Sunday, 9 December 2012

Qualified in Superficial Group??

No doubt all of us sure got superficial side, regardless straight or gay, we all like beautiful and nice looking things, but people have different way to cope or compromise with this 'evil' side. What am I trying to point out is nothing wrong to be superficial, but do you think about yourself first before being superficial??

You see it's nothing wrong to look for a hot and good looking guy, but you have to know the hotties also like you, LOOking for hot guy too. You can't expect they are not superficial and willing to see your beautiful inner parts first. If you don't have the look and hot body, please don't be so picky and keep rejecting all the average look guys.

In reality, what attract people first is the outer parts, it's very hard for people to straight away look at the inner part first. The outer parts attract people first, then only they slowly discover the beautiful innner part of yours. That's way so many couples will break up because beautiful outer parts attract them, but then the inner parts do not look good or not match theirs. It's sad but quite true.

 Hence, you want continue be superficial, first look at yourself first, if you are good looking then okay, but if not then two things you can do is either accept youself and others or work on your body!! Everyone can have nice body if you want to, so I don't think you can't get any hot guy with hot body except you want a perfect guy in term of personality, look and body, then I got nothing to say.

 The Look
Lovely small eyes =D

That facial hair... =3

The Body

Okay la this a bit too hard to get

Like this I think to me is quite okay


  1. Have to first get someone to be interested in me first!!!


    why facial hair leh? itchy~

    1. I'm quite sure a lot of people are interested in you. Stop using binocular and look people around you ; )

      Why not? It's sexy and you don't know it..LOL xD

  2. do you want me?

    1. Hahaha..will think about it when you are not anonymous xD

  3. i think in my opnion everyone is superficial in terms of crushes and eye candies along the streets or super market, but when it comes to falling in love sometimes your heart amazes you on how different between "your choice" and "your dream"

    i mean a lot of people can agree on some people being "oh he's cute or he's sexy" but for some i'll definitely go like "oh no, he's cute but i won't date him" that kind of feeling? hahah and everyone has different opinion so let chemistry do the work!

    = ) but definitely, the first thing that makes u look or talk to someone is his/her looks, but hahaha sometimes LOL, u fall also for the randomest people, like ur best friends...ur schoolmates...hahaha and when u look back one day u realize, what shit have i got into, he's not even good looking HAHA happened to me!

    1. Nice ponit of views ; ) and nice experience too??

      Agree about btw 'your choice' and 'your dream' I think it happens when you realize who is suitable for you not just the look. Not that your look are in lower level but you can distinguish the look and other parts without equal them.