Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Misunderstanding about Gay Part 1

Today, I watched two Taiwan variety shows that talk about homosexuality. It's interesting know that both have showed different aspects of homosexual life. One showed the serious isssue about coming out with parents and struggling to do so, while another showed the dark side...ermm..rephrase..wild side of gay life. Morevoer, it's interesting to know aobut the gay culture in Taiwan, as I think Taiwan is considered quite open about homosexuality since they can broadcast this issue in public.

Let's me talk the first show, which is here Parents and Gay Child (For those who don't understand Mandarin I feel sorry that you not able to watch it). Basically, the show invited two groups of people- older generation who represent parents, and young generation who represent gay children as they all came out from closet to discuss about the issue of coming out with parents. Too bad not all those gay children's parents willing to come to the show only two and a group older generation to share the thought about the issue.

Those youngters shared their stories of coming out to parents and the stress and pain of it. During the discussion, of course parents said homosexual is abnormal and is mental problem. Luckily, the show also invited two professionals to explain homosexual - 1. Homosexual is not considered mental illness anymore 2. Mostly born like that and may developed during early pregnancy (As scientists still carrying on their work to understand it) 3. After age of 19 or 20 then only can truly identify oneself as homosexual because everyone will have sort of a bit affection toward same sex during adolescense year (This one I think it depends)

Apart from that, they also suggested children should come out earlier to parents as parents also need time adjust and struggle of the fact that their children are homosexual. Other than think homosexual is abnormal, one more thing parents concern about is the reproduction of next generation as it's quite important in Asian culture. That's the reason gay men mostly suffer and feel stress from it and many have forced to marry a woman. In the discussion, those children mostly said that their mothers are more willing accept the sexuality of them compare to fathers. Sadly, in my case I think my mother is the one who totally can't accept it.....sigh

Okay next! One gay man has showed how happy his life are with his family and got married with the bless from his parents even his grandmom!! His grandmom (almost 100 years old) is so open minded as she said "Young people feel happy with it then it's okay" and his mom "As long as my child doesn't murder or hurt anyone, then it's fine". Almost want to cry when see this part T.T
He also pointed out some important things:
-Many parents now are more willing to accept homosexual, but it's another case if it happens on their children
-Gay children's parents should meet some those parents who accepted their chidlren sexuality to listen their stories and feelings throughout the process of acceptance.
-Effective communication is important between children and parents, both need to be genuine to listen each other's thoughts and feelings

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