Friday, 7 December 2012

Downloaded them!!

I finally couldn't resist my curiousity about Grindr and Jack'd so I downloaded them at the same time. Well, I just kind of try and see, not going to have more beyond just chatting. Surprisingly my area got quite a number of gays, even got White!! He looks so yummy ; )

Not sure right or not, I uploaded my face profile pciture since I saw 90% of them showing their faces. I guess skinny type not most people taste, only got one or two guys knocked my door in both apps. Of course from I have read from all my dear bloggers, they sure asked what I am seeking first.

Well, I quite naughty as replied I also not sure what I'm seeking. Then, they kept insisting want to know exact answer. At the end, I just said I seeking for friends..then no reply... LOL so realistic. However, got one guy got patience to chat with me, he is a nice guy but a bit too old for me..xD

To be honest, I just want to test whether I got market outside the world..Lol. Have the feeling I'm going to delete it very soon, but see how it goes first =p

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