Saturday, 20 July 2013

He & I

I was sitting on a bed and just wearing a bathrobe, and soothing music was playing in the room. However, the music didn't make feel calm at all, I still could hear my heart beating very fast. On the other side, water splashing sound was quite loud from the washroom.

After a while, the water splashing sound and music also stopped at the same time, the room suddenly became deadly quiet. My heartbeat totally went nuts and could feel my body's temperature increasing.

He came out from the washroom with a towel wrapping his waist, and I really could see his gorgeous nice body with right size six packs. I knew my face totally turned red. He went to blow his hair and his back was facing me, and just looking his well-built back already made me excited. He put down everything and turned to me with a bit serious face.

"Again, you know I really love my girlfriend right?" I didn't say any word, just nodded my head. "Hmm..great,  I hope you wouldn't misunderstand anything about us."

He walked towards me and slowly unknot my bathrobe while his lips already touching mine gently. I also automatic used my hand to unrap his towel around him. Soon, both of us naked hugging and kissing passionately like we are really loving each other. His scent drived me crazy, I really like it, the mixture of shampoo and his own body scent..orgasm.

However, I know he didn't say it, I'm just like a toy for him to settle his urge while stay loyal to his girlfriend, who is at oversea studying, because to him having sex with a guy without any emotional attachment means not cheating on his girlfriend. For him, it is same as watching porn to masturbate.

I knew it but I still couldn't resist or reject him, I am totally defenseless in front of him. He started playing my nipples, which he knows it's my sensitive part. We know each other's body very well now. Then, it's my turn by kissing his sexy abs because his sensitive part is around belly button. He started moaning out loud, and it made me wanted to do more.

He couldn't hold on anymore, he pushed me back laying on bed and started to finger me while kissing me wildly. My moaning made him more excited and incresing his fingering pace. Soon, his willy started to enter me and I always like it because his willy not big not small, just nice for my entrance.

As usual, he did it gently and care about how I feel, and wouldn't forget to keep kissing me. Our face facing each other, always our favourite position. We looking at each other and slowly moaning totally excited both of us. His hand also always helping me to reach my climax.

When I said I almost at my climax, he also increased his pace by using out all his energy and of course my moaning was louder, which made him more excited and faster. In the end, we both reached our climax at the same time. After cleaned thing up, we were cuddling and had a nice kissing awhile, then..."Time for you to go back now. See you next time." saying it coldly.

Feel so nice to write my imagination or creation out. =D Hmm..if I were in that kind of situation, I wouldn't do that. No matter how hot he is. You may find the excitement, but soon you will realize it's painful experience.

Anyone went through before?????


  1. SERIOUSLY! WRITE A PORNO NOVEL! You are really good at this!!!! LOL

    1. Haha..thanks but one post is okay if novel sure super boring. xD

    2. Never try never know. LOL

  2. lol. Shin Shin I actually thought it was real.

  3. wah..... I thought you did it man... I had like a boner reading to your post -.-

    1. Really? Thanks for showing 'support'..hahahahaha xD

  4. Haha.

    But then again, there are curious bi-men out there...