Monday, 18 February 2013

To love or to be loved..pffff

Okay I know there are many people talking about whether you are the one who always show more love to your loved ones or the one who always be loved by other so much.

Of course there is always to love and to be loved at the same time, but many relationships I have seen always have slightly difference between both partners. Well, I think love can't be measure, sometimes it's so hard to say anything.

I used to think about this question, like I'm sure I always the one who love more and felt quite emo when can't find someone that love me more (even until now T___T)

However, think about what??? To love also a happiness in life, you have to know some people really don't know what's love and how to love..

Like my favourite quote ""There is only one happiness in life -- to love and to be loved." In a relationship, you sure experience to love and to be loved, just how much both of you love each other, so why care about it so much??

 One psychologist said those people who have many admirrer and be loved by many people, sometimes it needs so much efforts for them to learn and know how to love.

Hence, sometimes loving someone so much is not shame or embarrassing, it's a gift or bless =)

Found so touching gay wedding...I really cried when I saw his son crying T____T Watching this you don't care who love more anymore..What I saw is just Love not noun nor verb


  1. It has to come from both sides.

    Both partners must be willing to give and tolerate.


    1. Yes!! Well, it takes time to learn =)

  2. hmm .. for me .. i'll try not to think too much.. just enjoy the love ..
    btw, that video is really touching :)

    1. Ya..just enjoy it =)

      I know right =D

  3. it's rare to find a relationship when two people loves each other equally, regardless of the type. Its hard to find two equals sacrificng the same amount for each other.


    1. That's what I have seen in many of my friends' relationship. Hard to find it but that really doesn't matter when you think he is the one you want spend whole life with.