Monday, 17 December 2012

Near and Far Distance Hotties??

Okay, recetnly found something interesting, it's quite non-sense or lame in a way. I always keep looking around whenever I go, to observe people around me. Of course the main thing is to detect hot guys..eye candy xD

Sometimes, I found a guy is good looking form far distance, but when apporach him, not that is ugly just not what the image I saw from far distance. On the other hand, some guys see from far look just normal, but when get close to them, I find them hot and good looking. Of course, got hot guy even near or far distance also hot and gorgeous.

I thought it's coincidence or illusion of my mind, but my friends also agree with me. Since then it became part of my observation for hot guys. When I see a hot guy, I will go far away and close to see what type he is. Ya...I know it's so stupid and really a lifeless person will do that only. Well, I'm quite to say.

Anyway, I found many hot guys are super hot from far distance, but when see them in near or close distance, you will..erm...reevaluate them..LOL I not saying it's huge difference, just not what you thought and saw from far distance. Then, some I find them normal looking and when look clearly from near, damn they actually are hotties.

On the top of that, if you got nice body, this sort of obervation is quite useless cause your body is already eye candy. Far or near still the same, just closer to see the body, the hornier...erm..nono the hotter the body is.

This obervation also apply on those average looking person like me, I fall under far distance so I think my profile pic should put those taken from far distance one..hahahaha!!!

How's yours? What type you are??

Please! When I say far is not like this far!!

Near Distance??


Far Distance?? (Quite hard to find far distance hot guy pic so bare with me =)



Or Who cares??

I finally found the pose like yours!!!! Dear Zach!!! Hope you don't kill me..LOL



  1. That's really flattering. He copied my pose damn him. I would fuck the living shit out of him. LOL jk.

  2. Sigh, me ?

    Near or far, also ugly.


    1. confident!! If not do something for your body to backup!! =)

    2. hey Chen Xing...don't say like that,your a prettyboy lar.....