Sunday, 3 February 2013

To the Land of..Whites??

I miss the blogosphere so much!!! Went to a place when I was super lazy to write new post, only read and comment on others blogpost ; )

Well, I travelled to a land supposed full of Asian, but mana tau reached the hotspot area, Caucasians everywhere!!! Really felt like I was in Europe country rather than Asian…lol

Due to it is a place with hot sun and beaches, of course I couldn’t miss to spot hot guys with nice bodies  ; )

I know I’m a bit racist but I really prefer Asian so a bit sad when I hardly to find any hot Asian =( Most Asian I saw are China men with nice belly. Local at there also quite hard to find hot one or maybe because I prefer fair skin one..LoL

My friend and I tried to tan our body but we were epic fail!!! Hahahahaha Don’t know why those Whites can tahan all the hot sun. We applied tanning oil to have sun bath..but felt quite painful after that. 

Because of Mr. Joker , I downloaded Jackd back to check the market at here. Of course I didn’t do anything, I was very good boy ; ) Well, the local one hardly to find with nice body and mostly are beauty flower boy with fair skin…not my type xD

Went to beaches, don’t know why Caucasians seem like very easy to get six packs, it’s like six packs everywhere O.O From not really visible one to defined one.. *drooling* time!! *BUT You all will definitely throw eggs to me and block my blog because of my lousy phone and VERY bad snapping skills. You mostly can see their sexy back or tiny figures only!!!* LOLLLL

My friends always around hard to snap it nicely..had to do it secretly =(

A bit old but love his green eyes!!! = D

Latino??  Not sure

Was so happy the Sun was

His arm and chest jsut nice and perfect..seriously

Two lovely birds?? Their six packs also no joking..Sorry they looking at me when I approaching them so...

The most success close distance photo!!! LOLLL

Finally found hot Asian bit...=_____= They suddenly appearred so...FAIL T__T

Our kind. Checked ; )
Don't throw eggs first
Here some real close distance hotties...*PeACE*

I like this one ; )


  1. Replies
    1. Secret ; ) next time I can bring you go that place...lolll

  2. HOIII!!! Blame me pulak!!!

    Try lah ang moh... must try new food mah~

    1. I didn't blame you la ; )

      Hmmm...if I got chance...LOLL

  3. the first guy looked like hansel in hensel and gretel!

  4. me super lurvess my asians!

    but i secretly lurves my non-asians as well :p

    variations will lead us to more experience .. bwahahahahah

    1. Hahaha..I'm quite open for any experience one ; )