientation as in reorientate it. Of course is talking from homosexual to hetereosexual, I bet no one do the opposite. As like normal people like to be bias and stereotype about us, I also do too.

When I first reading about the existence of reorientation therapies, and I was "What bullshit is this??" From my past few years of denial about my gay identity, I still didn't find myself have slightly changes about my sexual attraction. However, I have to admit this is because I don't have strong religious influences compare to people from the research.

After a few moment of reflecting, I realized we can't blame those people who want to change or modify their sexual orientation. Just like we always say no matter homsoexual is born or choice, we need people to respect and accept us under the context of humanity. Hence, if they choose to change or abandon the identity. We can't stop and despicable them, whether they succssfully changed it or not, is it their choice....but from many one has completely changed it in the world.

Someone said sexul orientation not just sexual attraction, but also can be defined by lifestyle. Hence, we also have to respect people's choice even though normally counsellor and therapist encourage gay-affirmative to clients but when clients really want to change..we can't force them. By the way, normally those gays and lesbians who don't seek change had satisfying childhood and their mental health are better than those (they also have good mental health) went through changes.

How do you think about it?? Respect or diagree??

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Surrendered to Hormones and Don't hate me..=(

Oh gosh..what I had promised myself to resist all the urge and fantasy that lure me to the wild world. In the end, I lost and surrendered to the hormones. I hooked up with a man and not a virgin anymore!!....not sure should feel sad or happy. Just not a thing to proud of. Guys..please don't leave me!! =(

Know him in Jack'd and..well he is older than my brother but younger than my dad. I can call him I like mature guy. However, he is not those typical uncle..he is HOT with well-built tatoo and of course my lovely facial hair. xD Can't believe he is in that age, must work very hard to maintain that.

I went to his house and it's huge!! Well, at his age probably can afford it, but I didn't know he lives with family!!! So awkward when I went inside and greeted his family even got girl around my age!!! His family so open-minded =.= In their mind sure.."Hmm..a slutty young boy" >.<

His room just normal (but bed can sleep 4 ppl O.O) but his bathroom..OMG like 5-star hotel freaking nice. Okay..had a sexy session and oh man his chest is what I dream of..xD However, during the process I only could feel PAIN and PAIN!!! Because know..quite..*clear throat* Only pleasure for awhile. He was so pro and skilled and finished quite fast as he said it's my first time so take it slow..hmm...I glad it ended x.x Then, showered together..damn it.. how I wish I got bathroom like that. He said my body built is quite okay =D  He also texted me to check whether I reached home nice.

Conclusion, I didn't really enjoy it or it's just normal at first or I should try F* someone??  LOL Anyways, he is a nice guy and I prefer body to body who says gay sex only fuck and be fucked?? Without that also can enjoy it!! Hmm..this is my another new chapter of life begins? No..I'm not going to do that..maybe just once in a while xD...focus on searching Mr. Right.

Something like that but chest sliglty smaller and not really visible abs. Face erm..Manly look

Friday, 14 December 2012

I Love My Mum..and My Face..LOL

Funny convo with Shadow Wind because at first I thought he was a random dude want to get my other social network connection. Maybe since I got the evil apps so kind of sensitive to people approach After kindly rejected him, then I only realized who he is..hahaha. In the end, he added me and Damn..he is good looking than me! LOL He said I'm cute but one said it before so I run down to my mum.

Me: Mommy! Does my face or look in presentable?

Mum: Ermm..when you were small, I was worry becasue you were quite ugly...

Me: =.=......

Mum: ...but luckily when you have grown older, you look better now 

Me: From ugly duck to swan??

Mum: Not really but can get chicks la!!

Me: Okay..(but I want dude not chick..LOL) How about this (Took off my specs)

Mum: Hmm...look like don't know how to speak Chinese.

Me: Huh???

Mum: ABC la (Means typical America-Born Chinese with small eyes) What happened? Someone said you are ugly??

Me: No. Someone said I'm cute.

Mum: Oh!! Erm...then it's good thing..what else you want? Don't worry too much you sure can get a girlfriend. Okay don't kacau me I'm watching drama (of course Korean drama)

In a way, my mum is quite honest and it's good to be honest to children. Too many lies to children are not going make them become better but fragile or egocentric. Anyways, I really love my mum. Hahaha

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Masseur?? ; )

Clumsy me...I forgot to bring sport shoes to gym AGAIN!!! Fffff~ =.= Well, I couldn't buy another shoes again since last time I did. Luckily, not planned to run and brought long pants, so I just working out by wearing slipper =.= Fortunately or sadly, I'm not attractive so I think no one noticed me and what's I wearing too.

Anyway, this new gym I go is so nice..of course in term of hotties and cutties ; ) Just look at those trainers!! Hot like hell!!! From young to old..lean to buff...average to gorgeous tatoo to large tatoo and racially diverse =D Got one confirm is gay becasue I saw him in Jack'd LOL but even without that also can know..he got manly look and body but when he talks and moves..then you can guess..hahaha

Got one guy I have stalked in FB, didn't expect to see him there. Nice body and sexy facial hair =3 Okay my standard for hot guy is low but I Swear to God he is really good looking and manly. Moreover, I saw him in Jack'd and Grindr!!!! xD Yet such a high quality hottie, definitely won't bother to reply my message or say hi...looking at my situation in Grindr with face pic can know. Sigh..

How I wish the gym was a massage centre and those trainers were masseurs to let me choose ; ) Just thinking about it makes me so excited xD Well, I haven't been any centre so actually don't know what's going to be like.
Massage =)

Got one like that but Bigger chest


Shy shy xD


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My Market & The Reality (Jack'd & Grindr)

Okay, I downloaded Jack’d and Grindr since last week, and observing how’s my market. Apparently, my face (erm..nerdy look) attracted only Uncles, objects and scenes to knock my door. Mostly, they seek for fun, as when I said not seeking for fun, then no more reply. Some are quite polite to reply okay and thanks. Only few want to just be friend.

Well, normally people said gays in these 'evil' apps mostly seek for fun, BUT I found many people stated they only want friends or erm..well just not for fun. Maybe I still naive or what. To be honest, felt quite sad as not so many people knock my door..hahaha xD

Therefore, I started to do an experiment, in one app I changed name and uploaded my half-naked body pic. Guess what?? Boom!!!! More than 10 people knocked my door within few minutes after I seriously no joking. Surprisingly, none of them ask for fun or they just want to make me feel comfortable with them first. Got one good looking guy, but I think I kind of scared him off as too excited and talk to much. LOL For another app still with the face quiet.

Another problem is I don't know how to reject a person as I'm not interested on them, I feel so rude to not reply. In the end, they keep message me and I realize I just wasting their time, so I just don't reply anymore or reply after some times or got guilty and OMG...feel like I became a jerk or asshole T.T

Hence, gays..erm...We are so superficial, but that's the reality, because I also will choose who I want to continue talk. Not to show off,  but now got more than 20 people (of course some just want to try their luck for fun) knocked me..I should faster change to object or scene picture because it's quite annoying -.-

Evil Apps??


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Formal Shirt Party!!! Yeah!!!!

As a formal shirt fetish, quite excited when I went to this event, because every guy wore formal shirt!! Woot woot~  However, not so many guys got my attention, only few could get my full attention. I like the emcee of the event, his voice was so sexy and bad boy kind of look. My friends didn't like the way he host but I think it's bias xD

One incident was that I went to washroom and saw a cute guy. His attire was quite unique but look very nice, my friend liked it too. When we went out together from WC, he suddenly used something to start a convo with me, I was like...erm..interested in me?? He smell so fishy (gay) to me  ; ) Well, since he's cute so I didn't mind talk with him xD Nonetheless, afterward I only realized he talked to anyone even they didn't know him..cheh I was think too

Got another also look so hot, erm....he's kind of gentelman look with Asian-Caucasian handsome and he can sing!!!! He sang so freaking well!! Bonus point!!!! Too bad, he is shorter than me..if not he is quite perfect =) Well, no one is perfect but just how close you are to perfect and I'm so freaking far from perfect..sigh..

Going to put my photos but I hope my friends won't find this if not they sure know who I am for this blog. (Getting paranoid now)

; )

That gentelman guy looks like this...hmm.
Getting Ready
Final Form =)

Monday, 10 December 2012

Hot guy +

I was so clumsy because when I reached the gym, I only realized I forgot to bring my sport shoes!! Had been a while didn’t go gym and I trapped in jam to get there and planned to stay there have dinner and do my work, so I had no choice but go to buy a pair of new shoes. -.- luckily Muzino got 70% sale.

Recently, I go to other branch of my gym, and OMG all hotties are over there. Big muscles, twinks, hunk with hunk with sexy facial hair…etc. Excited but feel a bit sad at the same time because I’m the skinniest among them!!! Okay, have to work really hard now.

Got photo shooting in the gym, and Oh man the models are so hot, of course I’m talking the male models..LOL Got Peter Davis, first time saw him in real life, hot as in photos and very tall. Quite like his aura around him, look quite friendly.

However, there were another model caught my full attention. At first, he was wearing jacket and quite little small figure with good looking face. After he took off his jacket, O.O he is not really like big muscles but look freaking hot overall. His shoulder and leg’s muscles lines are so nice!!

He is definitely shorter than me, but to me height is not a problem. If my bf is shorter than me, I don’t mind if he is okay with it. Speaking of height, so bottoms prefer taller tops?? And tops will seek bottoms who shorter than them??? Hmm….to me not a big deal as long as I love him and so does he.

Peter Davis!! Like his smile =D

Too bad he was wearing clothes for photo shoot ; )

Hmm..the short guy kind of look like this