Saturday, 27 October 2012


Recently, browsing the internet found this hot guy Ashita Xu Chaemchamrat. Maybe I outdated already because since like many people know him except me. How come I misssed up this hot fellow. Looking at him..totally my cup of tea..the look..the just nice facial hair..the body...oh my! Well, don't think he is one of our kind.

You see..I was thought I always fall on straight guys, but after read some researches, I know I'm not the only one. Research found that our (Gays) brain have higher similarity with females' brain, and that's why we are more attracted to manly and macho guys, who are mostly straight guys. However, they also found our behaviour also same with straight guys, use the little buddy to think first when see attractive people...and etc. I mean not like women who always want gain emotional attachment first. Hence, I can say we are so complicated to let scientists to fully understand us...LOL.  I think it takes time to understand homosexual. Okay now I have put my collection on my dear blog first.

I love this one the MOST. Oh! Melting now...


Normal life photo is more attractive to me ; )


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