Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Far Far Away Land

Christmas Day itself also my grandma death anniversary so we went to grandpa house to held a simple memorial services. This time was so dead as in only few of us able to attend, many went outstation or oversea working, my side ony got three of us. My uncle's side only got two!! My aunts busying with their Church celebration.

After that, we decided to go shopping mall, we know around KL sure crowded and jam, so went to a mall at far far away land -- Setia City Mall, near or further than Shah Alam. Went inside..60% Malay which hardly to see at KL shopping malls..LOL. Reminded me went to friend's house at Shah Alam and had lunch at KFC..I was the only Chinese!! Hahaha.

Upon arrival, I went H & M first!! However, it's quite disappointed because the men session is not so big compared to Lot 10. Winter season so didn't buy many, even my dad said pick whatever I want as Christmas gift. Of course it also a time to spot Hotties!!! xD Hmmm...didn't have so many hotties regardless of race. Saw one hot "couple" one is Malay and another is their arm and chest.. *blush blush*

Went to cashier and searching my My dad standing at corner playing with his new toy..iphone. He always ask me to help him as some of his friends don't know English but my dad's English writing is better than Chinese so I have to help but..I have been so many many years away from Chinese in term of writing so I also agak-agak only. xD

Today is Boxing Day!!!!! I heard my friend said UK is so crazy on this day!! Every lady fights for their garments!!!! Wonder whether guys also like that... also imagine two bithcy gays fighting for one clothes..interesting xD

The Malay =) (Look like)

The Chinese ; )


  1. Buy what you want eh~

    Take lah their scarf, shoes, jeans, tops, coat etc


    Blessed New Year =D

    1. Hohoho..luckily you are not my dad's son xD

      You too!! =)