Sunday, 21 October 2012

New Addict: Hunting Season (Gay Series)

After queer as folk series in my teenage year, this one is my new addicted series - Hunting Season. It is a web series and only got 10 mins per episode. It is about is based on a popular blog of a few years ago called "The Great Cock Hunt", which from 2005 - 2008 chronicled the love life of hot gay stud “Alex.” He wrote about the life as a gay in New York City and detailed the sexual exploits of his love and sexual life. When I watched the first episode, three words to summarize - Gays, Nudity and Sex. Is like watching a high quality porn (their sex scenes) with good storyline and actors. The main character Alex is played by actor Ben Baur. If you want to visit the original blog, too bad all the photos removed or don't know why not able to see, but the contents still so turn on though. ; )

He is sorts of mixture of cute and hot. Later you will know more ;)

Hmm..this one quite okay only. You will drool when you watch other scene ;)

Normal scene after the climax ;)

If you are interested, can go search for it =)

Bathroom scene. This episode sloved the myth about straight guys since it is a true story.

Maybe you will think is just all about sex, but I also can see it showing how Alex changing from a slut (after break up) slowly to understand other important things in gay life (of course sex still can't be avoided). I alo quite jealous about his friendships with other gay friends, so nice to have gay friends who can share everything and support you.  New I wish can stay there as gay publicly without being discriminated, even though there are still some people don't accept it.

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