Saturday, 25 January 2014

Indian Hunk Prt 2 & Problem of Chinese

Someone wrote a comment on my previous post >> I H and he hopes more people can know about gay Indian. Do him a favor I just copy and paste what he wrote =) Oh! I don't think my blog got problem, since others also can sign in by google account. xD

"Why are gays so rare to be seen ? Well its bcoz most gays that are seen in gay clubs in singapore or malaysia are chinese ....Indian gays are a rarety.

as a chinese , i date/am attached to/going to marry , an indian and it is fun. We now live in canada, and im back here in kl to visit my family .

and i feel my fellow chinese in malaysia and singapore are the only ones that have these types of prejudice for other than their own race(i.e indians , and others ) .In canada and the USA , chinese are not so narrow minded towards their own race .After going through your post , I asked my partner about why are there so little malaysian and singaporean indian gays in Singapore and malaysia .He told me some of his views as i say below :

Firstly ,there are many hot/sexy/hunky indians , but they are not gay . And most tamil/indian movies dont potray men as hunky , but rather "normal sized" , thus young indian boys are not "pressured to have a buff body .Unlike us , we chinese see a lot of korean or japanese models (gay or straight)in the tv and movies that are very hunky and buff, so we tend to chase that dream of being like our idols and actors . Indian men are very "gentlemanly" , meaning they dont like to be seen nude or with undies EVENTHOUGH THEY HAVE A SIX PACK OR A HOT BODY .Its diff
erent than our chinese counterpart , like Caucasians, will gladly love to do that at the beach or in a swimming pool , just walking in the undies or naked .

In my opinion, I find that many chinese in singapore and malaysia are quite chinese -educated , so they are quite ethnocentric towards only their race .But personally , i have to advise them ,.... i dont feel that chinese gays should be doing that as the gay circle is not that large , and its even more difficult when u bias by using race or skin color as we all will go haggard or age when we are old .The japanese /korean-model-like-buff-body-dream will not make us happy :(

Why am i writing this ever so lengthy post , well its because i sincerely feel that many are curious about indian gays in malaysia and singapore . Since i am attached to one , I feel i can shed some light ."  from anonymous (what's your name?) xD

I totally agree with him that many Chinese at Malys & SG quite like living in their own world or aroggant?, especially they are hot and will even think they are better than other even same race with them. I still remember a gay from US that I chatted before, said one thing he doesn't like about Chinese gay at here, is they are so not united or friendly to each other. In US, if you are at gay bar or anywhere, at least everyone will have casual talk like normal friend, even though they don't know each other.  


Saturday, 18 January 2014

Indian Hunk

When people say they prefer or like Asian as bf or whatever, do they really mean Asian or just Chinese? I'm talking about people at my country, like sometimes you ask them Caucasian or Asian? They will say prefer Asian more because...blah blah. However, I found out actually what they meant was they prefer Chinese.

We know Asian not just Chinese, but some people like to think Asian = Chinese and it's totally a different story. When they say Asian is their top choice, but actually is Chinese what they like. In my country, there are Malay, Chinese and Indian as three main races, and all of them are Asian.

I realized hardly got people around me say they like Indian, but of course they also have their market. Visited a forum talking about preference on Indian. Mostly what people concern is their hairy body =.= because when talk about Indian = hairy body.(Come on la some Indian they will go wax okay??) Well, there is no doubt a lot of Indians actually hot and they always got the macho look. ; ) Plus I like their facial hair *blush blush*..LOLLL

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Why Homosexuality Didn't Extinct??

Actually, why homosexuality exists?? I believe everything's existance has its reason. According to evolution theory, one of the purposes of humans' survival is to pass down their genes generation to generation. If anything that is not compliance, it will slowly kick out from the nature selection. However, why homosexuality still in proportion of the population at any stage of the history?? And we are everywhere around the world!!

Canadian reserachers found the reason behind it.  Let's use bee as example first, worker bees or honey bees can't not reproduce, but they play very important role in expanding the population and continue to evolve. They protect bees, queen bee, rearing offspring. In a sense, worker bees can't reproduce which directly contributed to the success of bees' community in order to continue expland and evolve.  

Then, why it's related to homosexual?? It's becuase homosexuality exists in favour of human reproduction and diffusion. In the South Pacific, in the middle of the ocean between New Zeland and Hawaii, there is a island called Samoa. In 1000 BC, Samoan was settled already, and the were still isolated and living in traditional community before the 18th century. 

Why so special about Samoan?? Samoan society addresses gay crowd as part of their unique traditional culture. In Samoa, ancient local gay men are called "Fa'afafine", do not procreate, but completely accepted by society, especially their families. 

In 2010, Canadian scientists found that these gay men on the island not just particiapte in normal labour work and production, but also devoted a lot of energy taking care their nieces and nephews (these children sharing average of 25% genes with them)

To compensate for their disadvantage of no offspring, every gay Samoan could indirectly promote family niece, nephew increase in the nubmer of two or so, and these kids can get more family members' love, higher survival rate and enhanced quality of life. These mean gay men contributed to a great extent of contunuation of their family's genes. 

You may think it cannot apply to current modern century and society, but bear in mind the so called modern or civilized cenutry only has around 200 years history. However, since the birth of mankind we have at least 240 milion years undergo the nature selection, and until now homosexuality still exists.

Therefore, Samoa island gay lifestyle, to a certain extent represent a natural choice for the human genome: the existence of homosexuality human race will survive more children, there will be more food, they will be more healthy, genes will spread wider.

I know this finding may not 100% true, but at least we know homosexuality is not something against what people like to say - The NATURE!!
Anyone close and very caring to your niece or nephew? You are doing your job of nature right ; ) 

Guy who taking care of child is so attractive ; ) LOL

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Woot woot~~

It's 2014!!! I still don't feel like it's already a whole new year, I'm pretty sure some people still write xx/01/2013?? LOL (I'm one of them xD)

Spent my New Year Eve with my love and it's really the first time I had a company to welcome new year. I know he was very busy with work and I felt a bit unhappy while waiting him. However, I know he was super exhausted and unhappy had to work so late on the last day of the year. I just very fast get rid of it and was super super happy when he appeared in front of me like everything just so nice xD

For my family, everyone is good and my closest cousin is getting married!!! fast already my generation turn to have a whole new journey of life one by one. Soon...very soon, people will ask me when am I going to bring girlfriend home or even get married!! Anyway, I wish my family going be happy and healthy as always. Grandpa is going to be 90 and please be healthy, wait to see your great grandchildren but not from me la..hahahaha

About career, I still haven't fully in charge of my job scope because a lot things need to learn before I handle a team by myself. Going to attend an important meeting with senior and head. Looking the list, I'm the youngest among them -.- Hope they don't think why a little boy doing in the meeting.

Life...Chinese new year coming soon, gonna spend many dates with many friends to catch up many things. No doubt there is always laugh and joy when meeting any gang of my friends. They never fail to make me laugh like them so much.

With Sean's new job, he is very busy and sometimes will be hard for us to meet even msg each other. But now I already....80% used to it and I know he does care this relationship. I just really wish I could give him a big hug everytime he back home from his hectic work and hardwork. =(

Don't forget to take down memories as photos for this year ; )