Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bad boys and Jerks

Things always do not follow what I have planned, I shall slap myself and start work hard so I can achieve the goal I have set. Sigh...back to the topic, read a article about why good girls like bad boys, and the difference between bad boy and jerk. Then, I remember quite high number of bloggers' stories appeared jerks in their life. This make me wonder gays also very easy to fall in bad boys or we are to torture like jerks?

 Hence, what are the differences between bad boy and jerk? By definiton, bad boys who act like jerks but really not. They mostly scare of commitment because the fear of heartbroken and pain might be given to them, so they playing with people's heart. Ya..sound like cowards. For jerks? normally lead a targets to believe they care about them without actually care about them. Take advantage from them and I think it's very easy to meet and like jerks at first, but soon we will learn from experiences. However, for bad boys, it's hard to wake up from it as human really like to challenge or torture themselves, they believe they can fix the broken bad boy and be the one he falls for at last. Chances are quite low. Do gays easier to fall in love with them? because we are more towards superficial? as bad boys and jerks are mostly good lookings? or the aura they spread attract many people? You might give me the face "You Don't Say" or so shallow. Well, forgive me as I neither have experiecne with bad guy nor jerk, even nice guy T.T.

Speaking about nice guys, they always being friendzoned, I'm sure gays are not the exception. Nonetheless, I believe no matter how nice guys being hurt, keep sacrificing for the person, they might be losing, but when nice guys win, they win big. People take times to realize understand the immense benefits of being with a nice guy, so please don't be a jerk and bad boy. =)


Bad boy?

Nice guy? or


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    1. Haha..only same glasses and eyebrow, he is a way cuter than me.