Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fair or Brown (or tanned) Body?

This few days, don't why went to MV few times during this kind of timing, because I have mild agoraphobia (fear of crowd, and it got worse after I went to Hong Kong =.=) so a bit hard for me to wander around the mall with a lot of people... I will have shortness of breath in huge crowd. Friday was the worst as there were freaking so many people even in Gardens..luckily I needed to settel my stuff at Gardens only.

Met my friends and discussed one topic about whether muscualr guy with fair skin looks nice or not. To me, both fair and brown body attracts me as long as I can see the defined muscles. However, my friend said it looks so weird for a fair skin guy has a muscular body. Recalling back all those "nice" photos I have seen, I really don't agree with him, but I couldn't voice out the big NO and explain. If not he will think why I know so much about men's naked bodies...I found some photos..they all totally can turn me regardless of skin tone...LOL

Hot! =)




Normal Asian skin tone =)
Quite like clean and fair skin ;)

This one really...FAIR..but still hot

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