Tuesday, 25 June 2013

No Pure Friendship for Us???

Recently, I am so busy for marathon again, but this time is ANIME marathon!!! xD Until I forgot to update my dear blog. Sorry~

Came across an interesting article about friendship among gay. Is there a 100% pure friendship between two gays?? Hmmm...to me, I also can't guarantee it.

You see...when you looking for a gay friend, isn't that you will see whether you are interested or he sort of attracted you??? Like so many of us like to say...everything starts from friend ; ) xoxo...blah blah

Of course if the attraction is not strong enough then both of you stay as friends, but I agree with the author said. Sometimes it's quite hard to draw a clear line between friendship and romantic relationship. You have to handle it carefully without crossing that line.

If you don't handle well, it is either no more friendship (eg. keep distance) or more than that. Maybe you think it's very easy, but don't underestimate the power or pressure from people around you. Sometimes they indirectly make you choose either become acquaintance or a couple. Espeacially you got your bf ady.

* Thanks to soul232, I need to clarify something. The author took the viewpoint from Straight people and apply on us. Actually, there is no doubt straight also have this kind of situation. Well, in the end we as human got thing coded in our DNA, see opposite sex (for us is same sex la but theory still the same) will automatically see as potential mating partner first. Just how strong is the attraction and how you distinguish and categorize as friend or potential lover.

I of course belive pure friendship exists....just try to figure out that what made us think or categorize he is friend or potential lover in the first place?? =)

Again, a nice statement from the author - Actually, the existence of pure friendship is not important, the most important is how to keep it as friendship while don't let it deteriorate or "upgrade".

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Friends My Way

Recently, I have been going out a lot with high school buddies. It felt so nice to hang out with them, as we keep talking non-stop. I really appreciate them because we accept each other's way to sustain this friendship.

I'm a totally homebody and passive type of person, and if people don't contact or message me, I seldom initiate first (only I got mood or just know the person cause need build up concrete friendship first..xD). Ya...that's why I don't have many friends, many people can't stand my "coldness" and "irregular". Trust me..one week no convo in my phone is normal.

For my gang, they all have different ways to sustain. Some are need message or talk to each other regualrly, some are super low profile, only share things with us when we gather which normally shock us with her new update O.O. Some like me...hardly to keep in touch, but mostly the one organize gathering. Maybe I prefer meet in person...cause feel real?? don't know..hmmm Skype is different too.

Although, we hardly to meet but once we gather together, we are like never separated before. Feel like we always see other and no distance between all of us. Just cant stop chatting and gossiping. LOLL

My best friend in my life also the same, he is super far now and we hardly to chat. However, once we start chatting, it's also can't stop until we are tired or need to do other stuff...lol Knowing each other for almost 10 years...we quite understand each other style in friendship. We don't need have regular contact, but just once in a while (3-6 months xD) is enough. I guess we are the same kind of people...that's why best friend.

Hence, I think I cannot have LDR and maybe with bf I will message him constantly, but once it's stable and long??? Better at least meet him 2 or 3 times per week. LOL

For my another gangs, please bear with me or putus kawan if you want. Love you all~ xD

What's your way to sustain your friendship?? =)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

My Body My Way

It's already mid of June and I look back my new year resolution...erm. I failed! =.= I remember I said use 6 months to get nice body and hopefully six packs.

However, like everyone says, it's not an easy mission even though not mission impossible!! Seriously, I should approach those hot guys in gym, and ask them how they did it. Also can ask for number too ; )...hahahahaha.

On top of that, few friends already I don't look good if too big because my face and head (small size) =.=. "Now is okay, just need add few more muscles" Hmm..okay I also don't aim too be buff, just nice is enough.

I know if buff, very hard to maintain it, especially when you are old, but for my body type I will shrink if stop doing gym...o.O  Abs? Can see a little bit when flex...lol

Need to adjust my chest muscles. Now a bit weird =.=

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Learn to Love Again

Recently, my playlist sure got Lawson's songs. I have noticed that quite sometimes, and most their songs didn't disappoint me. Currently, addicted to Learn to Love Again.

I think this song really suit for those couples who have being together many years and the passion and strong affection have slowly faded. 

Research showed that the hormone that make us feel the affection or so called fall in love feeling only last for 18 months. After that, it's all how you maintain your relationship with your own efforts.

However, that doesn't mean you need put much efforts to maintain. Actually, there are many simple and little things that couples always forget to do after many years. Mostly because both are too comfy with each other and get used to his/her existence.

Simple things like..kiss on the lips, body contact, find new mutual interest, have an adventure together, spend times by just walking the in park....etc. There are many things can spark the chemistry between you and your lover again!! Who says once the hormone drops, you can't raise it up again??

Find some times to think about, like the lyrics "After all our trials, Maybe that is how I knew you were the one..."  Remember back how you saw your lover as the Right one in the first place.

Gay relationship also the same, just depends how you think the relationship is...

Sweet couple!! =)


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

50 things must do in life..same to Gay??

Found an article about things you must do in life, so your life will be completed and happy. I found most of them are what we want regardless straight or gay, but some seems like maybe different what we want. I wrote comments based on my opinion..you might don't agree. =)

1.       No worry for money

2.       Don’t have to overcare about others’ feelings

3.       At least two vacations each year (Big must for me!!)

4.       Enjoy some peace in life

5.       Experience different culture

6.       Working for life, not living for working

7.       Clear all the debts

8.       Be myself (Very important for us!!!!)

9.       Focus on what I have without extravagant hopes

10.   Work so hard saving money for future, why don’t just live in present (Oh yeah!!)

11.   Spend times with family and friends

12.   Try variety of food, live to eat (My dream if body allows =( ]

13.   Find true love (We all do want it!!!)

14.   At least been 25 countries travel (Ermm...15 I already satisfied)

15.   More outdoor activities

16.   Learn new language

17.   Be praised by family and friends

18.   If family need help, do whatever I can to help

19.   Lose weight same as a rock (I'm the opposite..gain weight like rock size..lol)

20.   See every day as last day of my life

21.   Been all UK historical sceneries (Ermm..not important to me)

22.   Have impromptu vacation, just grab luggage and go (If I got extra money)

23.   Be a volunteer in a good project

24.   Have an adventure

25.   Have animal hunting vacation  (Well, I prefer other kind of hunting ;  *wink wink*

26.   If possible, shop and spend as much money as I can at least once (My ultimate goal!!!)

27.   Learn new music instrument (Piano!! D;)

28.   Have a marriage for 20 years ("Relationship" for us...15 years already thank god!!!!)

29.   Leave enough money for next generation (Erm..for us maybe your lover and family la)

30.   Have my own family (This one is possible for us!! =D )

31.   Earn more money than people with my age

32.   Have a pet (Definitely going to have pets in my entire life)

33.   Travel alone (Oh yes! ; )

34.   Drifting with a race car

Friday, 7 June 2013

Should I migrate?? Lol

Reading news and found this article about conducted a survey all over the world to investigate how peopel think about acceptance of homosexuality in society.

Should society accept homosexuality?

Of course, I straight away found the result of our country, and I was so shock!!! Only 9% agree or accept!!!!! ;O Moreover, among Asian we are one of the lowest acceptance countries T.T

China also at least got 21% T.T ...Australia is majority agree..no doubt, but I am quite surprise Philippines got 73%!!! O.O *applause*
Even USA also 60% ONLY!!!!!!
Some netizens said because of religion, but...but Spain is dominated by Roman Catholicism and their acceptance percentage is 88%!!! What I think is the open mindedness. There is some way homosexuality and religion can compromise and live together.

Despite of that!!!!!!!! Good news!!! They also found all younger generation in the world are more willing to accept homosexuality!! 80-90% of them!! Let's put hope on ourselves as youngster. I wonder what was the sample's age range from our country...why so low? =.=

Hot Pinoy ; )

Thursday, 6 June 2013

My...erm collections? xD

I got a habit which is every time when I surfing the internet and see some hot guys pictures, I automatic will save it. Hence, until now I got quite a lot of picutes in my lappie. Just hope no one, especially family will  open the folder...LOLLL xD




7, 8





Any you are interested?? ; )

Monday, 3 June 2013

Male Stripper's Confession

After Magic Mike heated up the wave of male stripper and booming over the world especially Western. Actually, there are already many agencies have doing this kind of business. There are even have some agencies doing very well form this business.

Found a documentary about confession of a male stripper. Seriously, two main reactions I had while watching it....Wow!!! Hahahaha!!!! Of course...a bti of drooling ; )

Here is the intro and the link of this documentary.

Male stripping is booming in the UK. Every weekend in most major cities, women are paying to see men get naked.TT1069同志貼圖交友網* Y' @0 E# [& h/ D/ U. V4 q" m  d
The Dreamboys is the biggest male stripping agency of them all and ex-stripper David Richards is in charge. He claims to know what women want, and is prepared to do whatever it takes to give it to them.
, l9 i$ f' }3 x* V' ]; ~: ZTT1069同志貼圖交友網David is on the search for some 'fresh meat' to join his London troupe and meets the men that come forward to auditions.

Enjoy!!  XD

Enjoy!!!!-- 免費分享同志影片、同志圖片、同志文學的交友論壇1 g3 l7 n; o, d

Saturday, 1 June 2013

My Happy Week!! =D

Had an awesome week so far =D Again...lazy to type, so just show photos about my days...
Should have more photos, but either forgot to take or lazy xD

Tea and Coffee time again =D

Pasta and My favourite cheese cake time!! xD

Grilled Chicken..yummy

Dont know what kind of cuisine, but really nice!!! =D

Afternoon tea with girlfriends. That chocolate mortel very nice. (Red Bean Bag)

Tea time with two hot guys..LOL You know who you are  *wink wink*
Hot guys time ; )

Left/Right? or the back? xD

Left  is mine!!!!!! ; )

Another hot guy....LOLLL