Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Attached & Hidden Agenda Prt. 2

First of all, Thank You for all you guys' feedbacks and suggestions. I am seriosuly not that desperate okay?!! All I want just hug and a kiss, that's all ;P Actually, Sean also finding a new place to stay, so just hope he able to find it soon.

I remember I posted about why Attached guys still on gay apps before >> G-apps. That time I think they should delete it once they are in relationship, but now I totally can understand it!!! LOLLL

I still keep the apps, and like some said before, just curious gays around me and fun looking with Sean too. Sometimes we share about those hot guys I found ; ) and with another gay friends too. However, I never reply anyone who msg me, because I know everything starts with friend.

It's very dangerous to know a gay friend through the apps, not generalizing just got the risk la. You have no idea what's going happen next. Sean is the type who will layan all guys' messages =.= Before he met me, he even until exchanged phone no. with quite a number of guys, some quite hot one.

When we just being together, he still replied all msg =.=. I think he sensed my unhappiness about it, he already stopped it...I hope it's.

Nonetheless, got one incident when hanging out with our mutual friend, forgot what lead to apps (the friend said something) and I only realized his profile is sexy shirtless photo!!!! Of course straight away took his phone (I know his password la) and spot-check his chat room!!!

As expected, so many guys msg him!! but he didn't reply to a single guy at all la, or he deleted them??? To be honest, at first I really Really felt not happy at all, controlled my facial expression. I forgot what he explained, my mind just blocked his voice, I just simply repsponded. I think he said it's old photo before we met. 

After a while, I got over it (so fast xD), I'm okay with it, I know I can't control everything. If it's going to happen, it will happen, and most important I TRUST him. I think until now still shirtless...yup..Sean I went to stalk and see quite some times but not anymore... LOLLLLL

Eric East!! =D (left) and don't know who..LOL

Sunday, 28 July 2013

An Uncle!!!

Sean and I don't have our own place, so we only can meet up outside. Sometimes we want to just hold hand also very hard, so don't even say hug or kiss =.=  Stayed overnight at his place once only because no one at home ; )

As usual, I whinning about this problem, and said want try public toilet *wink wink*(just hug and kiss only okay?? cause like that already satisfied =(  ], then Sean shared a story about his friend's encouter and asked my opinion. I kind of  know this friend, but guess he doesn't know me..cause not sure Sean told him about me or not -.-

*Ehem*After he and his BF finished coffee time, they decided to have an adventure inside mini mall's toilet. They went inside awhile, then heard someone came inside, so they were waiting lo. Then, strange thing started, that guy didn't want to leave at all, still could hear walk there walk here.

After a while, the friend thought just call it off, and tried to sneak out first, when he went out he saw an uncle standing in front of the urinal and stared at him. Then, the BF waited inside, still could hear got sound. After few mins, he thought should be clear, mana tau saw an uncle, but in front of another urinal. That uncle also stared at him.

BF went out and told Sean's friend, the outfit of uncle matched what both of them saw. It was the same Uncle!!! Just listening to it, I also can feel the awkwardness and....weirdness?

From my opinion, two possibilities....that Uncle confirm got such experience before!! Or he really really curious about our kind of fun?? However, I really curious how come he knew both of them going to do something??!! According to Sean, he didn't follow, only after few mins went in. Weird!!! The friend also have no idea....hmmmm...

Okay la..I know Sean just wanted to reject my suggestion =.= then I said Car??? ; ) He just laughed and said see how first. Fine!! Gosh..make me sound like a super horny BF.. -.- or I am? LOLLL

Anyone got other opinion for Uncle case???

; )

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Clear Things Up!! Prt. 2

Although I am attached with Sean, it still can't stop me to collect hot guys photos ;p Time to continue phone gallery uploading mission. Some said why don't just store it online storage like Dropbox, but don't know why I don't like it, and why not share to you all too. You know..sharing is caring ; )

P.S. All photos I found are all over the internet, not stalk and snap from people around me. If you found your photo and feel uncomfortable, please let me know =)

Really want to find out his name ; )


So fair!!


Foam boy ; )


To me, this is perfect body size and shape =)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

He & I..Real One!!!!!!

Ermmm.. I don't know how to start. Just for you all to know...I'm Attached!!!! Nope! This time is serious one, not like last time. I'm very sure I really fell for him, not for the sake of want to be in relationship.

How long already?? Hmm..almost 2 months and that's why now only I dare to blog about it. I want it to be stable first, if not like last time everyone congrats me, but super fast no more. I'm sure that time, many people wanted to give me this face >> =.=

Well, summary of him...erm..he is super low profile, so not going to disclose too much. Can consider knew him through a friend. He is older and a lil bit shorter than me ;) Look? Erm..average lo and body got nice shape but slim. Need to force him eat more xD

He knows everything about me, so do blogging. Ask him what name he wants at here, he said whatever. Hence, I name him...Sean!! He is the type "Why I have to share my love life to people", so his close friends still don't know he is attached. Maybe he also wait we are stable first. Right? Sean!!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

He & I

I was sitting on a bed and just wearing a bathrobe, and soothing music was playing in the room. However, the music didn't make feel calm at all, I still could hear my heart beating very fast. On the other side, water splashing sound was quite loud from the washroom.

After a while, the water splashing sound and music also stopped at the same time, the room suddenly became deadly quiet. My heartbeat totally went nuts and could feel my body's temperature increasing.

He came out from the washroom with a towel wrapping his waist, and I really could see his gorgeous nice body with right size six packs. I knew my face totally turned red. He went to blow his hair and his back was facing me, and just looking his well-built back already made me excited. He put down everything and turned to me with a bit serious face.

"Again, you know I really love my girlfriend right?" I didn't say any word, just nodded my head. "Hmm..great,  I hope you wouldn't misunderstand anything about us."

He walked towards me and slowly unknot my bathrobe while his lips already touching mine gently. I also automatic used my hand to unrap his towel around him. Soon, both of us naked hugging and kissing passionately like we are really loving each other. His scent drived me crazy, I really like it, the mixture of shampoo and his own body scent..orgasm.

However, I know he didn't say it, I'm just like a toy for him to settle his urge while stay loyal to his girlfriend, who is at oversea studying, because to him having sex with a guy without any emotional attachment means not cheating on his girlfriend. For him, it is same as watching porn to masturbate.

I knew it but I still couldn't resist or reject him, I am totally defenseless in front of him. He started playing my nipples, which he knows it's my sensitive part. We know each other's body very well now. Then, it's my turn by kissing his sexy abs because his sensitive part is around belly button. He started moaning out loud, and it made me wanted to do more.

He couldn't hold on anymore, he pushed me back laying on bed and started to finger me while kissing me wildly. My moaning made him more excited and incresing his fingering pace. Soon, his willy started to enter me and I always like it because his willy not big not small, just nice for my entrance.

As usual, he did it gently and care about how I feel, and wouldn't forget to keep kissing me. Our face facing each other, always our favourite position. We looking at each other and slowly moaning totally excited both of us. His hand also always helping me to reach my climax.

When I said I almost at my climax, he also increased his pace by using out all his energy and of course my moaning was louder, which made him more excited and faster. In the end, we both reached our climax at the same time. After cleaned thing up, we were cuddling and had a nice kissing awhile, then..."Time for you to go back now. See you next time." saying it coldly.

Feel so nice to write my imagination or creation out. =D Hmm..if I were in that kind of situation, I wouldn't do that. No matter how hot he is. You may find the excitement, but soon you will realize it's painful experience.

Anyone went through before?????

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Clear Things Up!!!!

Recently, I open my phone's gallery..OMG!!! I have a lot of guy photos in my phone!!! I always got a habit when browse to a hot guy, I will screenshot him, so gradually inside my phone got a lot of photos.

Luckily, I can set password for my album, if not I can't imagine what will happen if my family or friends open it. They would O.O..open their eyes big big and feel shocked.

Actually it almost happened before, when my bro wanted try my phone's camera and at the corner can click to album or gallery to view the photo. Thank God!! I remember it so faster took back and said let me show him by just open the photo. =.="

Hence, time for me to clear my album by upload them to blog!!! It's the safest place and I can download back whenever I want becasue inside laptop's folder also quite dangerous.




Hot Angel?? ; )


Banana Boy~ ; )



Sunday, 14 July 2013

"Contract Marriage" for us

I'm sure most people know what contract marriage is, and many romantic or chick flicks like use it as the starter of destiny kind of love for characters.

"A contract marriage is a marriage where the two participants get married most commonly to help each other financially. Also there may be benefits for married people that the two people involved want to benefit from." Just in case you don't know =)

However, I'm talking about a Contract Marriage for LGBT. I went through a forum, and found that China have some websites for LGBT to search their ideal "partner" for contract marriage, basically are gays and lesbians finding each other instead of finding Straight people.

As you know, most urban families in China only have one child, except rural area. No doubt gays really have the pressure to continue their family bloodline. Hence, it makes these kind of websites appear to sort of help them.

 There are just like normal match finder, only that both parties just have mutually beneficial relationship no other than that. A gay will find a suitable lesbian or vice versa, to get married, and some even will agree to have children. Both still can have their own true partners, just don't disclose to each other family.

Although the market seems not really huge, since now people are more open to homosexuality or even same sex marriage, yet there still some people have the pressure and caused them to choose contract marriage.

Nonetheless, there are many issues surround this kind of marriage, like legal and children issues. Many of us would against this kind of marriage, but sometimes we have to put ourselves in other's shoes. China still not like other contries, where homosexuality still a taboo, even the condition slightly better.

Thinking about the recent survey, our country actually worst than China...not sure this kind of contract marriage already existed here. =.= 

Would you???

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Cute face with Hot Body..No???

How many of you prefer cute face rather than good looking or hot body. Actually, cute face is a bit from good looking right??

You can say a good looking guy cute at the same time, but some cutties really just can say.....Cute? Then, if a cute guy with hot body is bonus or kind of turn off or feel wierd?

Asked somebody, not everyone can accept or like the contrast they show, which cute face with hot body. They think both of them don't match well. Well, some of course think it's super turn on.

Let's us find out... ; ) P.S. My definition of cute guy might different from you xD

He is quite famous but don't know his name..lol


He is damn cute!! Dong Jun!

cute right? in a way...lol


this one....hmm. -.-

Fair and smooth skin~

Cute or good looking??

This one just purely my type. Or can consider youthful face?

Ken Phupoom!!! This one is my recent favourite xD Gorgeos looking

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Birthday for You!!!!!

Reading back posts, I only realized my blog already one year old!!! Time flied so fast, it's one year already since I started blogging. A lot of things happened within this period, and I really glad I step in blogosphere.

Looking back I really did a lot of things..like literally a lot of...wild things ; ) Started my adventure up and down...first 'fun', sex buddies, threeso.. ehemehem you knowla..first clubbing. Boyfriend even though it only lasted very short =.= Lesson learned!! Still feel a bit sorry for him. Oh well! He also moved on! Me need to!!

Last but most important one, I met many decent guys and buddies!!!! You guys are really awesome!! I really mean it. You all made me feel that I'm actually not alone struggling about my life. =)

Also become close friends with few of them. They really make my life became brighter!! LOL Love you all~ 

From an innocent boy to...erm...good boy?? xD

All the best to myself xD

Monday, 1 July 2013

Hohoho!!!!! Job Job!!!!

I finally start job hunting, hope I can get it as soon as possible, because I realize I need money!! I don't want ask money from my parents. As 2x old years guy, it's really embarassing still get money from two old folks who already spent so much things on me half of their life.

Time to be independent and give money to them not get. y gym membership also have to sustain by myself soon. T.T So many things need money. Now I know the reality of being an adult.

Here are my collections again!!!!!!  Enjoy~