Sunday, 23 December 2012


Up to this point of my life, I feel so lucky for what I possessing and have been through. What really is the meaning of life is in the living of it. Our lives are short and vulnerable..that's why sometimes we think we need something grand to make them worthwhile -- like eternal life in paradise, or great success, or intense experiences. 

I really love how Zen Buddism idea about desire and awareness. The less desires you have, the more happiness you can get. Desires make us keep looking at future but neglecting the present. You must aware of what you have in present and value it.

I'm glad I have dad, mum, siblings, lovely cousins, my baby, friends, happy normal life and new friends I know recently. Maybe you guys think it's just friends met at virtual or cyber world, but it really means a lot to me, at least I do and really appriciate it, because we are not knowing by look but the content and inside part of us. I don't know whether all bloggers are showing their true part, but I DO.

People said don't be too serious in blogoshpere, yet I do believe I can get good and decent friends. I also appreciate I have a healthy body so I'm not really "going out" with random guys again. Choosing to search for my Mr. Right maybe is the path that suit me more, even though it's a very hard and painful journey. I don't use "wait" because not everyone like in romance drama..bump into your fate accidently..OH PLEASE!!!

First, I have to expand my social circle in gay. Don't think I will get to know new friends if my network is so freaking small!!! Wonder who can help me. ; )

BTW, this is my baby =)


  1. be free from mental and physical suffering *meditate*

    1. Hahaha..why so random?? I'm not suffering

  2. hahahahaha awwwww hugs! Mr. right will come, i'm proud of u making an effort to find him again instead of going for apps haha! u're cute and u know it and if ppl know you are gay people would date u lahhhh

    1. I hope I really can resist it..HAHAHAHAHA

      No. I don't think