Thursday, 25 October 2012

Annual Taiwan LGBT Pride 2012 (Promo Videos)

Here comes again! Taiwan LGBT Pride is coming soon and it's already 10th year =) It seems like not my business, but who care it's so far from me and can't attend, I still support it!! This time the main issue they try to pass down is legalize same sex marriage and the slogan  "I Do! Do I?
 Equal Rights to Marriage, Diversity in partnership"
With Obama started showing the support for same-sex marriage. There are more and more politicians also started to give out their opinions on same-sex marriage. Some of them show support and take action. To me, Taiwan's government is quite open-minded as they allow LGBT to have pride publicly and even block the road for them. I guess it's very hard for us to have a pride at my country =.=

People may say Asian slowly westernized from Western culture, and acceptance of homosexual also being included. Well, I do agree we really westernize and losing our own culture, especially Malaysia and Singapore. There is no surprise you find Chinese don't understand Chinese and totally like White...culture, music, thinking..etc. However, the acceptance of homosexual does not count as negative influence because it's all about human rights. LGBT should able to have the rights including marriage because they are human in the first place. I quite like what I have read in a forum,

"It does not matter whether homosexual is born or we chose it, as long as we don't cause harm to others and ourselves, I don't see any problem of it. We have our rights too. Right to choose."

Well, now here are the promo videos. The guy with black stripe in first video got my attention. Totally my type ; ) Oh!! If interested or is the official website can choose language.

Got comment said this video is gays use to give them fantasy and self-deceive. I was like..HELLO! There are many real cases or stories like these okay!!??
Found any hot or cute guy? ; )
This one quite sweet =) I will cook for my dear too.


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