Monday, 1 October 2012

New unreachable crush

Recently, I have watched a thai movie "Its gets better" and I'm quite lazy to talk about its synopsis but just got issue of transgender and gay. My main point is the one of the main character- Panupong Waraeaksiri!! He is so good looking and gorgeous!! Totally fell for him when I first time saw him on movie. I can say he is my new crush, but..well he is so unreachable and don't think he is gay or not sure as my gaydar doesn't function well. Don't talk too much let's me show some pictures of him. (Quite hard to find his photo as he still new I think..) Maybe he might not your taste or type but is definitely my type =D Anyways, he will just only appear in my dream..

So hot even doesn't have bold body but the face covers all =)

His smile makes me melt xD
Too bad can't see his full body

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