Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Your Life My Life

I bet we all have the moment when looking at someone life and wish yourself could live the life like him or her.

I do that quite often, even sometimes I observing my mum's life, I also wish I could live like However, I know I can't just simply conclude by just looking what I can see, there are many things I don't know about that person's life.

Walking on the street, see someone with nice car..wearing all branded stuff and good looking face..automatic feel the envy fully occupied your mind and "Sigh..I wish I were him."

Well, human always look at othert's fortune and overfoucs on own misfortune. We always seeking for what we don't have, while neglecting what we have. Now I start to learn treasure all I have and satisfy my life, even it's boring life, for somebody it's a bless for them.

What I suddenly writing all these? because I realized that not everything I can see is everything, sometimes people's mind and heart are very hard to understand and predict. He is always smiling to everyone but his heart maybe bleeding all the time.

"All I can say about life is...enjoy it!"


  1. Yup. The grass is always greener on the other side.

    1. True but if you look carefully maybe got flower on your side ; )

  2. Correct. Live for the moment !

    If you can look at someone and be envy about it, some one can also be looking at you and wished to be like you.

    This is life, and one person's life inspires another person's life.


    1. Not sure got people envy my life or

      Ya! I forgot about that it inspires our life too :)

    2. got...i envy a bit coz you got other male siblingsXD

  3. well...sometimes your mum might wish she also could live like