Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My Body My Way Prt 3

Happy Chinese New Year!!!! I know it's a bit late, but Hey! it lasts for 15 days okay? LOL Everyone still in CNY mood? or back working mood? hehehe This year was great CNY celebration to me except ang pau money lesser and lesser..LOL

Continue to my progress on gym > Body Prt 2, one  important thing that I have learned from gym, is don't compare with others but yourself only. Everytime I go gym, I can consider the thinnest among them, and sometimes really feel inferior when working out with them.

When I see someone got nice body, full of envious [and also drooling ; )] thinking when I can become like him, and sometimes losing my confidence for my body. However, I realized why I have to compete with them? My chanllenge is to become fit and nice by comparing my past and current state. As long as I got improvement and on the right way, doesn't necessary chasing up to become like them.

To us, maybe it seems like guys with hot body easily got that body, but who knows how much effort and hardwork they put to become like that? Hence, don't lose our confidence when working out around them, just focus on ourselves, then one day we can become what we want.

Recently, Sean and I went for few gym dates, he is training my stamina and strength since I am quite lack of them. Again, Sean is a lovely yet strict trainer, but I know it's for my own good. Don't know why now my weight just stuck at there, it seems like I very hard to gain more muscles.=( However, I really don't feel like back to protein powder again. Maybe since I started working at KL, my food intake is not enough cause sometimes no time to keep eating. or I have to change my strategic on workout.

Covering my tummy because I still don't have ABS!! It's so hard to get xD