Thursday, 30 October 2014

Down Up Down Up

       Omg! I neglected my blog for so many weeks. Let me clean the dust first. *blowing* Well, a lot things happened again during the past few weeks..including my adventure trip ; ) Not sure still got people read my blog, oh well still gonna write it anyways xD

      Update my working life first, I decided to stay at current company longer and see how it goes when few big projects started. I think I should take this opportunity to learn as much as I can in big company, because not everytime I got chance like this. Actually deep down I know what I want to be, but to be realistic I have to be able to fully take care myself by 100% using my own money. Currently, I still need some support from family which I feel quite ashamed about it.  Hence, I need to be financial stable only do whatever I want.

      Love life. Jeremy and I didn't work out and it ended not really nice (to me la). Everything seems okay to me and I kept trying to win his heart. However, one day one incident, my bestie couldn't bear with it anymore. As an outsider, she saw me like a beggar who trying so hard to just convince Jeremy to like or love me. That incident made me realized he just enjoying the attention I gave to him and I'm actually nothing to him. It's normal in love game but I couldn't control myself to think and feel this way. I just disappear from his life after that incident, he also didn't bother cause he never asked what happened to me. This assures me that I made a right decision. 

Just when I feeling down about this, Bryan came into my life. Yes...I know it's like super fast got to know new guy, but I SWEAR it really happened out of my control. I did not straight away go around find new guy, cause I was not that desperate. Bryan really makes me feel good about myself, and gives the attention I never had before...the feeling of you are the one being chasing after. 

He is considered quite good looking and nice guy but he is lack of confidence about himself. He can see my good sides, but he is not able to see himself in same way. I guess it's my turn to let him know how good he is. He doesn't have nice body at all, but he is a charming guy especially talking about his career. I know I like him because attention he gives is part of the reasons. However, he is attractive to me at the first place, and I already quite like him initially.

We also think that if we really together, we will help each other to grow to be better person, and that's how relationship can last. Searching something from ourselves that can inspire each other. 

(To be continued....)