Monday, 29 December 2014


Do you believe in soulmate? Have you been into relationship, and found that person not your soulmate, then you started searching again?

A recent psychological research found that those people who have stronger belief of soulmate, have the higher chance to easily breakup. In other word, those who don't believe in soulmate, most probably have longer and lasting relationship.

Why? This is due to if people believe in soulmate, they tend to find someone who is perfectly match with them. When they find their partner doesn't meet what they want, they are more easily to end the relationship.On the other hand, people who don't believe in it, they are more likely to understand & know relationship needs a lot of efforts and compromise to sustain it.

Of course, it doesn't mean you can simply find a guy as long as you know how relationship works. There are also some fundamental things, which both of you have to be matched. Just you can't think that you can find a guy everything also matches with you and meets your criteria. 

When you like a person, you like the good sides of him. However, when you truly love him, you accept his flaws, and embrace his imperfections.

Do you think those couples who have been together for 30 years, is perfectly match to each other? They went through the hardest trial - Time. Love itself is not enough, we don't know how many quarrel they had, how many times they wanted to breakup. Nonetheless, they managed to find a way to give and take, calm down, compromise, then continue staying together with no regret.

How I wish my soulmate was either of them. Okay stop dreaming!!!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Best Friend's Ex

Would you date your best friend's ex? Is it a dilemma to you?

To me, I would it depends on many things that will make me decide what to do.
- Were they break up peacefully?
- Are they still friends?
- How strong is my feelings toward that ex,
- Is my relationship with best friend strong enough to go through this?

I asked some of my friends, most of them say it is big NO NO to date best friend's ex no matter how close you are with him or her. Although the best friend mostly would say you can go ahead, deep down sure there is something still bothering she/he, and it would still feel uncomfortable for him/her, especially sitting on same table having meal together. (That's what they said la)

Typical me, I would follow my heart as usual, even though I listed out those things as above to be my considerations. xD However, IF they broke up because the ex cheated or they really ended up badly, I would definitely not going to date him.

Maybe everything is okay, but I have to choose best friend or that ex. I would choose best friend, because having true friend is more important than knowing someone who just might be the right. Best friend is forever.

 People would think don't say it for sure, because when I am in the situation, things will be different from what I have thought and said. I might just give up the best friend, and choose the so called "Mr Right".

Oh well, I seriously hope there is win win situation, even though it is hard. 

"Right time, right person - Happiness for life. Right time, wrong person - Sad ending. Wrong time, right person - Regret for life. Wrong time, wrong person - Torturous time."

I'm sure all of us want to avoid the last one.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Nothing means Nothing?

Again, let me clean the dust on my blog first *blowing*. It has been 2 weeks after the last post. Nothing special happened, or maybe it's happening..haha.

One day I did something to my friend.

Me: I got something can make you happy. Just give me your hand.

She: What?! Erm..okay.

Me: *Grab something from pocket, and put on her palm*

She: *Saw nothing on palm* Hahaha..stupid!! There's nothing.

Me: No! I made you smiled, so it's not nothing.

Maybe it's lame, but when think about it. When we doing something passionately, and giving all our efforts on it. In the end, we said there's nothing we get. Is it true? Sometimes when we say we get nothing, actually it just means we didn't get something we want only.

When we use another point of view to look at it, we actually learn or got something from it. It may seems not a good thing, but I believe it will make us become a better person or at least know how to differentiate what's good for us.

Just like relationship, we definitely have learned something from those past relationship. Happy or not, those still made you who you are now. Some people take longer time to learn, as they keep repeating the same mistake. However, the day still will come, and they know how to let go and become stronger. Those are painful experiences, but they can't stop us to know what we want.

Try to be optimistic, I would say destiny or God  (whatever is it), giving us all the hard times, so that we are ready for the one or having a better life. Some are blessed as don't have so much hard times, some just need go through a lot and a lot, to test their patience & persistence. 

Saw an interesting quote. "No matter how deep you have been hurt, there will be a person appears in your life, who makes you forgive how bad life has treated you."

Need learn to let go =)

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Not sure what am I going to write is link to It's a song name that I in love of. xD Okay straight to the point, Bryan and I didn't work out again..LOLL

I know it's super fast, but we know we can't control it. He said he likes me but (there's always a BUT after it!!) something is just missing that he think we won't work out in the end. I was glad to hear that he was be honest with me. 

Maybe I also can understand him because it's what I felt and did to my first ex. I liked him but didn't really think I can love him. That's why I very fast put a stop on our relationship. Guess Karma is a bitch, now I'm the one who have to go through this and accept it.

Oh well, I guess this time I will just enjoy being single first. Sometimes it's very tiring to know new guys again and again, try this and that, think how to impress la..blah blah blah.

Anyways, let's talk about my trip. ; ) I went to Shanghai and OMG you can find good looking guys everywhere even those guys working at immigration or custom counter. However, if you prefer guys with nice body then maybe it's not your Many of them are slim or average body, and those muscular guys are quite hard to be seen.

Of course plu also a lot at there, and my gaydar constantly got signal..LOL especially in the Metro Train Station ; ) As typical formal shirt fetish, my eyes couldn't stop looking at those office attire guys. They really know how to suit up!! I purposely chose rush hours because there is the time, many office attire guys!!  Hahahaha

Did I use Jackd? Well, all those gay apps we use cannot really function well, super super slow. Hence, they have their own gay app called Zank if I'm not mistaken. Surprisingly a lot of hot body guys on the apps, and I wonder whether they don't come out from house because hardly see hot body guys walking on street.

Did I find someone or meet new guy? Nope. I just so lazy and super tired 

(To be continue)

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Down Up Down Up

       Omg! I neglected my blog for so many weeks. Let me clean the dust first. *blowing* Well, a lot things happened again during the past few weeks..including my adventure trip ; ) Not sure still got people read my blog, oh well still gonna write it anyways xD

      Update my working life first, I decided to stay at current company longer and see how it goes when few big projects started. I think I should take this opportunity to learn as much as I can in big company, because not everytime I got chance like this. Actually deep down I know what I want to be, but to be realistic I have to be able to fully take care myself by 100% using my own money. Currently, I still need some support from family which I feel quite ashamed about it.  Hence, I need to be financial stable only do whatever I want.

      Love life. Jeremy and I didn't work out and it ended not really nice (to me la). Everything seems okay to me and I kept trying to win his heart. However, one day one incident, my bestie couldn't bear with it anymore. As an outsider, she saw me like a beggar who trying so hard to just convince Jeremy to like or love me. That incident made me realized he just enjoying the attention I gave to him and I'm actually nothing to him. It's normal in love game but I couldn't control myself to think and feel this way. I just disappear from his life after that incident, he also didn't bother cause he never asked what happened to me. This assures me that I made a right decision. 

Just when I feeling down about this, Bryan came into my life. Yes...I know it's like super fast got to know new guy, but I SWEAR it really happened out of my control. I did not straight away go around find new guy, cause I was not that desperate. Bryan really makes me feel good about myself, and gives the attention I never had before...the feeling of you are the one being chasing after. 

He is considered quite good looking and nice guy but he is lack of confidence about himself. He can see my good sides, but he is not able to see himself in same way. I guess it's my turn to let him know how good he is. He doesn't have nice body at all, but he is a charming guy especially talking about his career. I know I like him because attention he gives is part of the reasons. However, he is attractive to me at the first place, and I already quite like him initially.

We also think that if we really together, we will help each other to grow to be better person, and that's how relationship can last. Searching something from ourselves that can inspire each other. 

(To be continued....)

Monday, 22 September 2014

The Right Moment 对的时刻

Song from local artist also can be very nice. Love it~

Sometimes feel like it's hard to meet the right person at the right moment.



Maybe some other time




Maybe some other time


 Maybe some other time
We could stroll along the beach
And lose ourselves without a care
In somewhere out of reach
I hope by the time we meet again
I’ll be rid of this leech
That’s pulling me back in a chain
Ripping the life out of me

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Move on Fast Means?

I always wonder is there any certain timing for move on. How long considered normal or too much? Is move on fast means you didn't love your ex that much? You are very hard to move on means you really love your ex so much?

Ask 10 people, you might get 10 different answers. Like my bestie said is all depends on that individual and how he/she perceive it.

To me, move on means let go myself from the past witohut keep dwelling in it. I know it's impossible to forget someone you love. However, how you see and feel for that person is within your control.

If you ask me how I feel for Sean. Now my answer is I still love him but not that kind of way it used to be anymore. No one can replace him because it's unique memories between us yet it just became part of memories. Maybe if I bump into I won't say Hi, but now I slowly realize one day I will able to say hi or even give a friendly hug.

For someone, it takes very long time for them to move on while some are just need few weeks can move on and welcome new chapter. Nothing wrong to do either but just make sure you are really move on to welcome a new person go inside your heart witohut hurting him.

There are also some people realize they are happier being single. Well, that's also good way to live on, but also need to be caution whether you really love being single or just follow trend or influenced by others.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Your Preference?

Someone told me before, preference is important in relationship. The guy you are in love need to match or meet your preferences only the relationship can last. If the guy you are falling in love is not your preference, there is a chance you will lose interest on him, when you meet another guy who is totally your preferences. That's what people concern about.

However, what really preference means to you? Is preference just appearance?? When you ask me, my answer would be mature guy and it is even better if he got nice muscular body. I thought that's all about preference.

Until I met Jeremy (was called him as James in previous post but Jeremy suit him more xD), I understand what is the most important preference to me. Someone I can talk very well to and feel very comfortable with. Yes, appearance is important too, but it's going to last longer than personalities and inner side of that person?

Jeremy is a cute and consider good looking guy, but he doesn't match my shallow preference - mature guy or actually it's just macho I was just randomly click on his profile and started chat with him because I was so bored at that time..haha.

Then, I didn't expect we would chat so long until late night even though it's the first time we chat. Funny part was after that night, we still didn't know each other's basic info like from where, doing what for life...blah blah. I have no idea what we have talked about, just too many things including nonsense things xD.

After some times, few things were found out and quite surprised us, we were from same Uni, have  mutual friend, same gym. Small world. Now, we are talking to each other almost everyday.

Nonetheless, my bestie advised me to take things slow, which I totally agree. I still not sure what is my feelings and this time I will give more times for myself to know that person well first, before going further any stage. Jeremy also doing the same thing as I know he has a very painful past which I can't compare with.   
We will see how it goes, hope everything goes well. Before that, I need to prepare for my trip first ; ) So excited about travel alone!!! xD 

Jeremy looks like him. I mean his hairstyle..LOL

Monday, 11 August 2014

I Was Wrong

Forgot about my blog for so long, I have been busying with work. I really slowly getting married with work, everyday spend almost 13 hours at work. Ya..I think I know why I became like this.

It's a month plus after Sean, but I feel like it has been so long ady. I know in the previous post, I seems like almost can move on for better. However, I realized actually I still not really moved on, and maybe not ready to open my heart for anyone.

Well, I kind of back to the scene that I used to be..ya slut. LOL However, surprisingly I didn't meet up with anyone because either people not interested or I'm not interested. We all are so picky..haha

I able to talk with few guys, and some are just not match or can't hold the conversation for long. Only one guy until now still talking with him, let's called him James.  Everytime I feel so happy and comfortable talking to him, and keep chatting for hours and hours. He is not really my type, but we are in same wavelength, which allows us to talk non-stop.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

To Sean & The End

Dear Sean,

Finally I got courage to write this to you. It have been a while, not sure how are you. I'm okay now but I want to write what in my mind.

Cut it short, I know you tried to minimize the hurt but what have you done really the way hurt me the most, especially I knew the truth. Maybe what I writing now is not all true, but this time I want to be selfish once because I am tired of blaming myself.

Regardless of all those things, I still no regret met and loved you in my life. I have learned a lot from you and at least grown up a little bit. However, I still who I am and nothing can change me. I will still carry the same way to see relationship and love. That's my belief and I wish I able to find someone have same thought like me, and for you too.

Letting you go is the best thing I can do for myself and you also. I'm ready go to for another chapter of my life, and hope you so or I guess you already started earlier than me..haha.

I not sure we still can be friend after all these happened, maybe I know in the end we will become friend again but just really a friend only. I wish you all the best, and accomplish what you want in life. =)

Here I also want to say thank you very much to few people, especially my bestie. She really supported me a lot. Can't forget to mention Mr Shadow Wind and Soulchild, love you all. Friendship is awesome!! Oh, and Mr Tuls as well, you really a nice guy and handsome boy!! lol xD


 Edited the lyrics because it should be positive =)

還是好朋友 都只是藉口 安慰的話別說
不如保持沉默 離開了都別回頭
當我們不再為愛歌頌 揮霍說好的夢
曾依賴的手 已不再溫柔 我還能要甚麼

一個人過的簡單 也許輕鬆 卻還是寂寞
多希望再被愛感動 幸福都只剩空白
但未來畫面多精彩 是非常值得期待

Sunday, 22 June 2014


There are people don't know what they want in their life, and might just live freely without any purpose until the end of their life. There are also people know what exactly they want and used their whole life to achieve that dream or goal. Do you know what you want or found any purpose of your life?

To be honest, I still don't know what am doing now is what I want even though I'm satisfied almost everything in term of working, relationship and etc. One day, my boss called me and had a talk with me. She said I'm lost and don't know what I want. According to her, it's something personal that I need to overcome by myself if not anywhere I go will still be the same....LOST.

Not showing off but I know I have been living comfortably since I born because my dad settle everything. I no need to worry about no car, no place to live when I live by myself, no money to spend when jobless etc. However, is it a good thing for me? I used to have a thought giving up everything, and go to a new place without any support of my dad. Can I really survive? or do I really willing to leave my comfort zone?

My dad also encourage me to be more independence because maybe when he getting older and older. He is the one who need my support for living, I can't rely on him every single time. I also used to have dream which is join those volunteer organizations and go around the world or locally help those people who needed help the most. However, I thought that dream is a bit unrealistic for me because knowing myself, I don't think I can handle and live that kind of life.   

 Maybe I had that dream because I felt like need to do something meaningful in life.

For love life, of course I got complaints yet sweet memories at the same time. Sean rarely shares what in his mind, so sometimes I also feel lost about what are we now. Is he still happy spending time with me? or blah blah blah....but I know it will go endlessly if I keep ruminating like this. Holding advice from my friend, we will never know what happen next, so I just appreciate and value all the things I have including him. Maybe I know one thing I want in life is him so put too much thought on him while he knows most of the things he wants so our priority is a bit different.   

Hence, I need find out what I want from other parts of my life and put more effort on them. Life is not just about love, I have my own life need to work on too. Think properly about my future, and find a better way to be more independence and looking for right direction of life.

Find your purpose of life and rock the world!!! xD


Sunday, 8 June 2014

Things Learnt From Sean

Well..well time flies, Sean and I have been together more than one year. We didn't do anything for our anniversary, and I think Sean didn't even realize it was. Don't know..he is like doesn't like celebration even his birthday. I wrote a lovely note to him and he did nothing. To be honest, I felt a bit upset but that is him who I love, nothing to complain just accept it. Okay la.. at least he got replied a short sentence with sweet words for my note, I feel satisfied.

By saying that, I actually learnt few things from Sean or in our relationship..

1. Always need to have backup plan because he has the ability to make my plan or surprise fail. It's a good thing though because I can apply in my workplace. Now I got the habit always think of plan B.

2. The beauty of distance. He is busy most of the time and we hardly can spend nice time together, but I realized being together doesn't have to stick together all the time. Sometimes, we need to spend our times for others. We are just part of each other's life not as whole.  The feeling of excitement is great when seeing him after some times. 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

When It's Long

Do you like it long or prefer short from your partner? If you like long then how long would you like it to be? Some people like his partner to have long and find it very sexy and turn on. Oh! I forgot to say I'm talking about hair like hair on human's

Personally, I find a guy with long hair is hot and unique charisma. I prefer mild wavy or curly hair, especially with macho face...LOL However, not all guys look good with long hair. You need have some face features that go well with long hair.

I found that it's quite hard for Asians to look good with long hair (correct me if I am wrong). Maybe you need sharp features to handle long hair, that's why many Caucasians look okay with it?? So far I think Korean know how to make long hair suit for their features. Bear in mind, I'm not talking about those spinky and exagerrate long hair, or cover one eye. 

My gym got one guy looks super hot with his long hair with little curly, his hair's length is until shoulder la. His body also just nice which is not very muscular nor slim, with hard rock six packs. He doesn't have macho face but his face just suit well for long hair. Maybe because he looks like mixed with very fair skin.

That gym guy's hair quite similar with his...=D

Tied it nicely also look nice


Thursday, 15 May 2014

"I love you"??

Do you need your partner constantly say the three words "I love you"? Like you need it to not feel insecure? Or even he says it constantly, wouldn't you doubt about the sincerity and genuineness? Some people say you can feel it whether he is really meant it or not, but I think just saying the words means love without action.

You no need to hear that constantly to know how much he loves you, just pay attention all the things (don't care just small matter) he does for you and every moment you guys spend together. Love can't describe in words easily, while you need to feel it too, listen to your heart. That's why many people don't care about it, only realize how much they love that person, when they lost him.    

Most of the time, I will feel happier if Sean says he is happy with me rather than "I love you". The former is more powerful and meaningful to me, because knowing not just myself feel happy so does him with each other company, is a great feeling for me.

To me saying "I love you" is not like mandatory, but necessary in some times only. However, you ask me how I feel about the love between Sean and I, I also don't know how to describe. I just feel happy and comfortable with him. One of the things I feel comfortable and love it, is both of us sitting at coffee shop quietly, busying with our own things, then chit chat a while then back to silent again. 

Oh! Like it's not good to keep asking how much your partner loves you. It's also not necessary to ask how happy he is with you. Once I know he is happy, then it's enough for me, because I know when I try to measure it or be calculative, I am losing everything bit by bit at the same time. Plus, why I need to care more when I am already feeling happy and so does him. Just wanna live in present. 

Too bad couldn't drag him in cause he was the one taking photo..LOL

Sunday, 27 April 2014

The End & New Beginning

Here's it!!! One of journeys was officially ended, and another whole new journey is really started. I finally attended my Convocation!!!! I'm officially graduated!!! Now really feel so real that I'm no longer a student or young kid anymore.

Entering working world is not like going in wonderland, but full of realities and sometimes have to deal with some ugly truths too. However, I also able to find the warmness and kindness of human as well, it's not all bad or dark side I will encouter.   

Back to Convo..some of my friends didn't attend it because the fee was quite expensive. They think it's not worth it.Well, my parents insisted I must attend because it's a milestone of my life and most probably only once in a lifetime.

I understand my friends just be realistic and also analyzed logically which it's true that it quite not worth it. Nonetheless, I think there are something money also can't buy that feeling - a sense of accomplishment and hapiness from our parents.

I know both of my parents never had the chance to wear robe and attend a Convo as uni student. They transfer this lifelong regret to hope as able to make all of their children able to graduate with degree and have better future. All the efforts and supports to invest on us, just to wish give the best for us.

An official ceremony gives them a real feeling that their son is graduated as Uni student with a Degree and feel gratified to witness this proud moment. I really like the moment Emcee asked us to stand up and turn back to give applause to our parents for all their supports and sacrifices. Actually a hug would be the best, but too far away..hahaha

And one more epic moment was my parents were  taking selfie after took photo with me. My friend was "Omg!!! Your parents taking selfie!! So cute!!" lol

I love my parents so much


Sunday, 20 April 2014


It was a happy weekend, still feeling great because able to spend so much times with Sean after so long. =D We went for dinner after his work, poor him weekend still have to work. Sunday morning had our gym date, he tried to train my strength back since I had skipped gym for almost two weeks. 

My body is shrunk and really need faster to gain back my size before the trip while Sean working hard to lose weight ; )  However, I know I can't push too hard if not fall sick again then really not good for my plan. Will train bit by bit then harder while also have sufficient rest.

Sometimes I am thinking our dates always seems like spend quite amount of money. Maybe we should sometimes plan our date into outdoor hiking ? LOL We can go for some adventurous dates ; ) How you think? *wink wink*

Actually, I am supposed doing my proposal for my work. Typical procrastinator...I just going to continue on tomorrow xD Really running out of idea, don't know what to write, my supervisor also doesn't push me to come out a magnificent proposal la...Hmmm..but I still need come a good proposal to show what I have *gambateh!!*


Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Hmmm..I have stopped writing for so long! A lot of things happened, tt was a...sufferring? relaxing? weeks for me. I was admitted to hospital for few days. =( Had quite serious throat/tonsil infection until Doctor said have to hospitalize to prevent getting worst. if not have to do operation x.x plus I already having fever non-stop for 5 days..yup being persistent in bad way.

My infection casued me until couldn't swallow anything properly, I just reluctant to eat anything even water because it was so PAIN!! D: I need to have drip to sustain my life..erm...a bit la. During that period, I had a lot of things ran through my mind. First Big thank to my dear Mum, she really took good care of me, and helped me got through this. Power and greatness of Mother T.T Love you!

One of the best moments was the visiting of Sean. First thing he did was a kiss on my forehead, it really gave me some energy and cheered me up. =) After that he just busying with his phone...=.=  okay la after a while he also sat on bed and let me hug =3

Due to this incident, I have been  on MC for almost 2 weeks T.T now still at home resting. Suppossed got many things to do at work. My head has a high expectation for me, and in a way it gives me some pressure must perform well.

Let's take this chance to fully recharge and perform the best for my work!!

Skipped gym for two weeks too!!!!!! Must resume back as soon as possible, must have a nice body to welcome my first trip of the year!!!

Eye candies that motivate me work hard at gym ; )

Which candy you want?? ; )


Saturday, 5 April 2014

How are you?

Here I am  In your city
Walking the path you used to walk
Imaging would you be lonely if I am not around
Holding the photo you gave at familiar street
But you just not there anymore
Could we still back to that day?

Would you suddenly appear
At the conner of coffee shop
I will bring my smile  Wave at you
Sitting down have a chat with you
I really want to meet you See any changes of you
Not going to talk about the past
Just want to say
How are you?

Actually this is  a Chinese song, tried my best to translate it properly xD Everyday I must listen to it at least once during the past few weeks. Got one time, my tear just dropping when listening to it, not because of sadness but realized something is more important and I felt a lot better after that. Tear drops with smile.

Raining evening, I'm sitting outside a coffee shop, listening to this song again and looking at the dark sky.It has been a while for me to enjoy the silent and calm. Then, a flash of light coming towards me, it is Sean picking me up. Don't know what are we now, but at least he still by my side.

I also started to figure out what I really want, and maybe I'm still young, so still haven't gone through a lot of things. Sometimes I need to walk out from my own world or comfort zone, and look at it as a outsider. Time will give us the answer, and we just living in the present while dealing with any trials that coming to us.

Saturday, 29 March 2014


When the first time I saw him, he seems so cold and no smile on his face at all. However, his good looking face still made me paid full attention to him. After some introduction, he is mixed of British & Chinese. As expected, that's the reason he got such gorgeous features. Well, actually what I didn't expect was his smoky voice when he sings, because his speaking voice just like normal tune. Totally fell for his sexy smoky voice.

At first, I really thought he is a person doesn't like to smile, but actually he just too shy to show his true self. His smile really can melt people's heart. After some times, I finally know why he is like that. He is from a broken family, and sometimes I can sense his loneliness from his eyes.

He used to think his mum was not a good mother, but he realized he was a bad son instead after he grew up. Now, he does whatever he can to be the good son for his mum. A guy who fighting for his dream with full of passion. A guy I know from a singing competition show xD

Sunday, 23 March 2014

I'm Your....

跟朋友鬥嘴 你很幽默 怎麼
跟我談戀愛 卻很沉默 拜託
是否還會害怕 做錯什麼
是否沒有我在 自在得多

知己 親人 情人 我都 聽你的

跟朋友吻別 你很灑脫 怎麼 
跟我說再見 表情卻很 寂寞
是否關係越親 就越脆弱

知己 伴侶 親人 情人

什麼關係 沒有關係 你說呢

Sunday, 16 March 2014


Soon, I'm really going to take over someone place and become a team leader. A lot things have to do, and I feel stressed about it. My face is terrible now, so many breakout. I'm going to be busy and need to meet many people, hope my social skills can handle it.

Now I just soaking myself into this song..raping the replay button again and again. It makes me feel calm for everything that happened on me.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Lasting Love

"Long long time ago, Black Mage created a spell that can hynotize people, and they will follow his command no matter what it is. However, the spell doesn't work on Moonlight Witch, even he kept trying came out with many new spells also still the same. 

One day, Black Mage finally succeeded to hynotize Moonlight Witch. Ice Wizard heard about it, and went to visit Black Mage to know the secret of the spell. Black Mage just said it's just three simple words, which most people underestimate how powerful they are until lost their guard - I LoveYou."

How many of us have fallen into this sweet and risky trap? Some people can easily get these words, but some need to beg for it. Why is it so important? It is going to last long?

We have heard a lot many gay couples been together so many years, yet they still broke up. This time, I'm writing about something positve which many of us hope it can happen on us. An old gay couple (Jack Evans 84 & George Harris 80) finally able to get married legally at their state on their 53rd annivesary!!!!!!!

Can you imagine yourself being with a guy for half of century?? You don't feel bored? Hahaha..joking only. This couple insisted to get married at their homeland Dallas, Texas and finally their wish came true. They literally invited everyone to their wedding, just want to share their joy.

Maybe for us marriage is still far away, but their commitment for their relationship relly earn our respect and envious as well xD. One thing from my opinion, it is very important to have same interest with your partner, if not try find one or more.

What is it really falling out of love? Lost interest on him? Is it possible to make both of you feel interested on each other again? There are many ways to sustain a relationship. Love is not everything in relationship, other things also needed to be aware of. At certain point, boyfriend will eventually become family. Not sure it's good thing, but at least it means you feel comfortable with him and he is already. totally part of your life.

I also not a love or marriage expert, I'm still a newbie for relationship, but I just want to be more positive and optismistic to look at gay relationship.

Look at his smile and joy =)

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Gift to Him

It was Sean's birthday, I had planned something quite some times ago, since it's the first birthday I celebrate with him. It was so random and came out from my mind when thinking what to get for him, and it sounds a bit crazy?.....I decided to compose a song for him by using guitar. 

For those who know me, it was a crazy idea because my knowledge for guitar? Zero! My voice & singing skills? Terrible plus BAD!!! Well, nothing is impossible, that's one of the things I hold and believe. I just need to make it happen. Hence, first thing to do was go get a GUITAR!!!

Asking around finally got one friend willing to lend me his guitar =D and it's quite hard for me to go class, so thanks to Youtube, I was able learn some basic things. I know normally it should be come out rhymes first then lyrics, but it's so hard to create rhymes!!!!  As a result, I came out lyrics first, then only slowly adjust and come out rhymes sync with lyrics.

After this case, I am really salute to those songwriters who can compose, sing and playing guitar all together. Actually I only got few months to get thing done, so I only able to do simple rhythm to match my lyrics. Now, another problem was my mum always at home, so no choice after some practices I went to a quiet place, recorded inside my car. =.=" 

Finally, I finished everything and saved in pendrive, passed to Sean on his birthday. HOWEVER!!, he only opened it after few days, because didn;t bring laptop back from office. -.- Well,, I still really glad that he watched it and said he loves it. Okay, it's quite energy & time comsuming, I guess not doing something big for him on next few years...hahahaha.  Still love you <3

To be honest, until now I still mess up which is A chord, C chord blah blah xD Maybe I need ask someone to really teach me, I was qutie enjoy it too. =)

The guitar