Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Hmmm..I have stopped writing for so long! A lot of things happened, tt was a...sufferring? relaxing? weeks for me. I was admitted to hospital for few days. =( Had quite serious throat/tonsil infection until Doctor said have to hospitalize to prevent getting worst. if not have to do operation x.x plus I already having fever non-stop for 5 days..yup being persistent in bad way.

My infection casued me until couldn't swallow anything properly, I just reluctant to eat anything even water because it was so PAIN!! D: I need to have drip to sustain my life..erm...a bit exaggerated...health la. During that period, I had a lot of things ran through my mind. First Big thank to my dear Mum, she really took good care of me, and helped me got through this. Power and greatness of Mother T.T Love you!

One of the best moments was the visiting of Sean. First thing he did was a kiss on my forehead, it really gave me some energy and cheered me up. =) After that he just busying with his phone...=.=  okay la after a while he also sat on bed and let me hug =3

Due to this incident, I have been  on MC for almost 2 weeks T.T now still at home resting. Suppossed got many things to do at work. My head has a high expectation for me, and in a way it gives me some pressure must perform well.

Let's take this chance to fully recharge and perform the best for my work!!

Skipped gym for two weeks too!!!!!! Must resume back as soon as possible, must have a nice body to welcome my first trip of the year!!!

Eye candies that motivate me work hard at gym ; )

Which candy you want?? ; )



  1. awwww u and Sean so sweet together. Anyway hope u r getting better, gosh I didn't hear from u for a while I didn't know you were sick. SPEEDY RECOVERY!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks!! You are very busy now ma..and not just busy study too ;) *wink*

  2. Take good care of yourself and awww... Sean kissed on your forehead? That's so romantic. Like the one you see on TV drama. Hehehe...

    And yes, no one and nothing can be compared to a mother's love and sacrifices for her children. You have to treat her well, love her, take care of her too. Shower her with love too so she would feel it's all worth it.

    1. Maybe he watched too much drama..hahaha

      Ya..I will. Mum always is the best :)

  3. Hope you are all recovered now.


  4. i think only Malaysian will know what HEAD means! hahahaha.. if non-malaysian read this they will go like... my head has high expectation! wtf is that!
    you are boomz..

    anyway, you should not jump straight back to gym selagi you feel sick.. this will just tire your body out lagi... only go once youre all better ok! :)

    1. I realized that but lazy to edit xD but her position really called Head....of department xD

      Thanks for the advice. I will work out from light weight to let body adapts back first. :)