Monday, 22 October 2012

Cute guy at Gym

Went to gym and met the cute guy I saw once, it's very hard to bump into him. Maybe he is not a home member. He is really cute..big eyes..thin lips..nice nose..a bit cubby but in the way become muscular. Saw him half-naked in locker room, fair skin..nice chest and cute tummy, but can see the abs coming out soon. ; ) We have made some eye contacts, but I always so shy to look at him for more than few seconds.

When I was having my chance to look at him without his notice it, a trainer approached and asked me want try to new exercises for core and lower body as well as increase endurance. Without hesistating, I said okay without knowing it's the pathway to the realm of HELL!! I was like torturing those exercises I did. Squat..jump..plank..push up..dumbbell all the way. Total got 6 exercises with 15 reps x 3 rounds, but I only did 2 rounds. Seriously, I almost faint and die!! He kept saying.."You can do it!!" Couldn't really walked upstair with my legs..shaking. My heart beat was super fast at that going to explode.

Nevertheless. it's good exercises to train your body with using all your muscles. Luckily, went into the locker room on time when that cute guy just finished shower and came out. Made some eyes contact again, yet too shy to smile at him. He also looks so cute with the glasses on. Next day, I hope I'm not paralysed and cannot move my legs.


  1. That day i went for a personal training session, i couldn't walk properly for 4 days.. Stupid squats and lunges too! haha

    1. Walking is quite okay..just walking up staircase like a old