Sunday, 16 December 2012


Read some interesting research talking about switching your sexual orientation as in reorientate it. Of course is talking from homosexual to hetereosexual, I bet no one do the opposite. As like normal people like to be bias and stereotype about us, I also do too.

When I first reading about the existence of reorientation therapies, and I was "What bullshit is this??" From my past few years of denial about my gay identity, I still didn't find myself have slightly changes about my sexual attraction. However, I have to admit this is because I don't have strong religious influences compare to people from the research.

After a few moment of reflecting, I realized we can't blame those people who want to change or modify their sexual orientation. Just like we always say no matter homsoexual is born or choice, we need people to respect and accept us under the context of humanity. Hence, if they choose to change or abandon the identity. We can't stop and despicable them, whether they succssfully changed it or not, is it their choice....but from many one has completely changed it in the world.

Someone said sexul orientation not just sexual attraction, but also can be defined by lifestyle. Hence, we also have to respect people's choice even though normally counsellor and therapist encourage gay-affirmative to clients but when clients really want to change..we can't force them. By the way, normally those gays and lesbians who don't seek change had satisfying childhood and their mental health are better than those (they also have good mental health) went through changes.

How do you think about it?? Respect or diagree??


  1. i dont blame it when straight people's not comfortable with gay people and our practises and all but i despise it when they try to impose their silly laws and silly ideas on us.


    and the reason is simple, because we didn't choose it.

    How many innocent sons, brothers, cousins and some even Dads? do they need to discriminate and have their lives destroyed to understand the very fact that: This is nature.

    we cannot defy nature.

    1. Well, according to the study, it works on some people as human's mind is so powerful and of course as I said no one completely turn so call "straight".

      It's true that many gays and lesbians suffer a lot when their love one choose to deny and want to change them. I really hope society can improve in term of humanity so there is no such therapy exist.

  2. It's jsut like transexual, I suppose. If we can accept that, I think there should be no problem in accepting people that want to be straight. I dont say revert cause straight is not a default for guy.

    on a side note, u do have blog! damn...evtime i click ur profile, get directed to google+ only. hahahaha

    1. Interesting point! I missed up transexual..hmmm

      Ya. The stupid new blogspot must have google+ only can open blog =.=