Saturday, 16 February 2013

Straight-acting?? Gay-acting??

Actually, I still not sure what they (in gay apps) mean interest on straight act only. For my understanding, they want a gay who behave like a straight guy, which means manly?? no effeminate behaviour at all??

If that's the case, I feel quite annoy when they listed this as absolute rule to find a partner. Oh please!! I don't believe none of gay doesn't have any feminine sides.Look at all those manly gays, they sure still have some feminine sides, but don't affect their attractiveness.

You can't deny it!! If they really straight-acting!! I bet they just pretending, surpressing the feminine sides. Like what an author talked about it:

"When I attempt to be straight-acting, whether it is for a laugh or to rapidly attain meaningless sex, I suspend all movement. Gone are the gesticulations, the rubber-faces, or the rolling of eyeballs. They are replaced with—well—nothing. Speaking in a low monotone, any semblance of personality evaporates. To be discreet, less is more."

Every gay who is totally coming out publicly, all sure got a bit feminine sides. Okay maybe there are really got gays who are really straight-acting. However, to me it's like finding Mr. Perfect, you take your times to wait la...

Also, having some feminine sides doesn't equal to's totally different thing.


  1. erm.. in my opinion la kan, there are only guys and girls in this world..

    no such thing as gay acting or straight acting, this is just too stereotyping already.. cos not all gays are sissy and so sissyness are sereotype as being gay now? there are so many straight guys that are sissy pun.. so what? they are gay? loll...

    and if we dont stop using it ourselves, it will keep going on and the term will forever be there.. i mean i cant deny that sometimes i use it too, like: omgosh he is so gay.. , those kinda words, its really inevitable like but yea, well although its wrong, this kinda thing is kinda established longlong liao and it would take like decades to remove it or maybe never, but for now, we cant really do anything..

    just ignore la.. or you can put there to annoy those people: gays only, straight acting are not welcome! :) lol

    1. Ya..I know sometimes it's just a stereotype term or some gays really like masculine guy, so do I. However, it doesn't mean I can't accpet my partner have some feminine sides.

      Maybe I just overreact as when they say straight act, it doesn't mean they want 100% macho or masculine gay. Well, I should listen from their viewpoint.

  2. Honestly I think people who say that are way too deep in the closet. They don't want people to know that they're gay because by association with someone who is feminine, society tends to think the other person is gay as well.

    But then again, there are people who are attracted to masculine guys. At the same time, it doesn't mean that the masculine guys can't have something feminine about them.

    I find this whole thing very discriminating. There's enough people hating on the LGBT community. I don't see a reason why we should have people among us. Sadly that is the bitter truth and I don't think it'll ever change.

    1. Ya..I used to worry about people relate me to gay even walking with a guy I also scare they think we are couple. Now I'm okay with it.

      True that there are still many stereotypes about gay even among us also fall on them. Well, I still believe the situation will become better in the future.

  3. I am FABULOUS.


    One way to test out the are really "straight-acting" maybe take a cockroach and throw at them.


    1. Hahaha..I see. You are fabulous ; )

      Good idea..may I try on you?? Lol

    2. no need to try on see him from a mile can know he's gay,his aura very strong oneXD