Sunday, 7 October 2012

Skinny Muscular

I always wondering whether skinny muscular still got market in gay circle or not. I know the more muscular and macho, the more we eager to have and be like that. Well for me I'm like many gays love muscular and macho men, I think there is the reason some gays may fall in love with straight men because of their macho-ness or manliness. For myself, I'm trying to become more muscular as I can (I'm really skinny before like literally) to expand my market..soft If you don't have the good looking face then the urge is more serious. People might say just be yourself, but I think there is also some responsible to keep yourself look good...especially in gay world, but of course don't ever let forget keep inner side look good too because it follows until death while looks not. Although not like go for plastic surgery, but I'm not against it too.

Actually, what is the definition of skinny muscular I also not sure. People have different idea and judment about it. Found some pictures that fit my concept about skinny muscular.

My current target is this!!

This can show my current stage but I got better cleavage ; ) LOL

I used to be like this but skinnier

Quite hard to get six pack even for skinny people =(

Not sure this one consider skinny muscular for most gays

Some say this one need work out more, but I think is okay

This one I think don't have the motivation to do until like that

Well, maybe like this pciture "F*ck off I'm beautiful enough and gorgeous"


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