Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The trend of Versatile in Gay?

Supposed to start my assignment, but ended up surfing on those gay related websites. Visited some dating or making friend website, found some interesting things. There are more and more people label them as Versatile rather than Top or Bottom. Maybe it's just coincidence or whatever, those guys I checked on are mostly versatile. Like what one of fvourite blogger - simon lover has posted before. The percentage of Versatile in Malaysia is quite high although he also mentioned it's not really reliable, in some way I think is quite true.

People always think the world has changed the view on homosexual, while ourselves as gays also neglecting that we also changing in our gay world too. What I mean is that we try not to label or fix in one role. Like masculinity and femininity, you cannot say a male is totally masculine without feminine sides, trust me it's quite hard. Hence, each gay mostly have some top and bottom..feelings? or urge? whatever! inside themselves. Just like we have both male and female hormones inside our body. Some people find that the top urge is strong so they label them as Top while same for bottom.

However, many gays may realize the top and bottom urges are equal and start to question why they have to choose? My opinion is that long time ago there are only Top and Bottom roles, so many gays force to choose one they prefer the most. With the term Versatile came along, gays started to identify themselves as V because they also want to satisfy another urge inside their body too.  Well, all just my opinion..I might be wrong.

By the way, I don't why so many bottoms are so hot and manly. They should start discover the another urge inside them ; )


  1. It's more partial towards personal preference, I guess. How about you? XD

    1. Even though it is, still can't deny they still got another urge inside them. Many sure once have the thoguht to try the another role...I think or just a few?..haha

      Mine? Hmmm..follow the trend..versatile bottom? lol

  2. No no my dear.. Its usually :

    Top : Power top
    Vers: Bottoms
    Bot : Power Bottoms.

    Lol, thats what most people say. They put vers cause they are shy.. Or are really vers la.. I dunno.. hahaha

    1. I see. Power top and bottom..hahahaha. I guess versatiles are moderate power top and bottom? Well, I do believe someone are really vers since human are so complicated..lol