Tuesday, 23 October 2012

100 Facts about me

  1. I'm a Magnet that attracts to same pole instead of repel it.
  2. Raised in quite traditional Chinese family.
  3. Already possessed three C out of five so far, condo, cash (savings and part-time) and car (no career and credit card) in very young age. Of course not from my hardwork and might lose everything when parents find out my secret.
  4. Only accepted who I am for almost 2 years, used to plan just go marry a woman and continue the life
  5. No one know I'm gay except my Brother but not really (thought I'm a Bi)
  6. Have mum who is totally anti-gay and dad with open-minded
  7. Have better relationship with cousin sister rather than brothers
  8. Love every food with white colour, milk is the most.
  9. Must drink milk everyday.
  10. Love everything with cheese
  11. Don't like sweet stuff and prefer sour taste
  12. Like to eat vegies and fruits, but meat is the most
  13. Like to drink hot drinks all the time, especially TEA
  14. Love to eat any kind of nuts, but not jam of them
  15. Favourite fastfood KFC, but Malaysia is so disappointing
  16. Love Asian guys, especially Filipino and Japanese
  17. Love small eyes guys with charming smiles =)
  18. Think super good looking guys are for watch not own
  19. Somewhat think I'm so not picky, cause always think as long as that guy is a male and gay. I can accept him.
  20. Scare and hate spider the most
  21. A bit emotional and narcissistic person
  22. Love red and blue colour
  23. Still watch super hentai japanese version (power ranger) until now
  24. Love to watch anime since primary (top Favourite - digimon, sailormoon, slamdunk)
  25. Love to watch all types of drama like literally..from US, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Korean, Taiwan, China, Spain...as long as the story interest me
  26. Never cried out loud when stepped in teenage year even when my grandmom died. Only tear moving inside my eyes when watch or hear touching story.
  27. Can't stand on boys and girls act cute, especially they don't have the qualifications
  28. Love guys withh little mustache the most
  29. Not a very caring and kind person, but still will pick up rubbish on the floor, hold door for people, maintain smile face to everyone
  30. Free thinker who do not stand on any religion side, but still believe in God
  31. Purely virgin and zero experience in romantic relationsip
  32. Never touched guys' bodies
  33. Believe there is true love and soulmate for everyone
  34. Don't believe love at first sight
  35. Slightly addicted to gay porn
  36. My height is above average..well..tallest in the family and tall over one head distance with my mom and dad.
  37. Love to eat egg and everything relate to it except thousand-year egg or century egg
  38. People say I don't look funny person, but actually I do and quite talkative when we are close
  39. Good boy and nerdy look all the time by wearing glassess for more than 12 years until now, so I have no idea how I look without glasses (power 600++ for both eyes)
  40. Only once been called handsome or good looking when took off glasses for awhile, and that person is my mom.
  41. Hated to be called like a girl, but now is totally fine with it.
  42. Like shinny stuff especially jewelery and metal too.
  43. Have a dog which is pekingese mixed with shih tzu
  44. My face is totally unfriendly when no expression, so have to always maintain smiley face
  45. Don't like horror movie will have nightmare for few days after watch it...like seriously.
  46. Scare of dark, must switch on all the light when darkness approach, but surprisingly not for sleeping
  47. Youngest in the family and slightly spoiled by parents
  48. Formal wear fetish into extreme always can't stop staring at those formal guys at any place.
  49. Like to swim, feel freedom and relax from it
  50. Still a college student at the moment.
  51. Fear of crowd and squeezing inside it, so seldom to go pasar malam and peak hour of shopping mall.
  52. Homebody guy..prefer stay at home facing the laptop instead of going out.
  53. Friends always say I'm a hipster because I like and do things seem so unpopular or uncommon for them.
  54. 90% of my friends are Female, 10% are Male. I also don't know why.
  55. My mom once thought I'm a playboy because I once brought three dressed up pretty friends (not kidding) to my house for awhile to change my clothes.
  56. Like raining day only when I'm at indoor.
  57. Love soft toys and wish to hug it every night but same room with bother so...no chance.
  58. Very like to exaggerate story..and put some lies in it.
  59. Consider good liar or shall say good actor..trying my best to change
  60. Like emo songs but a bad singer.
  61. Favourite artist is Arvil Lavigne
  62. Can consider artistic person
  63. A very very punctual person, friends always freak out when I call them on the set time.
  64. Never been clubbing
  65. Never got drunked before even though have super low tolerance to alcohol
  66. Super Stalker in Facebook
  67. Horny all the time especially after work out.
  68. Don't like wear jean, prefer short pants
  69. Quite skinny yet hairy at the same time, especially my leg hair can surprise eveyone
  70. Lady kind of smooth and fair skin, but not for the face
  71. Have thick lips like Angelina Jolie (My cousin said it) and thick eyebrow too
  72. Currently building up my body
  73. No peircing and tattoo
  74. A bit worship for branded stuff, but I only own some.
  75. Like to travel and have been many coutries.
  76. Once was thinking to become a scriptwriter
  77. Love to be back hug from someone
  78. Like to cut my hair very short
  79. Very like angel wings symbol
  80. No one can mess with me when I'm angry and piss off.
  81. Have a lot of crushes in my life but none of them are reachable or even talk to them
  82. Super procrastinator, used to be a good student before Uni life
  83. Like supernatural things and magic (witch, wizard...etc)
  84. Like to daydream all the time
  85. Love to sleep and watch drama in spare time
  86. Have a malfunction gaydar, so don't have any gay experience at all
  87. Morning person not a night owl
  88. Easy to conform with majority and easily change my mind
  89. Totally not a football fan, but don't mind watch World Cup
  90. Like to walk naked in the house
  91. Easy to please but also easy to get angry
  92. Quite bitchy sometimes, few sentences can pwn a person.
  93. Sometimes quite straightforward without thinking it's suitable or not
  94. Used to addict play online game
  95. Want to learn play piano desperately
  96. Like to be alone, yet want someone who can lean on
  97. Like to look at the sky when nothing to do
  98. Planning to go oversea study and don't want come back
  99. However family is important to me
  100. Currently desperately want to download Grindr and Jackd, but I control myself to not

Finally, I did it!! My brain is so tired now to write all these. I can show this to someone who want to date me, so he can roughly know who I am...lol


  1. Lol, thick eye brows and lips? My twin ke?

  2. The only part I proud of is my eyebrow but not for lips -.-

    Erm..maybe long lost brother? LOL

  3. I really really like you blog because it somehow reflects me and I can totally relate to it! By the way I'm a Filipino. Keep inspiring us! :)

  4. Hope I can communicate with you or share my thoughts, because I like to share it...add me on skype: ericdaniellee

  5. ur blog reflects most of the closeted gay people. like ur blog very much :)