Friday, 5 October 2012

Misunderstading about Gay Part 2

Continue with last post, I talked about same issues at Taiwan from a variety show. That show talked about serious thing like coming out to parents and the stress with both parties. Now, the second show is quite funny in a way, while showing the wild side of gay life in Taiwan. Don't know wy I think this will makes other people think gay life in a bad way. Here is the video Wild gay life.

This show invited three gays and three lesbians to talk about the homosexual world and night life (they focus on this more). The show's crew used spy cam to have a look how gay night clubs or pubs look like. Serioudly, my eyes widen O.O when they once entered into the place. One word for it..Wild. Don't know whether at Malaysia also the same situation..well ya I haven't been any club before even normal club so don't say about gay bar or club. Don't doubt..I already in legal age to enter any of them. Well..always a good boy infront of people.

Interesting I found was that..gays in Taiwan got categories in gay circle - Monkey, Bear and Wolf. I think is quite similar how we distinguish gays by look at here. See the name you can guess how they categorize them. Each category got few levels too. Obviously, I fall under monkey but not that low level..quite Wolf of course is every dream for being that and being with. I guess werewolf is the highest level where everyone will drool for him.. according to them little mustache will be perfect. To me i just want transit young wolf that's all. For can guess how they look like and surprisingly one of the young wolf in the show love bear..well I can't really judge that since everyone's preference is different.

A bit Higher level Monkey..I'm almost there!!

Bear..quite cute ; )

And of course..Wolf!!

Another!! This one don't know is edited or not. His skin so clean like no body hair..xD

Cesar Chang!! Should do one post about him =D

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