Thursday, 13 June 2013

Learn to Love Again

Recently, my playlist sure got Lawson's songs. I have noticed that quite sometimes, and most their songs didn't disappoint me. Currently, addicted to Learn to Love Again.

I think this song really suit for those couples who have being together many years and the passion and strong affection have slowly faded. 

Research showed that the hormone that make us feel the affection or so called fall in love feeling only last for 18 months. After that, it's all how you maintain your relationship with your own efforts.

However, that doesn't mean you need put much efforts to maintain. Actually, there are many simple and little things that couples always forget to do after many years. Mostly because both are too comfy with each other and get used to his/her existence.

Simple things like..kiss on the lips, body contact, find new mutual interest, have an adventure together, spend times by just walking the in park....etc. There are many things can spark the chemistry between you and your lover again!! Who says once the hormone drops, you can't raise it up again??

Find some times to think about, like the lyrics "After all our trials, Maybe that is how I knew you were the one..."  Remember back how you saw your lover as the Right one in the first place.

Gay relationship also the same, just depends how you think the relationship is...

Sweet couple!! =)



  1. Love is in the air...... ;)

    First pic, I like the guy on the left his hair style. I want that hair style!

    1. Hahaha..that song ; )

      OH I can ; ) but I want the right guy's hair style!!

    2. good la. then u two can become just like the couple. mwahahahhaa

  2. Haha, I read "wanking in the park" instead of "walking in the park".

    Lol, guessed am over-stressed from work.


    1. are really over-stressed, but maybe that one also not a bad idea ;)

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  4. Pray very hard that i would have a LOVE to sustain.

    1. will. Don't stop believe while praying