Sunday, 27 April 2014

The End & New Beginning

Here's it!!! One of journeys was officially ended, and another whole new journey is really started. I finally attended my Convocation!!!! I'm officially graduated!!! Now really feel so real that I'm no longer a student or young kid anymore.

Entering working world is not like going in wonderland, but full of realities and sometimes have to deal with some ugly truths too. However, I also able to find the warmness and kindness of human as well, it's not all bad or dark side I will encouter.   

Back to Convo..some of my friends didn't attend it because the fee was quite expensive. They think it's not worth it.Well, my parents insisted I must attend because it's a milestone of my life and most probably only once in a lifetime.

I understand my friends just be realistic and also analyzed logically which it's true that it quite not worth it. Nonetheless, I think there are something money also can't buy that feeling - a sense of accomplishment and hapiness from our parents.

I know both of my parents never had the chance to wear robe and attend a Convo as uni student. They transfer this lifelong regret to hope as able to make all of their children able to graduate with degree and have better future. All the efforts and supports to invest on us, just to wish give the best for us.

An official ceremony gives them a real feeling that their son is graduated as Uni student with a Degree and feel gratified to witness this proud moment. I really like the moment Emcee asked us to stand up and turn back to give applause to our parents for all their supports and sacrifices. Actually a hug would be the best, but too far away..hahaha

And one more epic moment was my parents were  taking selfie after took photo with me. My friend was "Omg!!! Your parents taking selfie!! So cute!!" lol

I love my parents so much



  1. Totally agree! The graduation ceremony is a way to tell our parents that their hope on us has been realised. That would make them feel proud of us and themselves as they have been able to provide us through the highest education in their opinions despite all the odds. And your parents are so CUTE!!

    1. Exactly! Too bad not able to change my friends' mind, but I need to respect their choice.

  2. <3 Awwww so proud of you shin shin you've graduated! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. congrats,on 2nd paragraph...i missed my colleague's cooking:(