Sunday, 25 May 2014

When It's Long

Do you like it long or prefer short from your partner? If you like long then how long would you like it to be? Some people like his partner to have long and find it very sexy and turn on. Oh! I forgot to say I'm talking about hair like hair on human's

Personally, I find a guy with long hair is hot and unique charisma. I prefer mild wavy or curly hair, especially with macho face...LOL However, not all guys look good with long hair. You need have some face features that go well with long hair.

I found that it's quite hard for Asians to look good with long hair (correct me if I am wrong). Maybe you need sharp features to handle long hair, that's why many Caucasians look okay with it?? So far I think Korean know how to make long hair suit for their features. Bear in mind, I'm not talking about those spinky and exagerrate long hair, or cover one eye. 

My gym got one guy looks super hot with his long hair with little curly, his hair's length is until shoulder la. His body also just nice which is not very muscular nor slim, with hard rock six packs. He doesn't have macho face but his face just suit well for long hair. Maybe because he looks like mixed with very fair skin.

That gym guy's hair quite similar with his...=D

Tied it nicely also look nice


Thursday, 15 May 2014

"I love you"??

Do you need your partner constantly say the three words "I love you"? Like you need it to not feel insecure? Or even he says it constantly, wouldn't you doubt about the sincerity and genuineness? Some people say you can feel it whether he is really meant it or not, but I think just saying the words means love without action.

You no need to hear that constantly to know how much he loves you, just pay attention all the things (don't care just small matter) he does for you and every moment you guys spend together. Love can't describe in words easily, while you need to feel it too, listen to your heart. That's why many people don't care about it, only realize how much they love that person, when they lost him.    

Most of the time, I will feel happier if Sean says he is happy with me rather than "I love you". The former is more powerful and meaningful to me, because knowing not just myself feel happy so does him with each other company, is a great feeling for me.

To me saying "I love you" is not like mandatory, but necessary in some times only. However, you ask me how I feel about the love between Sean and I, I also don't know how to describe. I just feel happy and comfortable with him. One of the things I feel comfortable and love it, is both of us sitting at coffee shop quietly, busying with our own things, then chit chat a while then back to silent again. 

Oh! Like it's not good to keep asking how much your partner loves you. It's also not necessary to ask how happy he is with you. Once I know he is happy, then it's enough for me, because I know when I try to measure it or be calculative, I am losing everything bit by bit at the same time. Plus, why I need to care more when I am already feeling happy and so does him. Just wanna live in present. 

Too bad couldn't drag him in cause he was the one taking photo..LOL